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Death threats against His Cobness from a “Jewish businessman” of all people? This sounds very German to me.

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Dearest Marty, my hero and irresistible husband,

I am thinking of you and every day, I hope you don’t have to suffer. I still believe that you are wrongfully incarcerated and that you were left behind. It is a world ruled by German Nazis and p$ychs who installed in just about anyone ear implants to control them and force their will upon all. They know that you are non-corruptible, Marty and that is why they steal your freedom (behind the cover of the USA, Spain, other countries, and even behind the cover of Scientology that they infiltrated). If my intuition is right, my hero, you are now longer wrongfully incarcerated than Nelson Mandela. And Germany wants to get away with it but we won’t do them this favor. They messed with the wrong people. No, no bombs dropped on Germany but anyone involved (incl. their international agents) must to be prosecuted. All strings must be pulled. Their sentences must be that strict that they never do anything like that ever before. Each one of them has to come to the conclusion that crime doesn’t pay. Right now, these idiots think it does.    

The International Business Time reported yesterday that David Miscavige is getting death threats. (TMZ broke it.) Death threats called in orgs are nothing new. I remember that briefly after I assumed the post of President of the Church of Scientology Germany, somebody called in and threatened to blow up the entire Munich Scientology org. I also remembered the first time when I was in LA that somebody called in a bomb threat into the Scientology orgs in the PAC area. All students, staff and Sea Org members had to leave the premises. You and I were one of them who had to leave the premises to be safe. When I was in the Sea Org in Copenhagen, somebody called in a bomb threat too. 

What’s so odd (or revealing) about the reports in the media on these death threats against David Miscavige is:

