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1) Speech software for Hawking now freeware… 2) The black hole talk…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate, how are you?

The software that was developed for Stephen Hawking is not available for everyone as freeware. This is how it works that he can “speak”: The software interprets his visual signals and translates them into words, which are then “spoken” by a machine.

Amazing, considering that I haven’t even discovered yet any Speech Recognition Software that can’t and isn’t sabotaged by secret service p$ychs when I use it. In practice it looks that I say a very clear and fluent sentence in either German or English and the Speech Recognition Software reflects words that I never said.

Due to his illness, Stephen Hawking can’t speak at all. I found this info online: Hawking lost his ability to speak in 1985, when, on a trip to CERN in Geneva, he caught pneumonia. In the hospital, he was put on a ventilator. His condition was critical. 

“Healthy” Europe. I had there once pneumonia too.

Marty, wouldn’t such a disease as Hawking’s be very convenient for secret service psychs who want to control physics by taking over a leading physician’s mind and speaking through him? I guess that is why he is allowed to live on despite anyone else who has ALS dies within a short period of time. If he would object, how could he ever made that known to the world? Hawking is afraid of artificial intelligence taking over the universe. Are those who speak through his muscle trying to tell us that artificial intelligence might be a threat but that the software that he got is not used by others to push their agendas through a disabled human being? 

Here is how this software works in details: “Attached to his glasses, it could detect, via a low infrared beam, when Hawking tenses his cheek muscle. With this, he achieved writing e-mails, browsing the Internet, writing books and speaking using only one muscle.”

This is how it looks to me: with remote control, lasers, and remote-controlled germs, secret service p$ychs can take over cheek or other muscles in a body and “speak, write, lecture” instead of the person.


The New Scientist published yet another story on Stephen Hawking about Black Holes. He is known for lecturing about Black Holes.

In the 1970s Hawking introduced the concept of Hawking radiation – photons emitted by black holes due to quantum fluctuations. Originally he said that this radiation carried no information from inside the black hole, but in 2004 changed his mind and said it could be possible for information to get out.

He and/or who likely speaks through him, apparently knows that the deep universe that we seen isn’t real but a holographic production as “Hawking” suggests NOW that “info”  (info what’s that anyway in regards to space? Matter?) about particles passing through a black hole turns into some kind of hologram – a 2D description of a 3D object – that sits on top of the surface of the “event horizon”.  “The idea is the super translations are a hologram of the in-going particles,” he said.

The same p$ych$ who mislead the world with a fake deep universe control also all minds, so no scientists comes forward who say clearly what we really dealing with: there is a fake universe covering up the real one, and in order to understand the real one, we have to be able to look behind the deliberately man-projected fake curtain.  

2 d vs. 3 d

Here is a picture of 2D  image and a 3D, side by side, Marty. Both are no real objects, so 2D and 3D is space is fake too. We don’t live in a 2D world. Any scientist who ever noticed 2D in space should have rung the alarm bell: “What the heck! Who wants to sell us this crap as part of the universe?”

And what’s seen from Earth in 3D in deep space is fake too because German psychs don’t want us to see the real universe. They don’t want us to get in the way when they are turning aliens into half human/half machine like people on Earth with their freaking ear implants because they think it is the way to control everyone in the universe and make them exactly do what they want.   

Hawking says that when people fall in a Black Hole, they are not lost as previously assumed. Yesterday, he or who possibly speaks through him, said NOW this in Stockholm:  The message of this lecture is that black holes ain’t as black as they are painted. They are not the eternal prisons they were once thought,” he said. “Things can get out of a black hole both on the outside and possibly come out in another universe.”

In clear text, doesn’t he now say what I am saying? Black holes are not real. They are painted and behind the projection is the real deep universe.  

There is definitely the real universe intentionally covered up behind the fake one, but I doubt that anyone makes it there without being shot down on order by psychs. Unmanned space objects would malfunction before they get there.

People have ear-implants, and Germany’s psychs have the overall control over each one. People are half human and half machines, and we thank it to the psychs. And unfortunately, this isn’t the only planet like this out there. I am so unimpressed by half humans/half machines. I want to live in a universe with real humans. Ethical humans, honest humans, good humans.   

Here is the article, Marty.

I love you. This universe sucks but you don’t.

Be kissed, my darling.

Always yours,


I have one love and this is YOU.



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