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The connection between thetans is real but I don’t think that the entanglement of objects (quantum mechanics) is real science

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Dearest Marty, my bright and wonderful star of all universes,

How is your life?

I came across an article in the New York Times of October 21, 29015 about an experiment at Delft University of Technology, in which two diamonds were set 1.3 kilometers apart. They  “entangled” and then “shared information”, however, I think that studies like this are sabotaged with lasers and possibly other secret service devices.    

You and I, and anyone else very close connected to us, we are connected as thetans. This is how we know about what happens to us without communication. But we are thetans, spiritual beings, but these physicists are testing MATERIAL. They don’t even have discovered yet what life is, what they are, what a thetan is, and how it is possible that just about all physicists ignore the thetans including those with theta bodies. This is beyond me as thetans with theta bodies are anywhere to find. 

Anyway, Albert Einstein didn’t want to believe in entanglement and called it spooky.  However, also he failed to discover thetans, theta bodies, and corruption of physical experiments. 

I believe “entanglement” and other quantum mechanic experiments when I have convinced myself that no secret service dude sabotaged any experiments with their dumb laser and microwave toys. Take the Dutch experiments. It allegedly “proved” that objects (not thetans or theta) separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior.  They set two diamonds 1.3 kilometers apart, they “entangled” and influencing each other. Thetans and theta can communicate instantly from any distance but matter? 

This is what happened: these physicists are being watched. Behind the scene: one secret service agent is in communication with the other one, and both are sabotaging the diamonds with their lasers accordingly, so that they behave entangled, influencing each other, and “exchanging information”, and  it doesn’t matter if 1.3 meter or 1.3 km or 130 km or 130.000 km or whatever distance.

The main question will be WHY? SEGNPMSS doesn’t want mainstream to explore the universe. If it is riddled with strange and unpredictable activities and black holes, people will stay grounded on Earth or nearby, and Nazis doctors and psychiatrists can send their selected conditioned robotic people to attach everyone in the universe to their ear implant system and run the entire universe/s before decent people have a chance going there.

The New York Times wrote: “According to the scientists, they have now ruled out all possible so-called hidden variables that would offer explanations of long-distance entanglement based on the laws of classical physics.” The hell, they have, Marty. They haven’t checked for secret service dudes sabotaging their experiments. 

Some want to use the outcome of this “experiment” against eavesdropping attempts in computer systems. What a rubbish. What a protection is that considering that eavesdropping created the entanglement in the first place?

I say, National Science Foundation should offer grants to scientists who want to detect and convict sabotage behind scientific experiments. That would be finally taxpayers money well spent.

I love you, Marty. Our science projects would rock! 🙂

I miss you very much and I stand by you come rain or shine, my soulmate who I know since the beginning of time.

Be kissed gently, affectionate, and romantic. Thinking of you makes my heartbeat faster and that hasn’t changed in all these years.

Yours forever,



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