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Another example of German greed: “Nefertiti” bust is in a German not an Egyptian museum (However, I am positive that this bust is a German forgery and not the Queen)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable husband and precious Prince,

It is getting cold here and all I want is snuggle up to you.

Germany rips off anything to shine with it and makes big money from it. Even forgeries of which most people don’t know that it is one. People travel to Germany instead to Egypt to leave tourist money in Germany instead of Egypt to look at the “bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti”, possibly the mother of  young King Tutanchamun of Pharoh Akhenaten who created a new religion (a religion devoted to a one god while accepting existence of other gods). So far so good, Marty, but I bet the farm that also his religion was altered by non-religious people like all religions in this medically German-controlled universe.

Back to Nefertiti. Her remains were never found as you know but instead, a German “archaeological expedition” dug in Akhenaten’s deserted city of Akhetaton and allegedly found this bust. I am sure that this bust was deliberately planted by Germany and is a forgery to fool the world, Marty, but also to enrich Germany. Twisted Hitler called the bust a German treasure despite Egyptian queens and kings have nothing to do with Germany, except that Germany re-wrote its history.  

Here is why I think that the bust is fake. Above is a picture of the alleged Nefertiti bust.  She lived approx. 1370 to  1330 BC but has clearly MALE TIMETRACK FEATURES.  She was a woman in that lifetime in which she modeled for the bust, and no doubt that she is good-looking, but the model for the Nefertiti bust exhibits clearly indicators that she had a male timetrack. Most of the time, I can see their gender timetracks right away when looking at people or pictures.

Some might say: OK then, maybe Queen Nefertiti was a man in former lifetimes, so what?

As you know, it is not normal to switch genders. The 2nd Dynamic is a very strong one and thetans identify with their genders. They don’t switch their genders unless they are tricked or forced into reincarnating into the opposite gender, which also is the reason for homosexuality. If psychiatric mind-control took place already in Egypt from 1370 to 1330 BC, it is of course possible that queens and other women were men in her former lifetimes.

However, I feel that this queen was a real woman and the bust is a forgery. Egypt should find the true history of Nefertiti and have a good laugh at that “Egyptian history” that Germany exhibits to enrich itself. Egyptian officials suspect these days two more chambers behind King Tut’s tomb and assume that the remains of Nefertiti are there.

“History” says that Pharoh Akhenaten  had another wife: Kiya. Maybe, maybe Nefertiti and Kiya were the same person as so little is know about Kiya. Germany controls the world with ear-implants and altered everything to its liking. The person who trust their data likely never finds truth.

Have a look at Kiya’s completely female features. No masculine feature whatsoever. 

Kyia not a past life guy

Kiya again, and her totally female features. She has a female body of her own choosing and is not a thetan with a male timetrack forced into a female gender like the German Nefertiti bust.  

Kyia I

Kiya looks like a  real proud woman with a completely female timetrack.

Interestingly, here is Nefertiti again, this time. Here, Nefertiti  has no masculine features like the bust; she has completely female features and looks exactly like Kiya.

more female

I bet the farm that the Nefertiti bust in Berlin is a German forgery from around 1912.  To make it more believable as an antique, Germans scratched out one of the bust’s eyes. I know the German, particularly the Bavarian mind and how it works. 

 I know that you can see the differences too. I love you, Marty. Be kissed my hero and Prince. 

In this relief, Nefertiti allegedly kisses one of her daughters. Huh? It looks like a man is kissing a woman, like Pharoh Akhenaten is kissing his wife Nefertiti.    












The Mound Builders of America

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

I am thankful that you exist and that you are you the way you are. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I came across some articles about the Mound Builders. How interesting that there were people who built mountains in the USA. Above picture shows Poverty Point, named so in 1832; name has nothing to do with the original Mound Builders. You probably have heard of them a long time ago.

This civilization also vanished from Earth. Once again, historians say that it is not clear why. Our today’s historians usually try to blame it on the weather. Non-confront.

You know that I am convinced that the old Europeans were killed approx. 4500 years ago by a brutal force that replaced the former Europeans, a force that landed in Europe and that these monsters also killed other civilizations including the Mound Builders. This is so typical for a horrible planet as this one.

Amazing, isn’t it? The entrance is hard to see from a distance and attackers might think that there is just mountain scenery.


