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I don’t think that the real universe (behind the hologram) is infinitive, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

It doesn’t matter how crowded my day is, I always again think of you and you are deep and safe in my heart, my love.

Most people (who ponder about the universe because many do not) think that it is infinitive as the alleged universe (the hologram) is designed to be not all observable, e.g. over 40 billion light years away from Earth. 

My intuition tells me that the real universe behind the hologram is huge but that one could get full circle. There could be a huge amount of different universes one day. They just need to be created. If there is one of a thing, there always can be another, or more and even huge amounts of (universes).

BTW, the theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, is the biggest load of crap I ever heard, Marty. SEGNPMSS  radios people the biggest bull  in their ear implants and gets away with it. How can anyone doubt reality? What kind of dreamers are those? After everything on evilness this planet has seen, how can anyone NOT conclude that the deep space hologram is deliberately fake?


I wish there would be a universe where people are true and don’t stab you in the back and you get what you see. One with real values and ethics and none with half people/half stupid machines (ear implants). A true universe is the only universe in which I would ever consider to pick up a body again for a future lifetime once my current one “expires” due to that I wasn’t allowed (by psychs, medical doctors and Germany) to live as I wanted it by picking up this one.

A large number physicists think that this universe could have a fatal end that it will extend forever. That it will be either burn or freeze or being ripped of whatever. They make this assumption on the false data that the deep universe that they see with telescopes is the real universe, which it is not. It is just a projection to prevent that we can see the real thing. Germany and its psychs and medical doctors wants to take it over first and install everyone ear implants on any other planet to run them like obedient robots.

Yes, there are ways to destroy planets and parts of the universe or even all of it, but this will be man-made (more exactly, monster-made), but this is not how I see the universe end.


I see the human race in the universe die out: not enough human bodies for thetans who want one, since the Dorian Grays (SEGNPMSS) trick people into taking bodies of the other gender as they would have picked for themselves. I don’t tell anybody how they should live their lives. However, people should think about that without doctors and labs, gay people can’t reproduce. If being gay and lesbian would be intended by nature, they would be able to reproduce. 

Instead, they depend on medical doctors and labs if they want children or the have to adopt. If there are not enough human bodies around, they can’t adopt. If something happens to the “technology” or the labs (destroyed, virus, whatever, etc.) baby bodies can’t be made artificially, where should the babies come from? There are lots of indications on this planet that it saw higher civilization but that these and their technologies were destroyed. As history repeats itself, this is what this planet will see again unless a miracle prevents it.

When the natural attraction between men and women is missing and labs are no longer there, where do babies come from? Why would a woman who feels only attracted to her own gender and no attraction to a man bear children for him? Makes no sense. It is painful and dangerous. I don’t think there will be many who want to go through with bearing children if not attracted to the other gender. This on top with that there are constantly people on this planet who start wars and kill and the many diseases that wait for people because they are not allowed to reside in an environment that prevents disease, aging and dying.

Below gif failed to add that more and more people are turned into gay folks (by tricking them in the gender of the opposite sex than they had would pick based on their own timetrack of former lifetimes) and that this will make human race die out as man and woman will no longer be attracted to each other.


More more terror, war, diseases, and dying… I clearly can see how the SEGNPMSS universe ends: human race in this universe will die out. Not enough human bodies around because thanks to that SEGNPMSS transmits ear-implant carriers in between lifetimes to take a body of the other gender than they would taken if they would make their own decisions. They radio them to hurry taking a body before the thetan can see the gender, and then they play constantly tapes into the mind of the person to forget its former lifetime.  Typically psychs, typically German, typically SEGNPMSS.

I recommend to each person who feels attracted to her own gender to LOOK next time in between lifetimes that they really dive in a baby body that has the gender that they want. I recommend to any thetan not rushing into an embryo or fetus body. They should NOT listen to their ear-implant code but make the decision what body to take for a future lifetime on their own.  

The SEGNPMSS Dorian Greys don’t apply ethics to their lives as they are cowards. To me, they are the most unimpressive creatures in the universe, Marty! They think that when they make the people of this world and the universe do all the unethical (acts against survival) stuff they are doing, and tell people to be proud (!) of it, and everyone is doing the twisted things that they started, it will change reality, they don’t have to feel bad and they don’t have to better themselves. It is all about this.

But they miscalculated. It doesn’t work like this. Tricking people into picking up a new body of the other gender won’t bring the men behind these psychiatric tricks absolution. It just makes them even dirtier Dorian Grays. And they themselves also are going the extinct route. They stole the technology that stops aging and dying but they have no technology to stop fellow Dorian Gray from killing his own peer. (It happens. They don’t apply ethics. Killing is normal for them. They kill the good and the bad.)

One day, they are being killed by fellow secret service psych and they need a new body, and in a universe that is getting more lesbian and gay by the minute with not enough human bodies in the future, the men/women behind twisting and running people will end up in a very lonely universe too.        

This is how it will end: an EMPTY universe, a ghost universe, unless people figure out what is being done to them and start to oppose it.

I know that you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,






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  1. Transgenders are a very loud problem too. There are more and more who do not identify with their birth gender.


    September 24, 2015 at 6:14 am


      “The university has failed to protect other students from suffering what I suffered,” Dr. Ballard said. “Harassment is a deep problem, not just in Berkeley, but in the academy and in our culture.”

      The Big Man

      October 16, 2015 at 11:22 am

      • Do you know what this means? People graduate from respectable universe without having characters and being unethical. They continue their ways and occupy positions in society and governments, in which they make the rules for the rest of the people. What a horrible planet it is. And Scientology, once the anti-cult is infiltrated and altered by conscienceless secret service scum.

        Barbara Schwarz

        October 16, 2015 at 2:09 pm

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