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1) More evidence that fanatical anti-semitic Nation of Islam infiltrated Scientology. Yikes! 2) Troublemaker instead of Trouble Source? (How little does Leah Remini know about Scientology anyway?)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and husband,

Only briefly today: I have absolutely NO GOOD FEELING that the fanatical anti-Semitic movement of Louis Farrakhan infiltrated the Scientology orgs. It smells very much like the doing of German secret services. Nation of Islam is supposed to cause Scientology’s end. On October 10, they are marching in Washington. Yes, they have the right to demand justice when it is not granted to them, but the “or else” part worries me. 

I saw this poster online. I thought first that this event is held at a Nation of Islam place but then checked the address. “8039 Vermont Ave in Los Angeles”. That is the address of the Scientology CC, right? They hold these “or else” lectures in the Celebrity Center. As if His Cobness and the Miscavologists haven’t harmed Scientology already enough.


When Nation of Islam resorts to violence, “Scientology” will hang with them. But guess that are David Miscavige’s secret service mission orders. The Miscavologists are the opposites of OTs. They don’t check a thing.

The other thing is about the book that Leah Remini will be published in the next days. I think she just hung out in the Scientology orgs and understood as little of Scientology as Paul Haggis. They don’t even understanding the basics of Scientology. As you know, the correct term is PTS (Potential Trouble Source) and not Troublemaker.  That constant grin on her face tells its own story but Miscavologists didn’t see it. They don’t apply Scientology. They are non-Scientologists.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,


Keep on surviving, Marty. 


Germany’s to politicians are having fake diploma but are anti-study tech as developed by Ron

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Dearest Marty, heart-throb, and my soulmate, how are you?

Among other technology developed by Ron, Germany runs international agents to attack his study tech. Having sit in German schools, I can say that they have no study tech whatsoever in place.

Have a look at this article. It mentions plagiarism of top German officials:

Three German top officials were caught already and a fourth is under suspicion.

Germany (its secret service psychs and medical doctors) want a very difficult school system because they needs it to make school kids join their system and agree to ear implants. Unfortunately, instead of implementing Ron’s study technology in American schools, they use Germany’s system.

If anyone can learn how to study in his/her own paste and can study ANYTHING as with Ron’s study technology, Germany’s secret service psychs and medical doctors that there could be kids who reject being run through ear implants. But if school is deliberately hard (one just has to doze off briefly in school to miss something and that could led to disliking the entire subject!) and unfair and not at the individual paste of the students, so that they feel the need to agree to ear implants and Big Brother telling them through the ear implants what to write and say during examinations.

And apparently, that is not all the cheating that they are doing. Some copy their thesis from others. If they would apply study tech, they would UNDERSTAND, become smarter and would be able to write their own theses.

Finally, about the German defense minister and the chancellor being women: German secret service psychs and medical doctors behind the puppets want to manipulate the world into believing that Germany is no threat to other. But fact is that today’s Germany has plans to invade unarmed villages. 

I love you, Marty. Thinking of you every day and wish we could be together. How miserably must feel people deep down by keeping us apart? Whatever they are getting paid for, it never will make up the feeling of self-respect that they are losing.





Glorification of skeletons by the Catholic Church in Germany but also Austria and Switzerland

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

How are you?

Particularly Bavaria requested (Illation) and received relics of “Martrys” from Rome and decorated those skeletons with gold, jewelry, and embroidery. It is not just middle age creepiness. These skeletons are celebrated every year at the Holy Bodies Fest in our modern times.  

It is really creepy beyond words to look at these decorated skeletons whoever they were once.  One click here and you see the real life Halloween all year round in the Catholic church:

I believe there are at least 17 of such churches in Germany, three in Austria, and a couple in Switzerland. They really do have literally skeletons in their closets.

