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The greedy German calculation behind the “The German Marshall Plan of the United States”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, husband, hero, and Prince,

How are you?

Days are getting colder and I have to fix some things inside and outside of the house. I probably can do all by myself. Owning a house might be the regular “American dream” but it is constant work and every season does something to it that needs either maintenance of fixing.

As you know, the USA (officials that are run through German-controlled ear-implants) forgave Germany’s debts after the US Marshall Plan spent enormous sums to build up Germany (and other European countries) from the rubble that was left after Germany provoked and caused WWII.

The German position is that these debts have ceased to exist, yet, they don’t forgive Greece’s debts. Unbelievable German greed, isn’t it? “Do as we say but not as we do.” 

In addition, to prevent that Germany has to pay back the enormous sums that they got from the USA, they founded a “German Marshall Plan of the USA” as a “gift”, which should make superficial people think that the original “Marshall Plan” either not American but German or is being paid and also should manipulate Americans into even more generous thinking, like: “They gave us a gift, we gave them a gift. Let’s forget about that Germany’s debts to the USA are horrendous…”

The entire Marshal Plan (helping Germany and forgiving its debts) was a German idea to make the USA pay for them. Instead of the USA paying Germany to be able to run the world and this time officially, it should have been dissolved Germany as a country. 

Also, Germany (the psychiatric- and medically-oriented secret services behind Merkel) plans further wars (I am not making this up) and wants the USA to fund it. That’s why they call it “The German Marshall Plan of the United States”, means that the USA should pay for the destruction that Germany secretly sets up, particularly when the time comes for Germany to take those countries over to make them a part of Germany’s 4th Reich.

Germany’s secret activities are the “global challenges”. Germany’s idea behind the plan and anything else that comes from them is ice-cold calculation and not democratic at all. Germany is running “people from different backgrounds” with ear-implants. It is Germany’s most secret psychiatric invention to do what is for the advantage of Germany.  

Some international people who are using the Internet and are run with SEGNPMSS implants have libeled me “mentally ill”, because I claim that the USA is a secret German colony run by German secret services through ear implants. But take look for example at the name “The German Marshall Plan of the United States”. Can it get any clearer?

Here is an excerpt of  “Germany, Greece and the Marshall Plan of Jun 15th 2012, BY ALBRECHT RITSCHL | LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS”:

The Marshall Plan had an outer shell, the European Recovery Programme, and an inner core, the economic reconstruction of Europe on the basis of debt forgiveness to and trade integration with Germany. The effects of its implementation were huge. While Western Europe in the 1950s struggled with debt/GDP ratios close to 200%, the new West German state enjoyed debt/ GDP ratios of less than 20%. This and its forced re-entry into Europe’s markets was Germany’s true benefit from the Marshall Plan, not just the 2-4% pump priming effect of Marshall Aid. As a long term effect, Germany effortlessly embarked on a policy of macroeconomic orthodoxy that it has seen no reason to deviate from ever since.

Germany ALWAYS manipulates other countries on putting Germany, country from hell, first.

Their international agents can forget that I ever will forgive them separating us and everything else they did to us, Marty. Forgiving is easy. One just pushes the horrible thing away. But we are no easy people. We are peaceful rebels, and we can’t stand and will never will forgive Germany’s, psychiatric or other atrocities, may they are open or hidden.

I love you, Marty. Without you, this planet would sure feel like hell. Your existence alone makes it into a better place. On a planet with so many evil forces, there exist a love as pure and strong as ours that is solving the horrors. It is a miracle. You are everything to me. I love you stronger than I am able to express in words. Together we are the perfect song.

Is there something like a soulmate? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! 100% beyond any doubt. We are both carved of the same material: loving, enduring, passionate, peaceful but very steady rebels, impossibly to bribe, and nobody has the right to mess with us.

When I look around in the world and see the many wrongs, I remember what feels so right: your and my love. It is divine and it is unlike anything there is. The psychiatric German world tries to deny God, but the love that fills my heart for you is godly. And we are the better judges of it, as WE CAN FEELTHE DIVINENESS. How is it otherwise possible that two people keep love alive despite a concerted planet-wide secret service program to 3rd party and alienate us for decades? About 7 Billions against two lovers, and the lovers keep on loving as the love in their hearts is so heavenly that it can’t be destroyed… The perfect godly plan to encounter a plan from hell.      

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours, and did I say yours?




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    Hot November

    October 23, 2015 at 11:50 am

    • How in trance is the world of not getting that Germany runs ISIS and other terror groups?

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 23, 2015 at 12:59 pm

  2. The mass dumping ground of the migrant dead: Thousands are risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean to get to Europe. For the hundreds who drown this grim landfill site is where they end up

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    October 23, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    • Germany wants immigrants to become world power no.1. They made all these people homeless and immigrants as they want those who makes it to work for the German Reich. They run the world through ear implants and are to blame also on these mass graves (yet again)!

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 23, 2015 at 12:58 pm

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