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1) Germany’s racism behind China’s one child policy 2) Ear-implants

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am thinking of you and still don’t know your whereabouts. Only my intuition helps me out. There was still no message, mail, letter, call or anything by you or on behalf of you. SEGNPMSS-controlled people don’t deliver what you need me to know. I know you are trying to reach me thanks to my senses to know the truth (despite the cover ups, lies, and attempts to alienate us). I owe it to Scientology, Marty. I mean real Scientology, not Vistarology, Ron’s impostor’s version or Miscavology, His Cobness’s version.

It is really amazing, considering that this psychiatric conspiracy can’t rip our love for each other out of our hearts. That’s the only thing these lunatics have no control over. True love. They tried it by stealing our memories to each other but it didn’t last. We found each other again and love came back in an instant. It is supreme help that doesn’t allow them to be successful in killing our love. It is the sling shot against Goliath. It will bring them down. The moral is: they should have never come between pure love. The dumbest thing anyone can do. Thetans high on the tonescale will endure anything just to be together and helping each other. Psychs know how to control the primitive person but not how to control the really uptone person. My advice to anyone would be to move up as high as possible on the tonescale as that means that they become less controllable by evil.       

The world is a rotten place. Many of China’s male population will never find a Chinese female spouse due to the China’s one-child policy. There are 120 boys for every 100 girls. By 2030, 25% of Chinese men in their late thirties will never marry and have no own family because of that policy. Germany, the SEGNPMSS runs the world secretly through ear implants. What was really behind that policy? German racism and the fear that China will take over the world and that Germany can’t become officially the mightiest nation on Earth.

Communism is a German invention too, as you know, and that is how they kept China and Russia down for so long. Simple changes ordered by the government and teaching people how to grow food could have immediately stopped the starvation problem of China 30 years ago. 336 million abortions (murders) were conducted by China’s medical doctors and Germany had/has the overall control over life as they control all ear implants. How can they live with themselves?  China reduced its population by approx. 400 million people, and Germany’s psychiatrists were transmitting these anti-Chinese reduction of population ideas in the ear-implants of those who were allowed to lead China officially and China’s medical doctors. A country rich with ancient wisdom fell deeply into the German psychiatric trap. Freaking ear implants and secret German mind control makes it possible.      

Marty, I hope so much that your life isn’t rough. Still existing Nazis and psychiatrists (in the hard-core Germans/Bavarians) run this world and are making sure that there is no lasting or personal peace for anyone, particularly not for somebody good as you are. 

They even can cause seizures and sleep walking. This is how they do it: e.g. they block out one’s consciousness and cause the body to cramp with a laser and through ear- and other body implants and call his/her code to sleep walk, etc. I can’t say it in any other words, but ear implants are the biggest trap in the universe. It gives psychs the direct access to one’s mind and body and they use it to destroy the body, the mind, and the personality.

It is horrible. Any ear implant carrier must know that monsters have direct access to his/her body, mind, and personality and can alter all of it. It is a control, torture, pain, and death-bringing tool. And who right in mind wants it?

The irony is that they say that Scientologists need “deprogramming”. In have no program in me. 

I am used to be attacked by their agents against Scientology because I think too much and too deep for myself. Ear implant carriers need to get their programming code ineffective. Psychs are the people who program others. They also removed Ron’s writing about the dangers of ear- and body implants from Scientology. They ordered the infiltration of Scientology, defame it and set non-Scientology activities within or connected to the orgs up so that the psychs are getting away with their atrocities.

The times will come when the SEGNPMSS can’t suppress any longer  the public discussion of their top-secret: ear- and other body implants installed in people and running them. 

There will be lots of people who 1) will say that it is not true 2) will say that they don’t have any and never had any ear implants (lies have short legs and sooner or later someone blows the whistle also on them) 3) Once the broad discussion can’t no longer be suppressed, the SEGNPMSS will order their agents to blame the USA or Scientology and Ron on it, despite he discovered that system without ever belonging to it.


Only courageous people will admit that the SEGNPMSS got to them and that ear implants are a fact. Instead of protecting it further, they will work hard to convict it and the men/women behind it. Only smart people know that building a better world is the answer not protecting secret services who can and will turn against them in no time and fail to better the world for anyone.

I know Germans, particularly the Bavarians. I know the typical Bavarian barber, butcher, medical doctor, psychiatrist mind. They are so obsessed with control that they HAVE TO attach anyone to their system. They can’t live without micro-managing the world. The people who don’t run on ear implant orders and codes are very very very very rare. They are the rarest kind of people on the planet. Even in very remote places and away from dense civilizations, I noticed from the behavior of these people the existence of SEGNPMSS ear implants. I simply know. I am sure you have this ability too, Marty.  

Kids are usually attached in early school age and secretly before (mother’s womb or lab) or right after birth in hospitals. They were so dumb by kidnapping me to Germany were I could observe how insane they tick.    

Ron said: “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” Trust not conspiracy and control. That should tell anyone how anti-ear implants and anti-secrecy Ron truly was. The rotten apples of this world prevent peace by ordering other rotten apples via ear implants to constantly commit painful acts to other humans (and animals): wars, terror, murder, slaughter, diseases, pains, brutality, death, catastrophes of any kind, and the list goes on.

We need a better world. Anyone not blowing the whistle on the SEGNPMSS and its methods must have a secret and eternal death wish as that is what they are getting with this German Nazi psychiatric system. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am on your side because I know your wonderful character. You deserve so much better than you got. This barber and butcher universe is so unjust.




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