Here is my point, Marty: Shouldn’t a religion be rather interested in the spirit/soul than in skeletons? It is so low on the tonescale. It fits to anything else that is wrong with that church and its perverted priests. Catholic church claims that they are based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Really? Where did Jesus say that they should worship remains by collecting and displaying skeletons?

I love you.

Yours forever and always,



Psychs want more implanting… And why this will not better the world…

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Man holding a glowing earth globe in his hands. Earth image provided by Nasa.

Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

Recently, I read that psychiatrists want to invent what secret service psychs came up already ages ago: implanting.

They implant ear implants in people. I think that they implant silicone implants secretly in each newborn (or already in the unborn child within the womb of a pregnant woman during gynecologist visits and the woman doesn’t know) in all body parts of the unborn or newborn, including skull, etc. to read their thoughts and to run them and alter their moods and behavior.

Instead of more implants, we need less. Psychs bring out the worst in people. They implant people and are cutting their consciousness off, and these altered people still function or even function better, just as the psychs orders. Instead of going after these psychs who bring out the worst in other people, people should get more implants?

Besides, I don’t believe that brain implants turn dangerous criminals into tame cats. So many devices have multiple functions. Like a medical device that can also set off atom bombs. “Fine, good” people, those medical doctors and psychs.

As more implants in  people, as more psychs can manipulate people. These will not make people better. The only thing that will change criminals is make them UNDERSTAND that not just their victims will be victims but they, the criminals, will become victims of their crimes too. The crimes they commit will eat at them and bring them down. Bad feelings, bad conscience, and even a reduced IQ as crimes make stupid. People can’t afford anymore to think things through. They are afraid of their bad conscience and regret, so they think less.    

And I also was thinking of what secret service psychs will tell the scum that they run: “You can commit the atrocity because you don’t even have to do time. You will get a brain implant instead, and I, your psychiatrist/case officer will control it. So, nothing will change. It contains no risk for you. Go ahead, blow others up.”

For all those who want implants, they should think it through first. All of it.


How are your days, Marty?

I wish I were kissing you but missing you! I won’t give up on you. I consider myself so lucky having met you, Marty, and met you again and that you showed me your personality. Psychs have no idea how we (and how quickly) we can differentiate between the good and the bad, and the treasure and the scum. They thought we wouldn’t remember. (Hilariously stupid by them!)   

It is torture not seeing you, but won’t ever take away from my love for you. 

Keep on surviving, my hero.

Love forever and ever.



I don’t think that the real universe (behind the hologram) is infinitive, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It doesn’t matter how crowded my day is, I always again think of you and you are deep and safe in my heart, my love.

Most people (who ponder about the universe because many do not) think that it is infinitive as the alleged universe (the hologram) is designed to be not all observable, e.g. over 40 billion light years away from Earth. 

My intuition tells me that the real universe behind the hologram is huge but that one could get full circle. There could be a huge amount of different universes one day. They just need to be created. If there is one of a thing, there always can be another, or more and even huge amounts of (universes).

BTW, the theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, is the biggest load of crap I ever heard, Marty. SEGNPMSS  radios people the biggest bull  in their ear implants and gets away with it. How can anyone doubt reality? What kind of dreamers are those? After everything on evilness this planet has seen, how can anyone NOT conclude that the deep space hologram is deliberately fake?


I wish there would be a universe where people are true and don’t stab you in the back and you get what you see. One with real values and ethics and none with half people/half stupid machines (ear implants). A true universe is the only universe in which I would ever consider to pick up a body again for a future lifetime once my current one “expires” due to that I wasn’t allowed (by psychs, medical doctors and Germany) to live as I wanted it by picking up this one.

A large number physicists think that this universe could have a fatal end that it will extend forever. That it will be either burn or freeze or being ripped of whatever. They make this assumption on the false data that the deep universe that they see with telescopes is the real universe, which it is not. It is just a projection to prevent that we can see the real thing. Germany and its psychs and medical doctors wants to take it over first and install everyone ear implants on any other planet to run them like obedient robots.