Here in short what I read about Mound Builders in North America: many of their mounds resembled pyramids in other countries and contained beautiful pottery and art.  Most however were plundered by the Europeans who arrived in America in the 16th to 17th century.  They say that the Mound Builders had no written language. I doubt it very much, Marty, I think evidence of that was removed before anything about the Mound Builders became public.

There is a controversy in regards to who exactly built these earth structures by carrying soil to a place until it is a mountain. Some say that the Indians built them, and some dispute it because the Indian lifestyle differed from what was found, e.g. living spaces inside of mounds. Some say that one of the lost tribes of Israel were the first Mound Builders. There is no doubt that they these builders were very much at home in North America and not just visitors. Some say that the Mound Builders were there before the Indians. I think a possibility is however that both civilizations built earth structures and used them for different purposes. 

I heard a historian say that the Mound Builders or Woodlanders worshipped the sun. Some of them maybe, but those who built these mounds for inside residential purposes knew likely that the sun and rays are aging, and they also wanted their homes blend into nature as camouflage to avoid being detected by those monsters who killed the former Europeans and other civilizations.

Some say that these mounds were burial places. Some maybe but I think that the SPs on this planet often left people where they killed them. Centuries later, people find the remains m and say that it was a burial ground when in fact people were murdered in that spot and that’s why they are there.  Or alternatively, they became later burial grounds, like the surroundings of Giza or Petra…         

The base of the biggest mound, Monk’s Mound is 14 acres, and I believe 100 feet high. That’s big. I learned that the Mound Builders played sophisticated accuracy games, surrounded their mounds with swamps and other defense measures. 


The purpose of these clay artifacts are also not know. Board games come to my mind when looking at them.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling and soulmate. I think that our timetracks are very alike because we were always drawn to each other.  

Yours forever,



Alexander Dvorkin got everything so WRONG in regards to Scientology, Russia, and the Ukraine

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

Scientology is often thrown in the political rumor mill and for you and me, it is easy to see that Germany is behind it. But not for Alexander Dvorkin and the likes. It came to my attention that he claims that Scientology is a CIA front group and that the Prime Minister of the Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk would be a Scientologist and that the  CIA runs the Ukraine with Scientology. Nobody but the SEGNPMSS comes up with such a false rumor and puts it in the ears of people of which they know would repeat this utter nonsense.

Germany wants the USA and Russia in a war against each other. They are at it since a very long time. Dvorkin’s nonsense should help to make this happen.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk isn’t a Scientologist by simply looking at what he and his government does: helping still existing Nazi Germany to take over the world. Scientology is infiltrated by German-controlled agents, and that is what Russian courts should state: Original Scientology, welcome, agent-infiltrated Scientology, not welcome. 

Russians are right if they feel that they are threatened to be overtaken by Nazis and low moral coming from Europe to which the Ukraine (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) wants to be attached. But most blame the wrong target: Germany and not the real USA, German activities behind the German-controlled agents in the USA are helping Germany (on top of the EU) to take over the world.

You and me, Marty, we are real Americans and real Scientologists. Do we want Russia to become Germany/Europe that is still run by the SEGNPMSS? No, we don’t. I always felt that the original American and the original Russian are closely related. And Germany had and has a big problem with that. That’s why they hired Lenin as their agent to make Russia communistic. Germany gets rich and Russia (and also China and other communistic countries) not, because Communism controls people but doesn’t make wealthy.

Just as Germany ordered: Ukraine’s German-controlled agents work hard to get the Nazis back. (I am 100% sure, Marty: Germany is behind the wars and unrest in the Middle East and that the Syrians had to flee. Besides Germany wanting the Syrians to work for Germany to make it even wealthier, its secret services also plan Neo-Nazis, right extremists fighting Muslim Extremists in Europe and that shall be the official welcome back of the Nazis in Europe. The 3rd Reich plan to take over the world is anything but dead.)  Germany also wants that Russians fight back violently, so that the world becomes Anti-Russian. The best Russia can do to avoid being overtaken or their losing their good reputation is to show to the world how still existing Nazi Germany is setting them up and make the world understand this process.  

How can anyone right in mind say that Scientology (founded by the real Ron, son of Ike) promotes the Ukraine or Germany with its many Nazis? Nobody comes up with such a line but still existing German Nazis who transmit these falsehoods in the heads of people who do not think or who have no conscience.   

The problem is that people don’t think for themselves. They have their case officers do the thinking for them, and these case officers have their case officers to the thinking for them and so on. And the result is complete blindness. 

