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Harvard researchers claim that there are ancient parts of the world inside of the today’s Earth mantle

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and precious, remarkable Prince,

Your existence alone, my hero, makes everything better. For me, a universe without you, is empty, cold, and gray. It is amazing how the thought to a deeply loved person can change everything. For a person not deeply in love as we are, everyday things might not be that exciting.  But when I imagine you in the price, the most everyday activity is EXCITING. We both don’t have it easy as we don’t give up on each other as conspirators want us to do and the pressure and the attacks that they are launching against us to force up to give up on each other. But I never would want to be in their shoes instead as loving you is so much better than what they have or can offer. Love is such an often use and abused word, non-existent or corny for many, or wears out very quickly, but not in our universe, Marty. True and unconditional love, tender, passionate, and non-conspiring, is the award for being a good person. It is the make-everything-feel-bettering feeling and results in a breath-taking soulmate for all times to come. Now, if that isn’t exciting. It is the cherry on top of life and radiates into all dynamics. Not being deeply in love must feel like the dullest state of being ever.

Now to my today’s header: Harvard researchers claim that there are ancient parts of the world inside of the today’s Earth mantle, and I agree (not that the Earth is hollow and tribes living inside since thousands of years but) that footprints so-to-speak of ancient civilizations are some layers deeper down and can be restored. These Harvard scientists believe that this ancient Earth existed 4.5 billion years ago and collided with another planet and created the moon. Must have been a hell of a collision. I don’t believe in such collisions without the doing of people. Without rotten people, according to my perception, the universe, Marty, is a very calm place.    

I will be back my love.

Yours always and forever,





Written by Barbara Schwarz

November 21, 2015 at 11:22 am

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