Yes, there are ways to destroy planets and parts of the universe or even all of it, but this will be man-made (more exactly, monster-made), but this is not how I see the universe end.


I see the human race in the universe die out: not enough human bodies for thetans who want one, since the Dorian Grays (SEGNPMSS) trick people into taking bodies of the other gender as they would have picked for themselves. I don’t tell anybody how they should live their lives. However, people should think about that without doctors and labs, gay people can’t reproduce. If being gay and lesbian would be intended by nature, they would be able to reproduce. 

Instead, they depend on medical doctors and labs if they want children or the have to adopt. If there are not enough human bodies around, they can’t adopt. If something happens to the “technology” or the labs (destroyed, virus, whatever, etc.) baby bodies can’t be made artificially, where should the babies come from? There are lots of indications on this planet that it saw higher civilization but that these and their technologies were destroyed. As history repeats itself, this is what this planet will see again unless a miracle prevents it.

When the natural attraction between men and women is missing and labs are no longer there, where do babies come from? Why would a woman who feels only attracted to her own gender and no attraction to a man bear children for him? Makes no sense. It is painful and dangerous. I don’t think there will be many who want to go through with bearing children if not attracted to the other gender. This on top with that there are constantly people on this planet who start wars and kill and the many diseases that wait for people because they are not allowed to reside in an environment that prevents disease, aging and dying.

Below gif failed to add that more and more people are turned into gay folks (by tricking them in the gender of the opposite sex than they had would pick based on their own timetrack of former lifetimes) and that this will make human race die out as man and woman will no longer be attracted to each other.


More more terror, war, diseases, and dying… I clearly can see how the SEGNPMSS universe ends: human race in this universe will die out. Not enough human bodies around because thanks to that SEGNPMSS transmits ear-implant carriers in between lifetimes to take a body of the other gender than they would taken if they would make their own decisions. They radio them to hurry taking a body before the thetan can see the gender, and then they play constantly tapes into the mind of the person to forget its former lifetime.  Typically psychs, typically German, typically SEGNPMSS.

I recommend to each person who feels attracted to her own gender to LOOK next time in between lifetimes that they really dive in a baby body that has the gender that they want. I recommend to any thetan not rushing into an embryo or fetus body. They should NOT listen to their ear-implant code but make the decision what body to take for a future lifetime on their own.  

The SEGNPMSS Dorian Greys don’t apply ethics to their lives as they are cowards. To me, they are the most unimpressive creatures in the universe, Marty! They think that when they make the people of this world and the universe do all the unethical (acts against survival) stuff they are doing, and tell people to be proud (!) of it, and everyone is doing the twisted things that they started, it will change reality, they don’t have to feel bad and they don’t have to better themselves. It is all about this.

But they miscalculated. It doesn’t work like this. Tricking people into picking up a new body of the other gender won’t bring the men behind these psychiatric tricks absolution. It just makes them even dirtier Dorian Grays. And they themselves also are going the extinct route. They stole the technology that stops aging and dying but they have no technology to stop fellow Dorian Gray from killing his own peer. (It happens. They don’t apply ethics. Killing is normal for them. They kill the good and the bad.)

One day, they are being killed by fellow secret service psych and they need a new body, and in a universe that is getting more lesbian and gay by the minute with not enough human bodies in the future, the men/women behind twisting and running people will end up in a very lonely universe too.        

This is how it will end: an EMPTY universe, a ghost universe, unless people figure out what is being done to them and start to oppose it.

I know that you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,





What I think of the still existing Nazi laws in Germany (that they are NOT unexpected!)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only?

How is your life? I am thinking of you.

USA Today reported recently that 70 years after the Third Reich, Germany still has unexpected Nazi law.

