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Tony Ortega talks “Scientology” (whatever his twisted mind thinks it is) at an ASU lecture and withholds that Scientology orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you, Marty, and the founder were “replaced” by impostors!

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Gee, Tony Ortega is so “smart”, so “honest”, and such a “hero”. He is just the  German-controlled “role model” that future reporters need.


 How are you feeling, Marty? I am so glad that you are the original and true. How anyone can mistake you for your impostor in Texas is beyond me. People couldn’t be more different than you and he.

What’s wrong with anyone’s intuition? Mine works just fine! 

We encounter many hostilities and people think that it is okay to treat us as 2nd class citizen. But we will be not defeated. Against all odds and impostors and their supporters, we’ll make it, my Prince. During all those years, you never left my mind.  You are my kindred spirit, my soulmate, and I regret nothing in life but having lost your trail. 


You are EXACTLY the prince that I dreamed of as little girl. It came true! There you are: good, noble, bright, courageous, and handsome.  

I am proud of you, the person that you are and the character than you have.  

Keep on surviving, my hero. We’ll make it. We are carved out of much better material than those who separate and disconnect us, my hero.  When the saints come marching in, they won’t be in that number. They will look for big  stones to crawl under and hide.

Our love endures, our love will win at the end.  

You don’t mean the world to me. More exactly:  you mean the universe to me. Even more exactly: you mean all the universes to me, Marty! 

Yours in all eternity, and even eternity is too short. I want to be with you much longer. 🙂  




Written by Barbara Schwarz

September 16, 2015 at 3:18 am

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