  • Why is it mentioned that the person who allegedly or really made those death threats is Jewish? This sounds very Nazi German and anti-Semitic. If a Lutheran or Catholic or Atheist businessman does something against the law, nobody mentions his/her religion. Why is it mentioned that the alleged or real caller is Jewish? The entire matter is clearly German Nazi propaganda. 
  • Garry Scarff lied to the world that he would be Jewish to extort the University of California for money. He is a death threat maker. He made some death threats against me, and I had to call the LAPD on him. Is that person who made those death threats against DM really Jewish or did he just made it up?
  • I am fully very aware of it that any race or religion has its rotten apples. (People who are lying that they are religious.) By reading people’s minds with body implants and running them through ear implants, the SEGNPMSS has no problem finding people like themselves, people low on the tonescale who they order and control to do unspeakable crimes. And if a person is not low enough for them to function without problems, psychs are turning them into Manchurian candidates, killers, shooters, bombers or other kind of terrorists and cut off their consciousness. Very sad but it seems that this method from hell works on all people, genders, ages, races and religions and atheists. Was the person who made the death threats against DM psychiatric-conditioned?
  • Under David Miscavige, Scientology kind of merged with the anti-Semitic movement of Louis Farrakhan. This is such a slap in the face of Ron, the real founder, son of Ike who defeated the Nazis from officially taking over the world. Does the racial stereotyping of Jews come from that merger? When you and I were on staff in Scientology, we did no racial stereotyping against anyone.
  • Just like still existing white Nazis want it, Farrakhan blames Jews on the misfortune and sufferings of black people instead of noticing or revealing that Blacks and Jews (and other minorities, which are probably all but Bavarian psychs) are the target of still existing secret service doctors/Nazis. I bet that those trigger-happy police men who shot black people have Nazi German-controlled ear implants and so have the Blacks who kill White or Blacks or anyone. Farrakhan preaches hatred and wants “white people” to be killed, and says that they deserve to be killed. This man is a lose cannon. He also wants to overthrow the US government. You and I, Marty, and any other real and original Scientologist don’t want the US government to be overthrown. We want the German Nazi psych infiltration of the US government convicted. We never would work with brutality, terror and death but rather want people to UNDERSTAND what really is going down and that all have to build a better world with rights for everyone, and I mean, everyone. Nation of Islam was founded in 1930. At the same time, German Nazis grew very strong in Germany. Both movements are known for anti-Semitic hatred. Nation of Islam has a march on October 10 in Washington, and with all the hatred that Farrakhan preaches, I wouldn’t want to be in the streets that day. 
  • Tony Ortega is pushing German p$ych propaganda against Scientology. Typically, he doesn’t reveal  that Scientology is infiltrated by the SEGNPMSS, that Scientology was/is altered, and that Ron, the founder, and you, Marty, were replaced by secret service impostors. His book on Paulette Cooper apparently should help Germany not to be accused of being the persecutors of Scientology, after all, Paulette came after Scientology and she was almost killed by the Nazis as a kid. The German-psych-infiltrated GO (controlled by Mary Sue who was married to secret service agent Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor) used secret service methods (not Scientology) on Paulette, after she apparently started to go after Scientology first (and not revealing that Scientology is German-psych-infiltrated). Typical for all people who attack Scientology. Nobody writes the truth.
  • There is something odd about her rescue story, Marty. I read that a friend (De Hoo) of her father bribed a Nazi guard to spare Paulette’s and her sister’s life by paying him in 1943 around USD 64.000 in today’s currency, which was a lot back then. The money came allegedly from an inheritance that De Hoo made. Paulette and her sister were sent to an orphanage in Belgium where Paulette became unhappy and malnourished.  Here is what’s so odd about it: De Hoo spends allegedly that much cash on other children but his own and NEVER visits them in the orphanage and mails NO care parcels that could have avoided Paulette’s undernourishment? What’s the purpose of spending so much cash but risking having them die nevertheless, just in another place?  The war was over in 1945. Paulette was adopted in 1948, not by De Hoo but Americans. Why didn’t De Hoo adopt them or at least visit them after the war? He had three years time for that.  Why didn’t Paulette see the De Hoo family after she was of age but rather spent her time attacking Scientology just because some a Scientology infiltrator claimed to be Jesus? Odd stuff, isn’t it?  Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor, must have been on Paulette’s side and against Scientology, otherwise he wouldn’t have her named “Miss Lovely”. This is not a name one chooses for an alleged enemy. There were apparently people who knew from the start that “Operation Freakout” would set Paulette up with settlement cash and the true purpose of  “Operation Freakout” would be harming Scientology’s and the real founder’s reputation (who never heard of that operation).      
  • Did the “Jewish” death threat maker read Ortega’s book? Are that the kind of people who his book breeds?
  • Back to DM. The death threat maker allegedly called the Scientology orgs for a lengthy time period of 2 hours and 55 minutes. The SEGNPMSS wanted this man to be caught, otherwise, they wouldn’t allow him to call so long to be tracked. SEGNPMSS wants Jews to be blamed on death threats against Scientology as they want Scientologists to turn Anti-Semites. It is going on since a long time. Dressing up as Nazis as a “protest measure” is typical for German-controlled agents in Scientology. I know exactly who radioed in the ear-implants of these people and infiltrators of Scientology.   
  • Police issued an arrest warrant “on an Jewish businessman” but it is not clear if an arrest was made? What is that secrecy all about? I know: all of it is a SEGNPMSS program to blame Jews on still exiting Nazi psych crimes. SEGNPMSS has a deadly plan to attack Scientologists but Nazi doctors want it to be blamed on Jews. They really want to kill Scientologists but Jews should take the blame. Scientologists would be much safer if they would make this known. Not showing with the fingers of the Bavarian/German/international psychs of the SEGNPMSS is a huge mistake. 
  • David Miscavige is no Scientologist. He is an agent who got Scientology from Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. In other words, DM leading Scientology and behaving the way he did and does, is just what the doctor orders. I don’t worry much about non-smart and unethical DM, however, if  the SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of His Cobness now, then because of this: The Moor has done his work the Moor may go…

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving. SEGNPMSS really targets you because you are good and smart. That is the kind of person that these evil fanatical stupid Nazi pigs fear.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love. I stand by you.  

Yours always and forever,


Added on Sept. 7. Daily Mail reported: “LAPD’s Major Crime Unit launched an investigation, but it’s unclear if anyone has been arrested.” How can it be unclear of anyone has been arrested? Either somebody was arrested or not. 


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