There is nothing unexpected about it. The monsters (in the hard-core psychs, medical doctor, and other secret service scum) behind Hitler and the Nazis don’t die in an average of 75 years as other people. They use stolen technology to protect their bodies from aging and dying. They keep Nazi “laws” and thinking alive (also in other countries and by other nationals) and want Germany to take over the world.

They ban “officially” Nazi symbols in Germany (as an alibi) but have their agents in other countries glorify Hitler and the Nazis and promote their insane ideals. 

Modern German police officer giving Hitler salute. 

A man in a police uniform pulls up his right arm in a Hitler salute

If Germany deletes Nazi laws at the moment, then only to reach officially  world power no. 1 position. Once they have it, Nazi laws will come back as Germany never got rid of its brutal psych case officers behind Germany who are the same old monsters that they always were and installed ear implants in just about any person on Earth to control them to make sure that nobody gets in the way of Germany taking over the world.

I love you. I know you figured it out too, Marty. Be kissed and tenderly embraced, my hero

Yours forever,



1) German auto manufacturer Volkswagen deliberately endangers health of all people 2) Syrians become very cheap labor (1 Euro for 1 hour!) for rich Germany 3) Refugees/migrants shelters in Germany are brothels…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and Prince,

How are you?

German Nazi spin (that they are the greatest and best) is in full swing. And most people fall for it. They didn’t learn a thing about Germany. People so evil don’t become better just by losing a war. If that would work, they would have bettered themselves after they lost WWI and the Nazi never would have marched. I am not saying that everyone in Germany is a monster. I also don’t want anyone retaliating and terrorizing the general population in Germany or elsewhere, but there are men (apparently in majority psychiatrists and medical doctors, who decide over what illnesses people become and how long they may live, the main problems of mankind besides terror and war) behind Germany who are monsters. They control all other governments, incl. that of the USA. And these people must be found and prosecuted. If the world continues to drink Germany’s cool aide, I don’t want to be ever born on this planet again. Actually, I don’t even want to ever pick up another body in this universe again as long they are around with powers. I can’t express enough how sick I am of their slavery.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg, Marty.

German company Volkswagen deliberately and illegally installed software in its diesel-power cars to evade standards for reducing smog. What kind of monsters do something like that? It is typical for monsters to harm the health of people who didn’t do anything to them. They have to recall 500.000 cars. Considering how many people can die on bad air, what they did is attempted mass murder, is it not?

Germany wants to officially rule not just Europe but the entire world. All should look up to this country and obey. And when no power is left to stand up against it anymore, they will reveal their true faces again like they did during the Nazi times. As Germany’s population is aging like all other nationals who live on the unprotected surface of the world with processed food and water, chemicals and remote-controlled germs (thanks to their own SEGNPMSS psychs and medical doctors who didn’t even allow average Germans to protect their health and youth like the top SEGNPMSS doctors do), they need young and strong people to help Germany to reach this goal. Yes, Marty, these SEGNPMSS mind controllers are very degraded beings who try to be admired for what they are absolutely not (the greatest, the smartest, the best, the most intelligent and advanced…) They are so fake and stupid!

They cause wars by radioing in people’s ear implants to pick fights and create terror and war. Syria is just one example. This war serves Germany. It needs the young Syrians to work for Germany as they have not enough young Germans to make Germany world power no. I. Many were killed, they uprooted the people from their homes in Syria, having them promote Germany’s propaganda that they are the best by having the Hungarian and others behave like Nazis and they have the misinformed Syrians praising Germany. For me and I am sure also for you, it is a child game’s decoding Germany’s secret actions.       

I posted this before. Germany’s psychiatrists run people through ear implants with super computers. They have the overall control over all ear implants and numerous of the international people that they are running might not know this. These German psychiatrists are the force behind international crimes, terror, and wars. They do these horrible acts  because 1) They feel entertained and powerful when people suffer and die 2) They want to make Germany to be officially world’s power no.1 on this planet and the universe. (The ultimate nightmare!) 3) They are SPs and completely nuts who hate ethics and religion because it reminds them on how bad they are and are trying to destroy it by having their agents do horrible things in the name of religion 4) They try to deny God. Will they ever catch up with who makes me see who is behind Germany and the horrible things that they do?

