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Giza Pyramids will be high-tech scanned next year

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate,

I am thinking of you. I learned that the feds releases 6000 felons without that they have to do their time. They allegedly have not enough space. And my intuition tells me that they keep you (on secret German orders, and Germany is also behind the set up against you in Spain) behind bars despite they all know that you are innocent, Marty. That is one big reason why I want in an other universe, Marty, not just on another planet. Another planet even at the end of this universe is not far enough away from the SPs who poison this one.  In a new universe away from the scum on this planet that has no conscience and lets the innocent suffer and conspires against the innocent. And if that universe should not exist yet, it must be simply created, because we have a right to happiness and peace too. Like Ron said, we need a world in which a decent person has rights too.

On another subject, the pyramids of Giza will be high-tech scanned next year. I am sure that the pyramids were initially not built as a burial sites but rather to protect life. The scientists want to use infrared technology to scan several meters beneath the surface. I bet there are tunnels, rooms, and a well. But likely everything original was robbed centuries ago. 

You are in my thoughts all the time, Marty. I want to see you again and would walk around the world to see you. You are like nobody else. And that is wonderful.  

With kisses,

Yours always,



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