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Nobody could pay me migrating to Germany of all countries! (I fled Germany and would flee it over and over again if they would kidnap me again to Germany!)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and awesome hero, how are you?

I saw footage of Syrians in Hungary shouting that they want freedom and that they want to go to Germany to get it. For me who had to flee Germany, this sounds like a bad joke. 

Germany has the overall control over each ear-implant and manipulates people into thinking that there is freedom in Germany. Anything but. Germany runs a campaign all over the world that it is the best and strongest country of all, etc. Guess there will be a hard awaking for the migrants once they are in Germany and being discriminated against and attacked.

Besides, I am sure that nobody but Germany ordered the Hungarians (thru ear-implants) to stop the Syrians from coming to Germany. 

Germany managed to get the best economy (despite its past) by controlling the ear-implants of people to keep other economies down and making Germany’s go up. That’s all to it. Not smarter and better just more criminal than any other country.

Germany holds the economies of other counties down (incl. that of the USA) and doesn’t want people to immigrate to Germany who are leaving their countries because of the bad economies in their countries.    

Germany has the overall control over all ear-implants. It is their most treasured and secret psychiatric control invention for loud and silent sounds and making people do what they want.

The situations and regimes/terror groups that made the Syrians and others flee, is also German-made. People don’t mean anything to them, so they make terror experiments and start wars and other people have to suffer. The world must finally learn how to pull strings and create a world where people want to be real people not conspiring agents aka German-remote-controlled-robot-machines. Germany wants to attach the world to Germany, it still wants the Grossdeutsche Reich that Hitler and the Nazis wanted, and they do it by making ethnic or religious groups fighting each other to prepare the ground for Germany to step in and take over like they did with all of Europe, and Ukraine etc.

Who are they kidding? Not me, and not you either, Marty. I know that.       

The Sunny Arabs don’t want to have second class citizen status in Syria. If they think that they get first class citizen status in Germany, they will be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Syrian security forces who even killed children have German-controlled ear-implants and so does Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram,  Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force,  Haqqani Network, Kataib Hezbollah, you name it. Even if some are fighting against each other, they still have German-controlled ear-implants.

What an insane German psychiatric world it is.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,





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