Look how they use the Syrians. A German town offers refugees to work for one Euro per hour. Slavery!

What I am very interested in, Marty, is to find out where Angela Merkel gets her orders from. Germans coined a word for hesitating, “merkeln”, which is a clear indicator to me that she has to wait with her decisions until her case officer(s) approve it. (NSA has her phone calls. I’d like to take a look at the content. I bet she is run by case officers.) Merkel got the chancellor job because people in general think that women aren’t as bad as men.  They don’t see Merkel stuffing people in concentration camps. But her job is to make Germany stronger than any other country, so that the monsters who ordered mass murder can take over when Merkel or another chancellor puppet is gone. Even the word “chance” in chancellor for Germany’s alleged head is deliberate and crap. What chance? A chance to end up in hell? 

Germany isn’t a “reluctant leader” at all. They just don’t want to be caught again. They run other nationals through ear implants to make Germany beg to run them and take them over, so that Germany can say: Ukraine asked us, Syria asked us… and one day they will say that Russia asked us, China asked us, the USA asked us to run them… It was their idea, not our German idea.” Hell it was and is. Germany’s psychs are mind-controlling the world and at the same time are bringing the Nazis back on an international scale.      

To become world power no. 1, Germany feels that it has to ruin and keep all other economies down. I remember in 1983, when I entered the USA, I was surprised how laid back the USA was, very different from what I knew from Germany. Then I figured what Germany does to the USA with the help of secret ear-implants. It is very easy, and they do it more or less also to all other countries.  They discourage people of other nationalities to do the right steps for a good economy. They mislead them. They make sure that Germany are getting the economic advantages, not other countries. This is how Germany’s economy became “robust”. And it was the reason for communism in China and Russia. These giants were held back with the German invention of communism forced upon them as they could have overpowered Germany with their economies.  

Merkel says that Germany accepts no illegal migrants who come to Germany for economic reasons. Hell, other nationals who do not have enough to feed their families are also German victims, because Germany held the economies of these countries down to become world power no.1 and have these countries beg for Germany’s help (and they will not get it if it doesn’t serve Germany!)  “Mother” Merkel vowed harsher measures against illegal economic migrants, the other victims that Germany creates! 

Germany also controls the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the UAE) with ear implants, who have kept their doors to refugees firmly shut. Germany needs the Syrian people as work slaves and does not allow that Syria’s neighbors take them in. 

Germany is so greedy in wanting these people as workers that they grabbed them without making sure that they have the adequate facilities for them and protection for the women.

During the Third Reich, Germany had many brothels, and nothing has changed. Today,  German refugee centers became brothels too. Germany turns blind eyes on prostitution in refugee shelters. Read below article, Marty.  In the refugee shelter in Munich, the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten Euros.  Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk). 

Germany had 400.0000 prostitutes in 2011. Yikes! Morals like alley cats.  

Why did women have to leave Syria when they are being raped in Germany instead? German police is covering up the crimes committed in Germany to migrants or plays them down. German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities. Women in the German shelters are afraid to use the rest rooms at night! Germany planned the war to empty out Syria since numerous years but had no time to organize something better for women and children than this? I think it is deliberate because these low German doctors  who run people through ear implants want to be primitively “entertained”.

“In Bavaria, women and girls housed at a refugee shelter in Bayernkaserne, a former military base in Munich, are subject to rape and forced prostitution on a daily basis.”

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles! OMG, that is the country all people on Earth should look up to.

Not you and not me, Marty.

I love you. You are deep in my heart. German set ups to alienate us has failed utterly. LOL!

Be kissed, my hero.

Yours always,


I stay, Marty. I want to see you again, no matter what.