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German-controlled ear implants in Russian judges

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Dearest Marty, my precious hero,


According to international media, a Moscow court banned Scientology saying that it would be no religion. They didn’t study Scientology, so what do they know?

Germany’s psychiatric secret services try to wipe our religion from the planet by altering it. It is THEM who ordered that the founder of Scientology was replaced with a secret service agent and infiltrated by non-Scientologists. Russia should go after the right target not banning Scientology. 

Germany’s secret service scum ordered money-oriented content into Scientology. Germany wants to enrich itself on Scientology by grabbing all sea org reserves that are in Europe. Germany want Scientology, the applied philosophy that works and is good to either disappear or alternatively become a business of which  THEY can profit.

Russia (like other country) does Germany’s dirty work by banning Scientology.

We both figured it out. Wonder when the media and officials will finally catch up?

Be kissed, my sweet, sweet Prince and husband.

None light more magic than the light in your eyes, Marty, my forever shining star.

Yours forever,


You were always my kind and the only lover I am dreaming of, Marty. 


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