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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you?

Christianity doesn’t better the world because people are being told that God and Jesus forgives anyway. I told this as little kid already to a Lutheran priest and he fast forwarded to another subject. Of course. 

Pedophiles, perverts, murderers, serial killers, torturers, kidnappers, terrorists, and any other monsters are being forgiven, all they have to say: “Oh, I am sorry. I won’t do it anymore. I am too old now to do it again…” (Or whatever.) No need to be ethical from the start. Creepy. Just as creepy as the non-Scientologists, these agents who infiltrated the orgs and don’t mind aborting despite Ron (the real founder) wrote and said: DON’T. Many thetans (not us) dive very early into an embryo body because they think somebody else gets it if they don’t. It’s not just tissue. What kind of lowtone and irresponsible  people are getting pregnant if they don’t want any baby?

Islam also has the door wide open to unethical behavior by preaching that Allah forgives all sins. Really? With a mindset like that, no wonder people think they can sin all they want.

You and I know that nobody can forgive on behalf of somebody else. And the God we know would not forgive a person who hasn’t made the damage good again. (If that is even possible with certain crimes!)  The crime was committed against a person. Let’s look at an abortion. An unborn baby is killed and those who aborted must make the damage good again to the thetan who they aborted. And if this thetan won’t forgive for being murdered as unborn child, there is no forgiveness. That is God’s and Jesus’ justice. 

God and Jesus won’t forgive knowing that the victim still suffers the consequences in one way or the other. Besides, people have provide evidence that they truly are no longer rotten. The major religions and government fail on that subject too. 

Period, and the person involved with the abortion must live with that they are NOT forgiven. If they want to feel jauntily, happy, blithe, carefree in this or future lifetime, they should think before they act gruesome and inhumane.

No other way around.

I love you, my Prince, millions of kisses.



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