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1) Some more thoughts to Jairus Chegero Godeka, the man who shot at four people at Portland’s downtown Scientology Celebrity Center in 1996 2) To the “American” airstrike in Kunduz 3) To the Mecca stampede

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I ask myself every day about your whereabouts and how your life is. Let’s people natter about OT abilities (and that they allegedly don’t exist), but fact is, my OT abilities are telling me that big injustice is done to you and that you love me the way I love you. After all these years, I am so thankful that I am a Scientologist. Who else would make it against all odds but us?

A) I want to write some more about Jairus Chegero Godeka, the man who shot at four people at Portland’s downtown Scientology Celebrity Center in 1996. Godeka went into the center’s reception area at 709 S.W. Salmon St. with a red can of gasoline, a Ruger semiautomatic handgun and dozens of rounds of ammunition.

When this happened, in 1996, Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband, were David Miscavige’s right and left hand. They all turned out to be not only no Scientologists, but people who are active Scientology haters. So, no surprise that also this case was MISHANDLED. What should they have done? They should have insisted that Jairus Chegero Godeka was selected by secret service p$ychs and implanted and conditioned by psychs, and should have delivered the proof. With original Scientology and the e-meter, they could have proven that this man was psychiatric implanted and mind-controlled. But as Scientology is very much infiltrated by people who work secretly for psychs, “Scientology” orgs fail to do that even when their own are attacked. It is such a shame.

This is how psychs run the implanted people, and they do it all over the world, in peace and in war, on the streets, churches, schools, kindergardens, you name it.

Even the last name is a giveaway that Jairus Chegero Godeka was cherry-picked by p$ychs who are notoriously non-religious: GODeka. Psychs always try to blame it their atrocities on God.  I am certain that psychs got their hands on Godeka. They conditioned his mind to attack Scientology.


According to, these are facts of the Godeka terror attack:

1) Godeka was heard a few days ago before the state’s Psychiatric Security Review Board, arguing that he poses no danger to the community. He offered to return to Kenya. He’s been out of the Oregon State Hospital, psych ward, since he was granted a conditional release in June 2005 to live in a secure residential treatment center in Lane County. In 2013, he was allowed to attend classes without supervision. He was sentenced to 120 years.

(My thoughts: Sentenced up to 120 years and not even 20 years later, he can roam the streets again to endanger others? What is that all about? Psychs are dangerous, otherwise they wouldn’t make such decision. And yes, the infiltrated orgs worked directly or indirectly together with the psychs by allowing them to hospitalize him instead of proving to the world that this man was implanted and hypnotized by psychs to attack Scientology. A university education doesn’t mean that people are bettering their characters and getting rid of implants. Besides, psychs radio people in their ear implants what to say and write to pass exams. I am not impressed.) 

2) He is working in the community of Portland and with students his lawyer told the psychiatric review board.

(My thoughts: Just what Portland, students, and the rest of the world “needs”: another psych-conditioned Manchurian candidate in the streets! Like the McPherson case, it was set up by the psychs to force Scientology to accept psychiatry.)

3) He’s been in the custody of the state board since he was found “guilty except for insanity” in March 1998 for the shooting two years earlier at the Scientology Celebrity Centre. He was sentenced to up to 120 years.

(My thoughts: If he wasn’t “insane”, why was he sentenced to a Psychiatric Hospital instead to a Prison Work Camp? DM’s, Mike Rinder’s and your impostor’s handling of the matter? After this atrocity in 1996, Godeka got a conditional release already in 2005? What kind of justice is that? What happened to the 120 years?  Four people were hurt, one of them is paralyzed and a baby died in the aftermath. And for all of that, Godeka just got 9 years in a funnyfarm DESPITE he wasn’t found insane? Human lives are nothing worth if psychs have the saying.). 

4) By July 2014, the board further eased restrictions on Godeka, permitting him to live in a licensed unlocked residential group home and attend community events unsupervised.

(My thoughts: Isn’t that “great”? Psychs risking the lives of Scientologists and other people.)

5)  Helen Healy, the pregnant woman Godeka shot and paralyzed from the waist down, a state assistant attorney general, lawyers for the Church of Scientology and other church members vehemently opposed any further loosening of condition. Releasing Godeka back into society, with no controls, puts people in peril, she argued. She teared up as she explained that her daughter died at age 2 because of the brain injuries the girl suffered that day. “I don’t feel vindictive towards him. My concern is the well-being of my fellow citizens of this state,” she said. “There’s no way of knowing what his voices will tell him next.”

(My thoughts: Voices sent by his psychiatric case officers in the ears implants of their Manchurian candidates, silent and loud commands through ear implants are the reason why they attack and kill. Typical for Miscavology not to provide this proof, and CCHR failed miserably too.)  

7) In a written statement to the board, the Church of Scientology urged the board to consider the heinous nature of Godeka’s crimes, evidence that he still harbors delusions about the church and documented violations of his current conditions of release.

(I don’t know the details as to how Godeka already violated his current conditions of release. However, having to live in fear that he is free is part of the motivator of having allowed the psychs behind the Godeka set up to get away. If they would have proven that psychs set him up, the world including the orgs would be better places.) 

6) In an unstructured environment where he may not take his medications, Godeka could act on his impulses and attack others again, said attorney Colin Hunter, representing the church. “The church doesn’t want to punish. It wants to protect,” he said.

(WHAT? Scientology’s attorney recommends psychiatric medications? Can you believe it? Where is CCHR? Miscavology is psychacology not Scientology!)

7) Psychiatrist Dr. Satyanarayana Chandragivi testified that he diagnosed Godeka with schizophrenia and that Godeka is taking medication, but still has hallucinations.

