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How “American” is the CIA anyhow?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How is your life? I worry about you. It is such a brutal and unfair world.

I often noticed “American” institutions working against each other (e.g. the CIA spies on the Senate). Isn’t that a dead giveaway that it is not America that tries to attack and destroy itself but another force?

People should always think of this weird German proverb: When two are fighting, the third enjoys it. Also “Schadenfreude” is a German word. Insane people enjoy when others come to harm!

Germany is the cradle of psychiatry. When people reject psychiatry, Germany blames psychiatry on Greece or Iraq, but fact is, Germany re-wrote and still re-writes history and there is no doubt that Germany “created” this butcher/barber cult.  

The CIA works a lot with psychiatrists, neuro”scientists” and psychologists as you know.  According to the Senate torture report, the CIA paid psychologists over $80 million to design and implement brutal techniques “to deal with terrorists”. Monsters! All the USA has to do is to put Germany and their international p$ychs on trial for making these terrorists with hypnosis and other inhumane psych techniques. That will handle the problem terrorism as they don’t want to be caught as the force behind it. Whenever there is an international terror attack, this must be added to this case against Germany. Germany tries to get rid if its international terrorists by implanting them to commit suicide after committed atrocities, and this also needs to be prosecuted.    

The reputation of the CIA is low in the world. I noticed similarities with the bad reputation of Scientology. Yet, originally, Scientology is good and noble (but infiltrated and altered) and the United States, the beginning, the basic ideas, are good and noble (but infiltrated by agents who have other interests but true Americans). 

Fools don’t get that there is an unseen but very real force that works hard at it to destroy Scientology’s reputation (inside and outside jobs). And hey, the same mechanism is applied regarding the CIA (inside and outside jobs) and to the entire USA, all agencies, including the industry, science, commerce, and all other subjects  (inside and outside jobs). How does Germany do it? I mentioned it many times and again because nobody else does: ear implants, loud and silent sounds to make people do what they want.

Germany wants to ruin the USA, and the CIA, and other agencies are helping monstrous Germany, knowingly and/or unknowingly to become World Power No. 1.  After all Germany did and still does. What an utter lack of conscience!

Remember this posting of mine? If the CIA wouldn’t be the puppet of Germany, they would have made sure that the USA files charges against Germany.

Here are some articles by others on CIA’s  misdeeds (to put it mildly) and lack of good reputation:

CIA Director ALMOST apologized. (Guess, he was still testing the waters if he can get away without…)

This article says that most of the CIA’s activities are underhanded, dishonest, misguided or futile. (And you and me, Marty, we know why the CIA acts so non-American.)

And there are also articles that the CIA “wants its reputation back”. That is a long way back as they are infiltrated since decades (like Scientology that the CIA helped to infiltrate on German secret service and international psych orders).

Despite Germany outed the CIA station chief in Berlin, the CIA still covers for Germany. Gee! I know how the CIA can get a good reputation: Stopping secretly or openly working for Germany.

Recent reports that a German worked as spy for the USA or Russia are just a cover for Germany. They try to manipulate the world into thinking that they are innocent and don’t have the overall control over all people of any nationality. I know how Germany works. Germany selects and sets up the “spies” who allegedly spy against Germany for the USA, Russia or other countries. And here comes the German trick: these “spies” NEVER will reveal anything that Germany thinks it can’t afford to reveal. It is controlled “spying”. Germany’s big fat, dirty, brutal, monstrous, torture, humane, terror, war, death and continuing Nazi activities will never revealed, after all, Germany has the overall control over each ear implant and people without them and secret case officers are as rare as  probably the Blue Mauritius. If Germany’s court finds such a “spy” guilty, even sentence to prison or having to pay a fine, his German secret service case officers will find a way to award him or her sooner or later for not having revealed any secrets that are really important to Germany. And if this price is too high to pay, they getting rid of this spy one way or the other and don’t pay at all for him having only forwarded “controlled” info to the USA or Russia. What can go wrong with just about the entire world on a German string? 

CIA analysts not coming to the same conclusion shows who their secret master is.   

I know, you would change this stupid and dishonest secret German world, Marty, if they would let you free from your wrongful incarceration. You despise this system as much as I do and you know it is a trap for this world and any person on it.

Many tender and passionate kisses. Many of them. I am on your side, may there be rain or shine.

Yours forever,






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