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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and precious soulmate,

Many people are not much interested in archaeology and history as they think it is all about dead people. We Scientologists are extremely interested in the CORRECT recording of history because we KNOW that we (not just some DNA or forefathers) lived through all those past millenniums and have to better the universe otherwise suffering will never end. 

Piri Reis, a Turkish cartographer and an admiral who allegedly lived in 1513 CE used 20 source maps to construct the Piri Reis map and other maps.  It shows the Antarctica 300 years before it was officially discovered. Isn’t that strange?

Over 6000 years ago, the Antarctica was covered with ice. Marty, I think that nature without evil people behaves relative tame. Something man-made happened to this planet to result into the ice age.  

Some people think that the map was based on texts/maps that were created prior to 4000 BCE and that “prehistoric” sea captains were able to navigate the seas with great accuracy. 

Here is some more data about it.

It is of course also a possibility that the Piri Reis Map is a forgery. It was officially found by a German in 1929. However, I believe that maps of this Earth seen with an exterior viewpoint were the first creations of advanced humans when deciding to settle on the Earth. One gotta know where one is and how to get to other places.

The Turkish admiral mentioned that he used over 20 other source maps to create his. I like to see the over 20 source maps. My intuition is telling me that something is not right with Piri Reis Map that the German “found” but that numerous of these over 20 older and precise maps of the Earth really existed and are genuine. Thetan basically knows. What do you think?

I love you.  Can’t wait to put my arms again around you. You are unforgettable, Marty.

Yours forever,







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