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How to sway Russians in the Ukraine, other Russians, and the world that the Ukraine should be attached to EU, which is Germany who “won” this position after holding other economies down with ear implants?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful hero,

For you and me, it is easy to see the German shadows behind the atrocities. We know them. But so should anyone else, considering German notorious atrocities in the past.

People usually condemn when civilians are being killed. The plane, MH17 from Amsterdam to Malaysia was shot down on July 17, 2014 over that part in the Ukraine that was controlled by pro-Russians. Almost 300 people aboard died.  It was a German secret service action. How to sway Russians in the Ukraine, other Russians, and the world that the Ukraine should be attached to EU, which is Germany who “won” this position after holding other economies down with ear implants? How to make other Russian state leave Russia and attach to EU (Germany)? Down a civilian plane by using the ear-implants of  alleged pro-Russians to fire a BUK and blame the Russians on it. 

German-controlled ear-implants (loud and silent sounds and other mind-control as hypnosis) make it happen. SEGNPMSS target civilians like in this plane or in The Doctors without Borders hospital by whispering in their ear implants. It is Germany’s most precious psychiatric “invention” and control-tool to “get done” what they want to get done on this planet.

SEGNPMSS favors psychiatrists and medical doctors but they also don’t mind “sacrificing” them if it serves the cause getting the USA or other countries down and Germany “up”.    

Germany (in form of puppet Merkel) says that they are the friends of the USA, but Germany only uses the USA to hide behind its back and cover all of Germany’s wrong doings. Germany (particularly Bavaria) and its secret services does everything in their power to bring the USA down. And they want this by overtaking all other countries, including Russia.

So, how do they do it? They radio in the ear implants of alleged pro-Russians to bring down a plane to sway the pro-Russian people in the Ukraine to rather join Germany (EU) but Russia. They radio in the ear implants of “Americans” to bomb a hospital because the world will hate the USA even more thanks to those Germany’s secret service activities.

People who don’t see it are really hypnotized. But it won’t work on us, Marty. Considering what they did all wrong with us, they are the biggest idiots ever. Just like Ron said: the SP screams loud to be handled. (Subconsciously.)

With all the set ups and brutalities against us both, these lunatic doctors are looking at each other and are asking: We don’t understand that we have no control over them. We keep them apart with the help of billions of ear implants but they don’t stop loving each other and we can’t make them stop pointing with the finger on us. Why is that?” 

What pitiful IQs they are having!

They read our thoughts with their “tech” but these psychs don’t understand our personalities. We don’t read their minds, but we get their cowardly lousy personalities. We know all about them. We know what low creatures and disgusting monsters they are. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! That people sank so low without making a better turn before turning into monsters is so revolting. They became so disgusting because too lazy and too dumb to apply ethics to their lives. They think ethics is hard, difficult or an ethical lifestyle is boring. Yes, it is shocking but they are that short-sighted,  mislead, and absurd.

They have no clue that they could grow wings being the best they can and that it feels awesome and is exciting to discover the wonderful good depths and the miracles inside one self! They miss out on the best in life: being truly oneself without any bad conscience. Telling others to be proud on perverted or wrong things won’t work to make them feel better. Bad conscience will continue to nag at them and cut any wings very very short. They are just fooling themselves. 

The Dorian Gray’s shouldn’t call themselves humans as they don’t have any human traits anymore. It is anything but easy being us on a German-psych controlled planet like this. But I rather being tortured but becoming like them. And I know that you think as I do, Marty. They are what we never want to be or become.    

love you, Marty. Be safe. And be kissed. 

Yours forever,





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