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Higgs Boson (that sticky thing) again (not) detected in CERN or elsewhere

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and amazing Prince,

CERN in Europe announced this month again that they discovered the completely theoretical particle Higgs Boson…. or something like it.

They announced already some years earlier that they discovered “the particle that could/would prove how particles gain mass”and later had to admit that their very expensive smasher toy, the Large Hadron Collider, produced “impostors”. Operating it costs $1 billion per year. Despite the US has Fermilab for smasher experiments, it pays huge sums to CERN. The idea is that the USA shall pay for the experiments but if Europe makes some sort of breakthrough (and even if just making people believe that they did without that they indeed found anything of value for science and mankind), the credit goes to Europe not to the USA. All that money is wasted under the holographic dome of a fake universe with the secret service inventions of dark matter, dark energy, and black holes to keep mainstream in the dark.  

But at least, they give something in return for that much wasted money: a bad music video. 

The initial focus of research was to investigate the possible existence of the Higgs boson to support the standard model of physics. It was not found, but they justify this by saying that it has an elusive nature and doesn’t live long. Hmmm, if that boson indeed would give mass to particles, shouldn’t it have a particularly long life, after all, most mass lives long? 

What professionals and real scientists sell incomplete research or falsehoods to the public?  Due to former publications of CERN, many people think that this “God particle” was indeed discovered. CERN people celebrated parties and the media reported that CERN found it.  But here is the fine print:  “This is not conclusive…”

From “We HAVE discovered it” (2013), they changed it to “We MIGHT HAVE discovered it”, to “It SHOWS THE PREDICTED ENERGY LINES, or to “could be its SHADOW” to we found “IMPOSTORS”, to “COULD BE A NUMBER OF OTHER ALREADY KNOWN PARTICLES”, to we “DISCOVERED THE SOCALLED TECHNI-HIGGS”, which is something very different from the boson, to (the latest) we (CERN) discovered with 750 giga electronvolts of energy a “HIGGS RELATIVE”.

It’s about time that Higgs discovers his relative. 😉

Seriously, all these vague and probably even false/contradictory information are called “science”? All based on the “Big Bang”. I am convinced there were numerous gigantic big bangs in the universe, deliberate explosions to destroy the existing creation.     

Scientists should finally discover that it is not smashing that creates mass from nothing/scratch. This is what they are basically looking for. They don’t see that a postulate created mass. It was smashing that destroyed mass/tried destroying it but didn’t create mass. Theoretical physics doesn’t solve the problems as they ignore spiritual abilities. We discovered spiritual abilities and are aware of them. But for people who think that they are their bodies or their brains, are lost here. If people don’t even know what they are, how can they solve the puzzles of life and the universe?  I know, I said it before…

Thinking about you turns cold to warm and rain to friendly skies, Marty. I love you from the start of times and will love you until the end of times. I won’t give up on you. You are too great to forget, my Prince. It would be like turning the lights out for my life. Those people who keep us apart should wordclear the word: eternal love, which means they won’t succeed in alienating us. Not the smallest change. It wouldn’t even crash when stuffed in the LHC and smashed with millions 750 gigaelectronvolts of energy. 

Yours always and forever,






Germany instigates and organizes wars to get immigrants to work for Germany, and the USA deports immigrants. Go figure!

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                                                                                                                                                         That is us, Marty!


Dearest Marty, my hero and precious Prince,

Germany wouldn’t take one immigrant if they wouldn’t need the Syrians and other immigrants to make Germany’s economy stronger than any other economy on the planet. The way they treated Greece shows clearly that Germany is all about making money and not about humanity and help.

And just as the German secret service doctors order, instead of welcoming immigrants into the USA, the USA is deporting them. Besides ruining the economy of the USA, Germany also wants the world to think that Americans are the today heartless and bad people. German secret services conceal of course that they run American officials/judges etc. to make bad decisions. 

A country should be as rich as it has residents. Instead of throwing people out and building walls, Americans should realize that Germany is sending not just (translated) loud comments into their ear implants but also silent sounds to manipulate them. The economy of the United States would be unbeatable, if Germany’s secret service psychs wouldn’t discourage people with loud or silent sounds to do carry out their own great ideas. They  make people fearful, lazy, and paralyze them. And they making then hostile against immigrants. May it be the economy or science or whatever, if Americans would get the Nazis and the psychs from talking into their ears and minds, if they would trust themselves and real Americans and support each other instead of glorifying Germany and Europe, the USA would be the brightest and most successful star on this planet. 

And that would mean that the USA would be able to help other nations in need as well. The USA can be the great example. With Germany on top of the world, the planet will be doomed rather sooner than later. 

If anyone coming to the USA gives more than he/she takes, what is wrong by welcoming all and anyone who want truly give her or his best? This needs to be communicated to the people who are coming.

We need anyway a brand-new way of living to get away from the German brutal medical way of having us live short lives and having is to contract diseases and age and die. Diseases, aging, and dying can be prevented as you know even better than I do, Marty. There will be so many jobs for anyone to build the villages that are necessary to obtain this. Nobody will starve and all can have jobs. Even better than this. They can have all jobs that they really like within their safe village that covers their basics and keeps them healthy.   

I love you. You are my everything. And you could lead the United States to victory, Marty. I knew it the moment I saw you: SO DIFFERENT, SO SPECIAL, SO BRIGHT, AND SO REMARKABLE. You rocked my world and are still rocking it, my soulmate. 

