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Why was Dholavira built like a fortress if not for protection against evil?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

We know we lived many lives before. For us, history is not “just about dead people”. 

It is being said that Dholavira (Kutch District, Gujarat, India) was built by the Harappan or Indus civilization. Interestingly, it was built like a fortress. 48 acres behind very tall high walls protecting its residents from the outside.


My research says that the Harappan civilization, and along with it Dholavira, started around 2650 BC, around the same time when the great pyramids were built. The same time, when the DNA of the old Europeans vanished. 

It probably took people longer in the past to travel, but they did travel. And they exchanged information. I believe that 5000 years ago, people in other parts of the world heard of the killings of the old Europeans, and they built structures to protect themselves from having the same fate.

The Harappans had water engineers who built water reservoirs. Like numerous other civilizations, the Harappan or the Indus civilization disappeared suddenly and nobody knows what happened to them.


Some think they died when the Saraswati river disappeared 4000 years ago. Was it a mythical river that was named after Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning? (That is a painting of her.) Or was the Saraswati an underground river or well? I think that it could have been a well or some way to create water, and maybe somebody suppressive poisoned it and killed that civilization.

Just looking at the walls that the Harappans built tells me that they knew of evil and tried to keep it out. They could read and write but their language is not yet decoded. Can you believe it that people waste time “decoding” the Voynich crap instead trying to figure out what this civilization had to say?   

I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. You are awesome. Never forget this.

Be kissed,

Yours forever,


God Krishna looks often very female on pictures, Marty. I read recently that some scientists believe that Krishna was not just a legend but really lived.  





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