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Germany’s rotten intentions and actions concerning the non-profit status of Scientology

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The Sea Org Reserves are in Luxembourg and Germany basically owns it by controlling everyone’s freaking ear implant.  

Marty, my dearest, and Captain of my heart, how are you?

I am thinking of you.

For you and me, the ups and downs of Scientology’s non-profit status are not difficult to understand. Here is the entire situation, explained in just these few paragraphs:

  1. Original Scientology as by Ron the real founder of Scientology is an applied religious philosophy and truly non-profit to help anyone. Original Scientology is anything but undeserving and anything but money-oriented. As you know, IRS awarded non-profit status to Scientology in 1957.  
  2. Germany and the p$ychs behind it had a problem with that and Scientologists not worshiping Germany, psychiatry and medicine, They ordered the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists who German secret services run through ear implants. Infiltrators “missions” was/is to pose as Scientologists, cause problems for Scientology, ruin its reputation and make the IRS (also German-controlled) cancel the non-profit status, which they did in 1967.  Germany ordered it and also that the Sea Org Reserves are transferred by the C of S to Europe so that Germany can take over the Sea Org reserves officially once on top of the EU.
  3. Germany also wants Scientology to lose funds in Europe by outing Scientologists as us and by putting new people on post who have no knowledge of what kind of funds Scientology has and how much is in them. 
  4. Ron (the real founder) was murdered, and you and I were pushed out of Scientology as we shouldn’t get in the way of Germany  (on top of the EU) taking over all of Scientology and its Sea Org reserves, which are in Luxembourg banks. Germany saw this as a big chance to rip off all sea org reserves. 
  5. If the orgs are paying taxes to Uncle Sam, Germany gets less cash on “its” Sea Org accounts in Europe. This is why Germany allowed the IRS to grant non-profit status for Scientology in 1991, DESPITE that agent Jack Vistaril (Ron’s impostor) altered Scientology and despite non-Scientologist David Miscavige running it and despite Scientology is being infiltrated by other non-Scientologists/agents.
  6. Now, Germany knows there is a big chance that you, Marty, and I are making our way back despite all odds and all their snake set ups. That’s why Germany and the psychs behind them have now again different plans with Scientology: they want the non-profit status of Scientology revoked because they sure as hell know that you and I won’t let them keep them Scientology’s Sea Org reserves. The Sea Org reserves should be in the USA.  So, they rather want Scientology to pay taxes to a secretly German-controlled US government. 
  7. Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright, Tony Ortega, John Sweeney, etc. etc., are the willing and/or the manipulated tools for Germany by calling to revoke the non-profit status of Scientology.

The Tampa Bay Times published another article on Scientology today, Marty. They interviewed  James J. Jackson, former accountant and tax attorney for the C of S. While I agree that the position of “ecclesiastical leader” is not by the founder, I also wonder about the people James J. Jackson is hanging out with. He says, he isn’t anti-Scientology. He does not want the non-profit status of Scientology being cancelled. If this is true, how come he hangs out with people who want to bury all of Scientology? (I saw a picture of the people he socialized with and none of them has good intentions towards Scientology!)

James J. Jackson didn’t do the founder’s taxes. He did the impostor’s (Jack Vistaril’s) taxes. He told  the Tampa Bay Times that he met “L. Ron Hubbard” once, on the Apollo. It wasn’t Ron on the Apollo but the impostor Jack Vistaril (SEGNPMSS/CIA-double agent). 

I watched the videos. James Jackson is a person who tried to solve personal problems in  Scientology (which he handled in Scientology). You and I didn’t join Scientology to solve personal problems, we joined to study wisdom, and I wish there would be more like us. He joined Scientology as a “consumer”, but we studied it as “students of the applied philosophy.” If one (truly) understands the spiritual depth and wisdom of original Scientology, that person will be a Scientologist FOREVER. Nobody who understood real and original Scientology will abandon or attack Scientology. 

Anyway, at least James Jackson didn’t skip the study of Dianetics completely like Paul Haggis. To me, the latter just hung out in Scientology to get writing jobs, become famous and then to stab Scientology in the back.

I think it is likely that you met James Jackson in the 80s, Marty, when he worked as accountant. And that is why he should know that Monique’s husband in Texas is an impostor and that he is NOT YOU.

James Jackson was hired by Bowles and Moxon and fired after 14 month. He didn’t say why because of a non-closure agreement. But it is odd, isn’t it? Cover ups, cover ups…

Nobody does the ethical thing and helps you to be exonerated! Nobody tells the real story of Scientology

And than there is Karen Pouw  (French/German) and the person who writes her press statements saying that “Jackson was telling people he was communicating with the dead, including Hubbard”. That indicates he is “delusional” and “certifiably insane,” she/they wrote. Jackson said that he would not communicate with the dead.

First of all, we Scientologists KNOW that just the body dies and that we thetans live on in spiritual form until picking up a new body. If Pouw or the person who writes her statements would be a Scientologist, she would never say that spiritual activities are “delusional” and “certifiably insane”. Pouw or the person talking through her or the person who writes her statements sounds like a psychiatrist to me. They don’t believe in thetans and their survival without flesh body. The first thing that Pouw should have learned is that a thetan HAS a mind and a body. Apparently, she doesn’t know the Scientology basics. Let’s say somebody died. The thetan let’s go of the body like an old worn-out coat. But he still is around. Why the hell does Pouw or the person who writes her crap think that one can’t communicate with a thetan who has no flesh body? He still is the same, can hear, feel, think and most (not me) are watching their own funerals or hanging around in their familiar settings. A thetan without a flesh body has no vocal cords at the moment but there are ways one can communicate with a person who dropped her body. It is as if the C of S has cancelled OT abilities because non-Scientologists are running Scientology or rather ruining Scientology.  

If James Jackson would have said that he communicate with “LRH” after his death,  it would not mean much because somebody who failed to differentiate between “Jack Vistaril” (the primitive and criminal impostor) and the genius real founder Ron and between your impostor in Texas and you, Marty, is not an impressive OT. If somebody isn’t able to differentiate between people who have flesh bodies, one can’t differentiate what is going on in the spiritual world.

However, generally, reaching out spiritually to anyone who has no flesh body is not delusional and insane. Pouw or the person writing for her really sound like a psych with no spiritual awareness.

Actually, one can see the death with their theta body with modern technology. One could agree a yes-no language with somebody who has died. For yes, the thetan should move in one corner of the room, for no in another corner of the room, etc. You know that real OTs communicate much more sophisticated than this but the yes and no language would be better than  nothing.

Marty, you should read Jackson’s letters to the C of S of 2010 mentions the name “Marty Rathbun” often and read also the C of S correspondence. It’s all on the website of that newspaper. 

I love you. A lot!

Most passionate and tender kisses, my darling.

Always yours,



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