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Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are talking about having “humanity” back… What is human about not helping you, the innocent, but conspiring (Rinder for sure) with your impostor and still with DM on this?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are you? I think of you and you can count on me.

Leah Remini says that she and Katie Holmes “have their humanity back”. Yikes, what monsters were these women when they displayed their Catholic behaviors in Scientology? They both behaved like non-Scientologists while “inside” and both turned out to be Catholics later.  

We real Scientologists were always human.

Remini turns to Mike Rinder (of all people) who as Special Unit in Charge organized much of the 2006 wedding she complains about. Like numerous flip-flop people before her, she simply changed the camp and what was “black” before is now “white”. Unbelievable, such minds!

I don’t know how much (if any) contact Leah Remini or Katie Holmes has with your impostor, “Monique’s husband”, but ABC 20/20 mentioned that Remini contacted Mike Rinder. He is best friends with your impostor. 

Leah read Marc Headley’s book Blown for Good. Paparazzi took photos of her with the book under her arm. Your impostor (Monique’s husband) wrote the “foreword” to his book in which former non-Scientologists attack current non-Scientologists as DM and make the world wrongfully believe that this kind of secret service agent behavior is Scientology, which it is not.

Your impostor and his wife wanted or still want Leah Remini to testify in their gold digger case against Scientology for reasons of effect on judges,  but I read something that she doesn’t want to be dragged into this. We’ll see. 

Leah said on TV that she googled “Scientology”. Despite David Miscavige pays professional services to keep my blog low in the search engine, it is highly unlikely that anyone who seriously googles the name “Mark Rathbun” or “Marty Rathbun” does not find my allegations that Monique’s husband is an impostor and that you (the first and original Marty) are missing and likely suffer somewhere wrongfully incarcerated for crimes you never committed.

Leah claims that Michelle Miscavige is missing who is NOT. But she does not claim that you are missing, Marty, but you are. So, what kind of “humanity” is that she is talking about? Wanting to free somebody who is free (Michelle Miscavige) but not helping somebody who disappeared but was replaced by an impostor agent: YOU, the original Marty? Gee! Of what kind of priorities is her “humanity”?  

I don’t demand from anyone to believe me. One look at the photos of you and your impostor tells the story very clearly.

These “exes” with the “humanity” also fail to speak about that L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, was replaced by an impostor and secret service agent. Again, nobody has to believe me, but at least one should compare photos. It is so easy to see. NOBODY WAS OR IS A SCIENTOLOGIST WHO KEEPS HER/HIS MOUTH SHUT ABOUT THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTOLOGY BEING REPLACED BY A CHEAP AGENT. Good people disappear and these non-Scientologists in the orgs and outside are keeping their mouths shut. This kind of “humanity” will reserve them a place in Catholic heaven? Goodness gracious!

Mike Rinder talking about “humanity” is a huge joke, considering that he, together with his partner in crime, Monique’s husband, and David Miscavige conceal the hiring of your impostor and leaving you behind, wrongfully incarcerated. They also conceal before the entire world that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and secret service agents and that even the founder disappeared and was replaced by the agent who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind. I don’t find the words how I am appalled of all this “humanity”!

Humanity means for them that they have all the rights including the rights to conspire against innocent persons and concealing the truth before the entire world. I am so “impressed” by that kind of “humanity”. How can they live with themselves?

I love you, Marty. Comes rain or shine. I don’t change my personality like chameleons as they do. Mine is real and yours too.  We were ourselves and we stay ourselves.   

COUNT ON ME! I’ll be there. I am proud not to be a flip-flopper. Flip-flopper do not just look like idiots, they are. Should  make their minds up before joining something. If something they joined changes to the worse, a thetan of value changes this bad development but it doesn’t flip-flop and turns in the opposite one stood before. These kind of people didn’t use their minds in the past and are also not using them in the presence and future.   

Yours forever,



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