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The Mound Builders of America

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

I am thankful that you exist and that you are you the way you are. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I came across some articles about the Mound Builders. How interesting that there were people who built mountains in the USA. Above picture shows Poverty Point, named so in 1832; name has nothing to do with the original Mound Builders. You probably have heard of them a long time ago.

This civilization also vanished from Earth. Once again, historians say that it is not clear why. Our today’s historians usually try to blame it on the weather. Non-confront.

You know that I am convinced that the old Europeans were killed approx. 4500 years ago by a brutal force that replaced the former Europeans, a force that landed in Europe and that these monsters also killed other civilizations including the Mound Builders. This is so typical for a horrible planet as this one.

Amazing, isn’t it? The entrance is hard to see from a distance and attackers might think that there is just mountain scenery.


Here in short what I read about Mound Builders in North America: many of their mounds resembled pyramids in other countries and contained beautiful pottery and art.  Most however were plundered by the Europeans who arrived in America in the 16th to 17th century.  They say that the Mound Builders had no written language. I doubt it very much, Marty, I think evidence of that was removed before anything about the Mound Builders became public.

There is a controversy in regards to who exactly built these earth structures by carrying soil to a place until it is a mountain. Some say that the Indians built them, and some dispute it because the Indian lifestyle differed from what was found, e.g. living spaces inside of mounds. Some say that one of the lost tribes of Israel were the first Mound Builders. There is no doubt that they these builders were very much at home in North America and not just visitors. Some say that the Mound Builders were there before the Indians. I think a possibility is however that both civilizations built earth structures and used them for different purposes. 

I heard a historian say that the Mound Builders or Woodlanders worshipped the sun. Some of them maybe, but those who built these mounds for inside residential purposes knew likely that the sun and rays are aging, and they also wanted their homes blend into nature as camouflage to avoid being detected by those monsters who killed the former Europeans and other civilizations.

Some say that these mounds were burial places. Some maybe but I think that the SPs on this planet often left people where they killed them. Centuries later, people find the remains m and say that it was a burial ground when in fact people were murdered in that spot and that’s why they are there.  Or alternatively, they became later burial grounds, like the surroundings of Giza or Petra…         

The base of the biggest mound, Monk’s Mound is 14 acres, and I believe 100 feet high. That’s big. I learned that the Mound Builders played sophisticated accuracy games, surrounded their mounds with swamps and other defense measures. 


The purpose of these clay artifacts are also not know. Board games come to my mind when looking at them.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling and soulmate. I think that our timetracks are very alike because we were always drawn to each other.  

Yours forever,




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