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Cancer (and other diseases as for example heart diseases) are medical terrorism

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and precious soulmate,

How are you?  I gave up on my landline phone due to a 30 Dollar monthly price increase by my provider. Have a cell phone now. I don’t use phones very much. I rather email, etc.  You know why I can’t post my phone number online, but I would give you my number immediately, Marty.

You know that I claim that cancer is created by medical terrorists to sell pharmaceuticals and kill nevertheless. Medical terrorists use remote-controlled germs and simple radio technology to have cancer bacteria grow inside the bodies and destroying human and also animal bodies. 

Some researchers now say too that  cancer worldwide is completely man-made. (Although I doubt that they figured the part of the medical terrorism yet.) 

They examined hundreds of Egyptian mummies and found one with cancer. 

Some others say that mainly older people are getting cancer and people died young in former centuries.

I read an article that the 4,500-year-old bones of Siberian man were found with big marks and holes in his bones, and some researchers are thinking that this was the first case of cancer.  

After I read all that, I came to following conclusion:

Remote-controlled germs can destroy old bones also thousand years later. If medical terrorists want modern people to believe that cancer is not man-made, e.g. not made by medical terrorism with activating remote-controlled germs, they simply control germs now to attack these bones to make it look like an ancient “disease”.

4500 years ago, the old Europeans were completely eradicated. There is also a possibility that the killers back then knew how to remote-control germs to create cancer and other diseases.    

Be safe, Marty.

We won’t let evil off the hook. If they mess with us, they really are asking for troubles. We’ll find them and prosecute them in all eternity. Everything they do, tells that they have no human qualifications whatsoever.  They are monsters. They really are. 

I love you very much, my sweetheart. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Forever yours,





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