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A secret German document indicates (very clearly to me) that Germany is behind the Syrian war to get the Syrians to immigrate to and help Germany (still the same old Nazis) to become world power no. 1

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate and Prince,

How are you?

These are today’s headlines from 

Germany is revealed to be secretly expecting 1.5 MILLION migrants to arrive in the country this year – 700,000 higher than public estimates – in confidential documents
Germany is expecting 700,000 more migrants than it has publicly admitted
Secret documents show another 900,000 are estimated to arrive this year
The figures are a drastic departure from its previously stated estimates
See more of the latest news and updates on Europe’s migrant crisis
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Marty, Germany wants the world to buy the bull that they are humanitarians. Germany wants Merkel to get the Nobel Price. They cause wars and terror and want a Nobel Price for Peace for it! Well, that is Germany. I have no doubts whatsoever that Germany (the secret service psychs behind Merkel) is the cause of the war in Syria (and other wars and terror). Germany needs the Syrians to become World Power No. 1 by keeping all other countries and people down, and Germany also has a plan  to attach officially all of EU, Russia, all of the Middle East (in a bit), China, you name it, and all others will follow. Look at the USA. Looking up to Germany instead of putting it in its place. My stomach turns every time when I see an American president or other US officials/representative kissing Germany’s still existing Nazi boots so-to-speak. 

Germany doesn’t want other EU states having the Syrians as Germany doesn’t want France or the UK to become EU’s number one. Germany has not changed and still works on a Nazi plan, and Merkel is their puppet because people generally think that women aren’t that bad. They are forgetting that this woman prepares the field for the Nazi monsters to jump back in right on the top when any other nation is too weak to fight back or when they are completely German-devoured. The bloody war in the former Yugoslavia was also Germany’s secret doing. It was all for Germany’s hunger to become the richest country and attach the world to their insane ‘ideals’, the glorification of Germany, Bavaria, psychiatry, also medicine, and the eradication of religion by making people hate religion as the just named run people through ear implants doing horrible things in the name of religion. 

Germany has a low birth rate and needs people to work for Germany. Germany likes that the Syrians who come are young. Germany expects them to work for Germany’s unfair economy (they run other countries and have their people make bad economic decisions so that Germany is always on top).  They never should have kidnapped me, Marty. I can read them and their plans in a snap.

The conflict in Syria started in spring of 2011 because of the dictatorship in Syria.

Germany controls dictators through ear implants.

They all do what Germany orders. Germany is the expert on dictators.

There is Bashar al-Assad, a medical doctor (they and psychs, Germany’s favorite profession!) who used chemical weapons on 1400 of his own people and over 400 children.

It is all about getting young workers for Germany. Germany doesn’t want to call just any nationals to immigrate. They could be older people and Germany isn’t eager to pay for their retirement and health problems (which German secret service doctors also caused by not allowing people to live in conditions where they can protect health and youth). The young and fit Syrians as second class citizen in Germany suits German slave drivers just well.

Syrians had to suffer. There were kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed, including children. I bet the farm that Germany radioed in al-Assad’s ears to open fire on protesters instead of working out decent conditions for them. I bet again that al-Assad’s German orders are to empty the country until Germany has enough people to do work for it and until ISIS and the terror group got more members to continue to ruin the reputation of religion. The special treatment of Alawhites and the 2nd class treatment of the other groups in Syria has Germany secretly written all over it.

Also, Germany wants to improve its Nazi reputation by suddenly playing humanitarians in this “crisis” that IT SET UP! SEGNPMSS doesn’t want to better itself. It just wants the world to fall for it. And I bet a billion dollars on it that I am right. I can see the Bavarian Nazi doctors behind that all so very clearly.

Numerous Syrians believe that Bashar al-Assad is an US agent. They err. Germany wants them to blame the USA on it. He is a German agent, particularly a Bavarian one. German propaganda makes the Syrians think the wrong things.

Civilians grew into rebel groups as you will know, Marty. Germany needs workers and who doesn’t want to come to Germany should join secret German movements ISIS or the Taliban or Al Queda or another of the German-controlled terrorist groups. 

The extra hard crackdown by Bashar al-Assad on protests was German- ordered and -controlled because Germany wants the Syrians to help them to make Hitlers Germany come true. They made the Syrians leave their homes, killed their families, and expect them to work for Germany.  This is how the secret service  medical doctors and psychs behind Merkel think and work.

The USA (though German controlled ear implants) builds a wall and keeps Mexicans and others out, and German starts wars to get people. When do Americans get it? Andrew Tabler is an so-called expert on Syria with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He says about Bashar al-Assad: “He speaks English, and his wife is hot.” Good grief! Is that all he has in his head? 

Germany made Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez seized power in a coup in 1970. Guess they knew that Hafez and Assad would make it easy for Germany to get what it wants. Guess SEGNPMSS organized to have al-Assad brother Bassel die in a car accident because medical doctor al-Assad seemed to fit the German bill better.

Over 100,000 people already dead in Syria, just what Nazi doctors order. Those who can walk through countries and are still standing in Germany can become Germany’s Syrian slaves.  

Germany is also behind that Russia fights al-Assad’s battles. Russia should show with the finger on Germany but they don’t. As ordered by Germany, if Russia shows with the finger on anyone, it is on the USA.

With breaking Syria, Germany also breaks a main business partner of Russia. And Germany wants to take Russia over also. However, it doesn’t seem that Russia is so easy to attach to the Grossdeutsche Reich as the Ukraine and so many other countries (including Germany again ) that glorifies Nazis.

Iran is fed with Germany’s lies that Israel and USA is Satan. None of the countries have clean hands, they are all German-controlled. But neither the USA, Israel, Russia or China is the root of the problem. It is Germany, particularly Bavaria and its secret services with the same old Nazi doctors and psychs as they were before and after Hitler.

Germany arranged that there is not one unified rebel movement with which to negotiate a peace treaty, this is because they want 2nd class citizens to work for them and making the terror groups in the Middle East and ISIS stronger.

I love you, Marty. I can help it but it seems that the entire planet has a secret death wish by allowing Germany to get again away with everything.

I know you are different. Well, if this universe wants to live forever under a psych-Nazi boot, we should find ourselves a new universe where they never find us again. Besides, sooner or later they self-destruct. But they are pulling anyone else who isn’t alert enough  down the path of self-destruction.

However, a new universe for us in a dimension that they can’t find is very tempting. As you know, a very large number of physicians are thinking that there are many universes out there already.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I go where you go. 🙂 And I am sure you don’t want to live in a secret or official German universe either. YUK! And did I say YUK?!

Yours in any universe.





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  1. Germany and the EU win in the migrant crisis.

    European Union Predicts Economic Boon From Influx of Migrants


    November 5, 2015 at 12:57 pm

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