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Another example of German greed: “Nefertiti” bust is in a German not an Egyptian museum (However, I am positive that this bust is a German forgery and not the Queen)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable husband and precious Prince,

It is getting cold here and all I want is snuggle up to you.

Germany rips off anything to shine with it and makes big money from it. Even forgeries of which most people don’t know that it is one. People travel to Germany instead to Egypt to leave tourist money in Germany instead of Egypt to look at the “bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti”, possibly the mother of  young King Tutanchamun of Pharoh Akhenaten who created a new religion (a religion devoted to a one god while accepting existence of other gods). So far so good, Marty, but I bet the farm that also his religion was altered by non-religious people like all religions in this medically German-controlled universe.

Back to Nefertiti. Her remains were never found as you know but instead, a German “archaeological expedition” dug in Akhenaten’s deserted city of Akhetaton and allegedly found this bust. I am sure that this bust was deliberately planted by Germany and is a forgery to fool the world, Marty, but also to enrich Germany. Twisted Hitler called the bust a German treasure despite Egyptian queens and kings have nothing to do with Germany, except that Germany re-wrote its history.  

Here is why I think that the bust is fake. Above is a picture of the alleged Nefertiti bust.  She lived approx. 1370 to  1330 BC but has clearly MALE TIMETRACK FEATURES.  She was a woman in that lifetime in which she modeled for the bust, and no doubt that she is good-looking, but the model for the Nefertiti bust exhibits clearly indicators that she had a male timetrack. Most of the time, I can see their gender timetracks right away when looking at people or pictures.

Some might say: OK then, maybe Queen Nefertiti was a man in former lifetimes, so what?

As you know, it is not normal to switch genders. The 2nd Dynamic is a very strong one and thetans identify with their genders. They don’t switch their genders unless they are tricked or forced into reincarnating into the opposite gender, which also is the reason for homosexuality. If psychiatric mind-control took place already in Egypt from 1370 to 1330 BC, it is of course possible that queens and other women were men in her former lifetimes.

However, I feel that this queen was a real woman and the bust is a forgery. Egypt should find the true history of Nefertiti and have a good laugh at that “Egyptian history” that Germany exhibits to enrich itself. Egyptian officials suspect these days two more chambers behind King Tut’s tomb and assume that the remains of Nefertiti are there.

“History” says that Pharoh Akhenaten  had another wife: Kiya. Maybe, maybe Nefertiti and Kiya were the same person as so little is know about Kiya. Germany controls the world with ear-implants and altered everything to its liking. The person who trust their data likely never finds truth.

Have a look at Kiya’s completely female features. No masculine feature whatsoever. 

Kyia not a past life guy

Kiya again, and her totally female features. She has a female body of her own choosing and is not a thetan with a male timetrack forced into a female gender like the German Nefertiti bust.  

Kyia I

Kiya looks like a  real proud woman with a completely female timetrack.

Interestingly, here is Nefertiti again, this time. Here, Nefertiti  has no masculine features like the bust; she has completely female features and looks exactly like Kiya.

more female

I bet the farm that the Nefertiti bust in Berlin is a German forgery from around 1912.  To make it more believable as an antique, Germans scratched out one of the bust’s eyes. I know the German, particularly the Bavarian mind and how it works. 

 I know that you can see the differences too. I love you, Marty. Be kissed my hero and Prince. 

In this relief, Nefertiti allegedly kisses one of her daughters. Huh? It looks like a man is kissing a woman, like Pharoh Akhenaten is kissing his wife Nefertiti.    













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