I love you, Marty. Always at your side. You are amazing.

Yours forever,


He got the title “Best Husband Ever”, but you are the Best Husband Ever, Marty. I know what you do for me because we are OTs and soulmates, and I can feel it.

The husband in the YouTube video is really nice, but I wonder why he doesn’t just carry her? Maybe the way through the water was too long and he didn’t knew how long he can carry her and then he has no chair on which he can put her? 




German-controlled ear implants in Russian judges

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Dearest Marty, my precious hero,


According to international media, a Moscow court banned Scientology saying that it would be no religion. They didn’t study Scientology, so what do they know?

Germany’s psychiatric secret services try to wipe our religion from the planet by altering it. It is THEM who ordered that the founder of Scientology was replaced with a secret service agent and infiltrated by non-Scientologists. Russia should go after the right target not banning Scientology. 

Germany’s secret service scum ordered money-oriented content into Scientology. Germany wants to enrich itself on Scientology by grabbing all sea org reserves that are in Europe. Germany want Scientology, the applied philosophy that works and is good to either disappear or alternatively become a business of which  THEY can profit.

Russia (like other country) does Germany’s dirty work by banning Scientology.

We both figured it out. Wonder when the media and officials will finally catch up?

Be kissed, my sweet, sweet Prince and husband.

None light more magic than the light in your eyes, Marty, my forever shining star.

Yours forever,


You were always my kind and the only lover I am dreaming of, Marty. 

In addition to my former posting about the typical German raised (often wagging) index finger (used to tell others that person wagging the finger has the authority or else)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I can see very old (dusty but brutal) Germans as the case officers behind the grim so-called Islamic extremists and also others with that behavior. When I grew up in Bavaria, the raised and sometimes wagging index finger was the symbol of rebuking and that the person (teacher, official, doctor, ect.) raising and wagging the finger told you that you have to listen and to do what the person said or you had to suffer the consequences. Usually the penalty was beatings or some other form of  violence. As time went by, it seemed that this downtone gesture kind of died out, but not so when looking at the extremists/terrorists from the Middle East. It tells me who the secret case officers of these blood-thirsty people are: very old, dusty Germans. And these Islamic extremists are not getting who are using them by bringing out the worst in them and wasting them in the process:  very old German SPs, “Dorian Gray’s” who are bad beyond belief, who have hands so dirty that they can’t afford anymore to take a look at what they truly are: monsters. That is why they don’t try to better themselves but try to make the world worse so that their evil and perverted characters don’t stick out like sore thumbs.

I can clearly see particularly the old Bavarian barbers and butchers being the fanatical secret service case officers of the “Islamic” extremists, and these people are clueless as to who is using and conditioning them. I am 100% sure that these Islamic brutal acts take place because these German (in the majority very old Bavarian barbers and butchers/medical doctors/psychiatrists) running them like they run the Nazis and so many other brutal systems and people.

Have a look at these pictures. First German “history”. Here is a carving of the typical old-fashioned German trying to be the “authority”. 

another german teacher


Another German  picture:

another raised finger

A recent German figure/picture: 

           img15_g.jpg zeigefinger biliothek


Typical, playing the moral, but being completely morally corrupt. Children in the book of German Wilhelm Bush didn’t fall far from the tree (they were brutal too) but the adults acted like extremists today, e.g. ironed the clothes with the kids in the clothes, the kids were baked in the oven, etc. The Nazis considered Bush as an “ethnic seer”.  Bush was clearly an anti-Semite. RB insulted me by giving me a book of WB to my birthday. That was worse than the birthday when she bought me cleaning buckets to my birthday. (And Kermantschi, the Muslim man (millionaire) who on order of Germany  faked being my father, who also had claimed to be a doctor, saw the plastic buckets and praised the many gifts, so that he didn’t have to buy me anything. LOL!)  How could RB even remotely think that brutality and child-abuse would amuse me? Revealed to me who talked in RB’s ear drums to make her think and act the way she did. She never knew me, Marty. Her hypnotized mind and lack of own ethics never allowed her to recognize my character.lehrer

The explosions in Wilhelm Bush’s books. The children blew up the teacher, but nevertheless, German terrorism, and now the Middle Easterners and other terrorists are used to satisfy the blood-thirst of these dusty old Germans:


Not by Bush but by another German: German brutality, and I can see this brutality in the Islamic and other extremists:  


More German abuse:


Sexual perverted brutal German professor:

another t

German rule and not the exception. Teachers were equipped with beating instruments still some decades ago in Germany. And the “Islamic” extremists and other terrorists adopted this German mindset and the Antisemitism. What a bunch of idiots that they are not getting who is running them.  The extremists are not getting that others will retaliate and that they will be wasted in the process.lehrer brutal abuse

I can see the dusty German anti-Semites talking in the ear-implants of extreme people and controlling what they do and say. 

