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French authorities ready to make the huge error not pulling the strings behind Salah Abdeslam/ISIS

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Dearest Marty, my heart throb, 

How are you? BTW, there was still no mail or any other message by you or on your behalf for me. Nothing is forwarded by anyone to me as Germany, the country with the most interest to separate us, runs anyone. However, our persistence to be together and our abilities to feel and know is be stronger than they running the world on a string against us.  They haven’t the slightest chance against our love. We are to two true people who let nothing become in between us. Period.                      (Now, go eat that psychs!) 

Marty, the French focuses on a Belgian by the name of Salah Abdeslam as the Paris terror masterminds. They say that he fought for ISIS. I think he is a psychiatric-controlled ring leader like Mohammed Atta was the ring leader for the September 11 terror attacks in the USA, but just like Hitler, Bin Laden, and other terror group leaders. But these (Manchurian candidates/sleepers) are getting their attack orders directly from the Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service. If the authorities just go after the symptoms and not the roots, the next horror will happen in the same or another country. When do the international authorities finally see this?

I saw a TV documentary recently, and somebody said: religion doesn’t make terrorists, politics does. And the opposition said: but the terrorists are Muslims. Well, again, people are failing to lift the curtains. Psychs want religions to be outlawed. Psychs want the world to worship medicine and psychiatry or how they call themselves now? neuro-scientists!  But there is nothing that a good person can admire.    

Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists’ Mindcontroller Secret Service implants ear-implants into all people to control them. In addition, they psychs condition numerous people into becoming terrorists and other killers.

Psychiatrists and the likes hate religions. They think when there is no religion, there will be no God either and nobody is holding them responsible for their atrocities. They think that their bad conscience goes away if they alter religion into something bad or eradicate religions completely. (Yes, they are lunatics because bad conscience will stay, and they deprive themselves of a happy life that they could have by living good lives and leaving others alone.)

Or, for example, if they can force religions to accept their insane ways and their perverted lifestyles, they think that consciences wouldn’t be no longer nagging. But they won’t get rid of the depressions and the self-hatred. They will feel worse and worse. Even if they ask a psych colleague to remove their consciousness to forget their criminal acts and perversions to make them feel better, it won’t work. The dirt will be subconsciously with them.  They will be deeply, deeply depressed, and hating themselves just no longer knowing why. They do anything but the right thing: becoming good people and granting others rights (and not just saying so but really doing so.) 

There are violent passages in the Koran but also the Bible, and you and me, Marty, we know that religious scriptures are psychiatric-altered. This is the first thing that barbers and butchers (the later psychiatrists) did to make a philosophy or religion go bad. Psychs also altered original Scientology. But most of the world does not blame psychiatrists because psychs control their thinking through the ear-implants, which they installed into them already when they were babies/little kids.

What gets me most, Marty, is that so people can’t wrap their heads around that scriptures are altered to pervert mankind. If they read a violent or perverted passage in what should be a religious guideline to living good lives, they immediately should be warned that this is no longer the original (if it EVER was created by a truly religious and ethical author). 

Germany and its secret service psychiatrists are using ear-implants to make so-called Muslims hate the USA. They are using so-called Muslims to execute psychiatric perversions. Muslims have to reject this simply by no longer obeying to these psychiatric secret service programs and dedicate their time to build peaceful societies and becoming the best they can. They also have to know that violent retaliation is psychiatric-ordered. These psychiatric case officers are not being hit when they retaliate. They are in secret locations. The best thing for any Muslim who finds out that he was used by Germany’s psychs is to HAVE THEM INTERNATIONALLY PROSECUTED. If all nations pull strings together, these psychs can be found, arrested, and judged before a court of law and held accountable.

After all psychs did to you, me, and our families, Marty, I often feel a strong urge too to kick their butts real hard. But nothing will be harder on them than having to work hard to pay back to those who they have harmed. This is a way to teach them a lesson. Each of them has to pay, pay, pay, pay back to each victim. If after a hard days work, they have to hand the pay to their victims, it might finally dawn on them how wrong their decisions was to become bad people. Anyone who was harmed should not forget that a VICTIM can become the VICTOR if he/she keeps thinking rationally.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed. You are a shiny light. I can feel your special thoughts. They are amazing.  With or without magic carpet, you are always welcome in my world, Marty. We will be happy. Very happy.

Yours forever,





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