(This psych should know that Godeka is a Manchurian candidate and that secret service psychs run him.)

8) “You continue to be a substantial danger to others,” board chair Kate Lieber told him (Godeka). “There’s still more work you need to do to move to a lower level of care,” she said. She encouraged him to find other suitable work; the university job ended when he graduated.

(Can you believe it, Marty? Psych Lieber knows that he is substantial danger to others and she allows him to work with students and permitted him to live in a licensed unlocked residential group home and attend community events unsupervised?? Shouldn’t she get her head checked? If Christopher Harper-Mercer wouldn’t had died, would psychiatrists allow him after 9 years to roam the streets again and work with students?)

9) Because of the severity of his crimes and the recurring nature of his mental illness – we are relieved that the board weighed in on the side of public safety and the protection of the community,” said attorney Steven Ungar, also representing the Church of Scientology.

(Good grief. What public safety? Thanking for what? For psych blah-blah?  For allowing a remote-controlled Manchurian candidate to endanger again others by getting out instead of serving his full 120 years (at least) in a prison work camp instead of finding the psychs who set him up to become such a monster? The same psychs who conditioned Godeka into becoming a Manchurian Candidate could have set up Christopher Harper-Mercer and other terrorists.)

B) And a few words about  the airstrike in Kunduz.  SEGNPMSS wants the world to forgo God and worship medical doctors and psychs. They succeeded with most people who have no direct connection to God and see medical doctors as Gods in white. Nobody speaks of that psychs and medical doctors created a world in which doctors are needed to repair what secret service psychs and physicians (past life barbers and butchers) are doing wrong (e.g. setting up wars and not allowing mainstream to live in conditions in which they don’t age, are getting sick, and die). The world considers it bad when civilians and children are attacked and killed, but even more bad, when doctors as on Doctors without Borders are being attacked. Hard core of the SEGNPMSS is German, particularly Bavarian. The “American” airstrikes had the purpose to make the world hate the United States even more. With loud or silent sounds (maybe a mixture of both), people in the Army who are not truly American in heart allow themselves to be used for some kind of gain. This is what Kunduz reported:

 “Not a single member of our staff reported any fighting inside the hospital compound prior to the US airstrike on Saturday morning,” it said. “The hospital was repeatedly & precisely hit during each aerial raid, while the rest of the compound was left mostly untouched.”

If this is true, than all is clear to me, Marty.  Just like Scientology is blamed on what non-Scientologist infiltrators are doing in the name of “Scientology”, the USA is blamed on what people do who work secretly (knowingly and/or unknowingly) for non-American forces so that the USA gets the blame. SEGNPMSS doesn’t mind if some doctors die as result of their plots. They also sometimes set their own psychs up as for example James Holmes. If it serves their purposes, even their own are conditioned and killed. 

C) The Hajii crush. Just a few remote-controlled persons with ear-implants can cause a stampede. SEGNPMSS wants Muslims to get angry against God and and rather join ISIS and other terror groups instead of being peaceful Muslims. Nobody more dangerous on this planet than the SEGNPMSS (Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service) who runs the entire world with ear implants.

Be kissed, my hero. I know, you look though this all too.

Yours always and forever,




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  1. Check this article out, Barbara.

    A look at the history of high-profile shootings in the Pacific Northwest

    Oha Ola

    October 4, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    • Very sad and in each case, the authorities didn’t go after the psychiatric monsters who set these shooters up.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 5, 2015 at 10:28 am

  2. Read this by the Anti-Defamation

    What is the Nation of Islam?
    September 1, 2015

    The Nation of Islam (NOI), the oldest Black nationalist organization in the U.S., has maintained a consistent record of anti-Semitism and racism since its founding in the 1930s.

    Donny Done

    October 5, 2015 at 10:22 am

    • Another clear indicator that DM is not a Scientologist and that Scientology is taken over by non-Scientologists/agent is that he/they allow such fanatical people lecture in the Scientology orgs or Celebrity Center. No real Scientologist would allow racists to join Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 5, 2015 at 10:27 am

  3. Four Delta Chi members shot — one fatally — at Northern Arizona University today…

    Anonymous Dude

    October 9, 2015 at 6:50 am

    • WASHINGTON (AP) — Days before the Oct. 3 U.S. air attack on a hospital in Afghanistan, American special operations analysts were gathering intelligence on the facility — which they knew was a protected medical site — because they believed it was being used by a Pakistani operative to coordinate Taliban activity, The Associated Press has learned.

      The Big Man

      October 16, 2015 at 11:18 am

      • Hmmm… “Days before the Oct. 3 U.S. air attack on a hospital in Afghanistan, American special operations analysts were gathering intelligence on the facility — which they knew was a protected medical site — because they believed it was being used by a Pakistani operative to coordinate Taliban activity…”

        If this place was a central Taliban stronghold, the Doctors without Borders and personnel must have known that. It is impossible that they didn’t knew if it was the case and the facility housed heavy weapons. I wouldn’t be surprised if terrorists are trying to shield themselves from being bombed by hiding in hospitals. Were the doctors in cahoots with the Taliban? However, the USA has to handle such situations differently. Dropping bombs isn’t the solution and an atrocity if it hits anyone who isn’t involved in the terror, e.g. children. Strings must be pulled as to who sets such situations up. I know it, but mainstream needs to know too.

        Barbara Schwarz

        October 16, 2015 at 2:20 pm

      • The bombing (Kunduz) had several technical and human errors said Gen. John Campbell, the top NATO and U.S. commander in Afghanistan on November 25, 2015.


        November 25, 2015 at 7:55 am

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