Here some of these idiots who allow themselves to be used:


And here:


And here:


And here:


And here:


That’s a Boko Haram idiot with German-controlled ear-implants: 

boko haram

And here again: 


And here:

old dusty brutal German case officers

And here:

isis terror

And here:


And here:

Taliban.jpg finger

Dusty old anti-Semitic Germans hiding behind Islam by running extremists to give religions a bad rap of fanaticism.

Have a look at German Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels:


The Bavarian Pope, Ratzinger/Benedikt of course

pope zeigefinger

And Merkel: 

merkel finger

I can see Germany/Bavaria behind extremists all over the world, Marty, and I know you can too.

I love you, my Prince.

Yours always,


Harvard researchers claim that there are ancient parts of the world inside of the today’s Earth mantle

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious, remarkable Prince,

Your existence alone, my hero, makes everything better. For me, a universe without you, is empty, cold, and gray. It is amazing how the thought to a deeply loved person can change everything. For a person not deeply in love as we are, everyday things might not be that exciting.  But when I imagine you in the price, the most everyday activity is EXCITING. We both don’t have it easy as we don’t give up on each other as conspirators want us to do and the pressure and the attacks that they are launching against us to force up to give up on each other. But I never would want to be in their shoes instead as loving you is so much better than what they have or can offer. Love is such an often use and abused word, non-existent or corny for many, or wears out very quickly, but not in our universe, Marty. True and unconditional love, tender, passionate, and non-conspiring, is the award for being a good person. It is the make-everything-feel-bettering feeling and results in a breath-taking soulmate for all times to come. Now, if that isn’t exciting. It is the cherry on top of life and radiates into all dynamics. Not being deeply in love must feel like the dullest state of being ever.

Now to my today’s header: Harvard researchers claim that there are ancient parts of the world inside of the today’s Earth mantle, and I agree (not that the Earth is hollow and tribes living inside since thousands of years but) that footprints so-to-speak of ancient civilizations are some layers deeper down and can be restored. These Harvard scientists believe that this ancient Earth existed 4.5 billion years ago and collided with another planet and created the moon. Must have been a hell of a collision. I don’t believe in such collisions without the doing of people. Without rotten people, according to my perception, the universe, Marty, is a very calm place.    

I will be back my love.

Yours always and forever,




Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

Cancer (and other diseases as for example heart diseases) are medical terrorism

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and precious soulmate,

How are you?  I gave up on my landline phone due to a 30 Dollar monthly price increase by my provider. Have a cell phone now. I don’t use phones very much. I rather email, etc.  You know why I can’t post my phone number online, but I would give you my number immediately, Marty.

You know that I claim that cancer is created by medical terrorists to sell pharmaceuticals and kill nevertheless. Medical terrorists use remote-controlled germs and simple radio technology to have cancer bacteria grow inside the bodies and destroying human and also animal bodies. 

Some researchers now say too that  cancer worldwide is completely man-made. (Although I doubt that they figured the part of the medical terrorism yet.) 

They examined hundreds of Egyptian mummies and found one with cancer. 

Some others say that mainly older people are getting cancer and people died young in former centuries.

I read an article that the 4,500-year-old bones of Siberian man were found with big marks and holes in his bones, and some researchers are thinking that this was the first case of cancer.  

After I read all that, I came to following conclusion:

Remote-controlled germs can destroy old bones also thousand years later. If medical terrorists want modern people to believe that cancer is not man-made, e.g. not made by medical terrorism with activating remote-controlled germs, they simply control germs now to attack these bones to make it look like an ancient “disease”.

4500 years ago, the old Europeans were completely eradicated. There is also a possibility that the killers back then knew how to remote-control germs to create cancer and other diseases.    

Be safe, Marty.

We won’t let evil off the hook. If they mess with us, they really are asking for troubles. We’ll find them and prosecute them in all eternity. Everything they do, tells that they have no human qualifications whatsoever.  They are monsters. They really are. 

I love you very much, my sweetheart. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Forever yours,