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Giza pyramids again in the news

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Marty, I miss you so much. What a hellish planet is that, which swallows you and spits out an impostor and never lets you go?     

Scientists finally scanned the last of the still standing world wonder: the great pyramids of Giza. You may have read about this.  The result of the scanning showed a particularly impressive anomaly located on the Eastern side of the Khufu (biggest) pyramid at ground level, said the Egypt government.  They scientists are saying that is a small passage in the ground leading up to the pyramids ground, reaching an area with a different temperature but they don’t know what is behind it.

Several thermal anomalies were found in all the big pyramids, but one is particularly remarkable in the Khufu/Cheops pyramid.

I have two different emotions when I look at the great pyramids, Marty. One is awe because of greatness of this architectural master, the other emotion is somber that such a massive places of defense were necessary to keep those brutal people out who eradicate others. I am 100% sure that the pyramids were not built to serve as tombs. I also don’t agree with  presidential candidate Ben Carson who said that the pyramids were used to store grain. Or that it was built as an electrical power generator. I am sure that the great pyramids were built for reasons of DEFENSE against brutal people (who eradicated the old Europeans at the same time) and that there were water wells to keep people alive and healthy inside and under these pyramids.    

What do you feel when you look at the Great Pyramids? What is your intuition, Marty?   


There were also two Germans in 2013 who vandalized the pyramid and smuggled items from it. Allegedly, these Germans wanted to prove that history was wrongfully recorded. Yeah right. I bet the farm that it was German doing that the pyramids were robbed and wrongfully presented as tombs in the first place and their today’s agent don’t make anything better. Several wrongs make no right.

BTW, I read that presidential candidate Jeb Bush would kill Baby Hitler if he could travel back in time. What a thing is that to say? You and me, we would put Hitler on the right path or alternatively make sure that he won’t raise to any power and would convict these secret service psychiatrists who bring the worst out of people with their “technology” like hypnosis, e-shocks, mind-control, pills, etc.

Love and more love, Marty. 

Yours forever,






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