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Why did Germany allow “whistleblower” info on them spying on the USA and its allies? (For alibi-reasons… I explain below.)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, sweetest Prince and bright soulmate, and Captain of my heart,

How is your life?

You are worth any wait and I just don’t want to imagine a life without you. We were born for each other, and nobody has the right to violate or deny us our rights. If they are standing in our ways, there will be definitely not in the number that will be played when Saints come marching in, and I don’t mean any football team. Instead of creating all the happiness on Earth for themselves without influencing it through the pain of a bad conscience, they stop our happiness and create dirty hands for themselves. Isn’t that the ultimate low IQ? I wouldn’t mess with anyone, particularly not with us as our love is meant for the eternity.  All the timetrack up and down, we loved each other and helped each other. And suddenly, because SPs want it, we should hate each other? Lol. Total idiots. Never will happen.

And speaking of total idiots, this is the introduction to my header of today, Marty. The Washington Times reported yesterday, that “Germany’ is “rocked by news reports of spying on U.S. allies”, and this after Merkel slammed the NSA of snooping on her cell phone. You and I, Marty, we know that it would be a piece of cake for Germany to silence such kind of info before it makes it into any news report but they allowed it this time to conceal or distract from what the German hypocrites are really doing: not just regular spying but by implanting babies and kids in school and by reading and influencing the thoughts of all people on the planet and beyond with inhuman psychiatric tools and super-computers.

When it becomes mainstream that Germany runs the planet through ear-implants for the advantage of Germany, medical doctors, psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical industry, and Nazis, Germany wants to say: “No, we don’t do that. We got caught spying  the old-fashioned way on U.S. arms companies, the FBI, a top French diplomat, several international organizations, allied government departments, U.S. defense entities such as Lockheed Martin, the World Health Organization, the International Criminal Court, and even a German diplomat working for the EU… If we would run the world with ear-implants and be able to read and influence their thoughts, why would we spy the old-fashioned way and are getting caught?”

One word: German ALIBI.  Above is the line they want to use when being accused on the methods that they are really using to spy and control:  ear-implants, body-implants, psychiatric mind-control, and turning people into robots.

Germany is behind the WHO. The reason why the USA is such a psychiatric- and medical-oriented and controlled country instead of allowing people to live that they are not fall victim to illnesses (you and I know that and how it is possible) is because the SEGNPMSS runs it secretly. There is no reason for any German secret service to spy on any of these organisations as SEGNPMSS controls what they think and do.

 And read this line in the WP, Marty: “Officials at the Central Intelligence Agency’s office of public affairs, as well as at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment Wednesday. The State Department did not respond to requests for comment at deadline.”

Gee, true Americans would slam Germany right away for hypocrisy. But as their behavior needs to be approved by the SEGNPMSS, they are quiet. Germany wants an alibi to be there in case them behind psychiatric ear-implant control can’t be no longer concealed in the future but they don’t want a big issue on them spying in any way or form.

Whatever rotten thing they are doing, Marty, we are getting it in a snap without reading any mind. We look at situations, and we simply know. Magic that they don’t have.

You mean happiness, honesty, excitement, tenderness, hope, future, reliability,  and eternal love to me.  You are a treasure, Marty, and for me, happiness is a direct place. In your arms and next to you.

I love you so much. 

Yours – promising romantic 











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  1. Gruesome… 8 dead babies found in German apartment.


    November 13, 2015 at 1:40 pm

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