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Homo Naledi looks like a cross breed between gorilla and human. Just like the Neanderthals, definitely not our forefathers, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you?

South-African archaeologists found a mass grave with entire families of “early humans” and they want to re-write history on this planet, saying humans evolved from these beings. See picture below of the Homo Naledi. They look to me like a mixture of very low humans who bred directly with gorillas.   

The archaeologists have come across 1,500 fossils in a cave – entire families of hundreds of early “humans”. Mass grave… Probably just another mass murder on this planet. Maybe another ancient psychiatric experiment, crossing humans with apes and then killing the “products”. They are not sure how old these remains are that they found. 


Here is a gorilla:

9/16/11 3:34:07 PM -- Lincoln Park Zoo Imagery. Western lowland gorilla. Chicago, IL, USA . © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2009

“Homo” Naledi (also Lucy) is definitely a cross-breed and not the original human being, at least not the line of human beings we come from. Archaeologists want to re-write history that the modern human evolved from these Naledis. These archaeologists must have a timetrack of being past live apes coming to this conclusion.

Here is “Lucy”. Not the first human but a cross-breed between a chimp and a human.


I love you, my hero. There are no words to explain how much I miss you. You are entirely unforgettable. Thinking of you and that I will see you again creates the same feeling inside of me that I had when I saw the last time: very positive and breathtaking excitement. You mean everything to me, Marty. A planet without you is like a planet without air, vegetation or water to me. Your existence alone makes everything better. The words I love you are used often and often not true but as far as we both are concerned, they are the truest words ever.  I am so glad that I found you, that I was there in the right moment at the right place and that I picked you to fall in love with, Marty. I have no regrets, except that they separated us. 

I will love you till the end of times. I’ll share all the coconuts with you that I find. 😉   

While some experimented and paired with gorillas and other apes, we instead did this: 


Yours forever,



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