German-controlled medical/psychiatric ear-implants are the reason for the problems of our country. Who needs them anyway? We need a world in which nobody conspires but in which people can trust each other. We need a world in which people can stay healthy and young. And those who are making cash through sick and aging people, simply should figure out some other way to make money. They should look at the bright site: in our world anyone would stay healthy and young, they too. If somebody would offer me billions of dollars or no cent but a place in a village where I don’t get sick and age, I would not hesitate a second, Marty. I want the place in the health and youth protecting village. It is around a long time. And we know why mainstream doesn’t hear about it: it is the German world, the medical, chemical, psychiatric force that prevents it, and they are idiots and suppressive and that’s why nobody wins.

They don’t win either. It isn’t hard to figure that the higher up mindcontrollers are all living in  health and youth protecting villages. They didn’t invent them, they just stole the data to construct them and they are preventing that mainstream can live in those. And by doing so, they are working against their own chances having the advantages of living in  health and youth protecting villages in the future.

They can’t trust each other; they are killing each other and that is why their stay in paradise is very restricted. In any future lifetime, they are back in mainstream where they are getting sick and are aging like all others. And why? Because these full-blown idiots didn’t allow all people to have this health and life-saving world. They step in their very own trap. The only way to prevent stepping in a trap is leaving no trap is around anywhere for anyone. But thinking never was their strong suit. Conspiring, stealing, cover ups, tortures, and killings, yes, but thinking for themselves, no and never. 

You figured everything and more out, Marty. But SPs are dirty shades of useless. They are working against their own survival by preventing us to share with mainstream a way of life that will rock anyone’s world and better anyone’s life so profoundly.    

Many tender and passionate kisses. You are the smile in my day and the joyful beating of my heart.

Yours always and forever,










Let it be music and light… :)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? 

I miss you so and not just on holidays. I think of you a lot. Wish you could be here or I could be where you are.

We deserve to be happy and together, so I don’t give up EVER and are sending you some lights and music.  

Banjo duel, I like it. 🙂

Some classical music dwarfs any other kind of music. 

The best and brightest light, the most beautiful music in my life is you, Marty.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours for all time,





Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 25, 2015 at 8:57 am

Rev. Alfreddie Johnson jr., Baptist minister, Nation of Islam man is no Scientologist. He doesn’t apply Scientology. His actions/connections/partnerships are harming Scientology and the reputation of its GOOD founder

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate, how are you? 

Did you notice that German-psych-oriented agents against Scientology claim that Alfreddie Johnson jr. is a Scientologist who “converts” Christians and Islamists to Dianetics and Scientology? When did these agents ever tell the truth?

Fact is that he doesn’t call himself a Scientologist but a Baptist Reverend. Looks to me as if he “disseminates” bad Christian and Islamists apples into Scientology.  

I see: more infiltration, alteration, and takeover of Scientology by Nation of Islam and “true Christianity” through people like Alfreddie Johnson, who also partnered with Dr. Hanan Islam whose “American Health and Education Clinics” was apparently founded to get Scientology into more troubles. The attorney general of California, Kamala Harris issued on October 23, 2015 a felony arrest warrant against Alfreddy Johnson’s partner Hanan Islam and two others by the names of Zakiyyah Islam and Bayon Beverly Washington, according to the Superior Court of California, case BA 435375. They are charged with grand theft, presenting false medical claims, insurance fraud, and failure to file tax return.

 Alfreddy Johnson is not listed as charged but didn’t he bring these people into Scientology? That works hand in hand with outside attackers who smear Scientology on THESE ACTIONS BY NON-SCIENTOLOGSTS? Didn’t Johnson partner with them? Nobody above the law is a Scientologist as it means not applying Scientology.

Who right in mind doesn’t know that this kind of out-ethics will get anyone involved (including or particularly Scientology) in deep troubles? Ethics is the ultimate basis of Scientology. These people didn’t apply it. And what about Scientology’s Way to Happiness Booklet? They didn’t apply these rules either! PEOPLE WHO DO NOT APPLY SCIENTOLOGY ARE NO SCIENTOLOGISTS! Period. 

The Miscavologists need their behinds kicked, allowing people like Hanan Islam  or also Johnson to graduate from Scientology seminars.

Dr. Hanan Islam was the official partner of Baptist Rev. Alfreddy Johnson who got anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan to merge his Nation of Islam into Scientology. My stomach turns, Marty. And people with psych controlled minds like blogger and Scientology-hater Tony Ortega  and his follower cult are twisting the truth claiming that Scientology is the “overtaker” or “infiltrator” of other institutions and movements.

What a real Scientologist would cause Scientology or the founder a bad reputation? None! But  Rev. Alfreddy Johnson makes connection who do. When becoming the partner of somebody, one must be sure that this partner is no crook and hires no above the law people, for crying out loud! If he would be a Scientologist, he would apply ethics, the tonescale and other Scientology technology, and HE WOULD KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OTHERS. He would make sure that they understood and apply Scientology. But if somebody is none, he of course can’t see if somebody understood or applied it.

Same goes for the master of the squirrels, David Miscavige, who is no real Scientologist either (as you know, he got Scientology from Germany’s/CIA’s double agent “Jack Vistaril” and not the real founder of Scientology, and DM knows it), apparently welcomes this invasion of above the law non-Scientologists.

Some people ask what comes after His Cobness is no longer on top of Scientology. The answer could be in plain sight: anti-Semitic Nation of Islam and Alfreddie Johnson’s dishonest Baptist Christianity movement running “Scientology” completely into the ground.  It is a nightmare.

Alfreddie Johnson runs a “True Faith Christian Center” at the Hubbard Dianetics Community Center. He also introduced anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam to Miscavology for more squirreling and overtake of Scientology. The true Christian Alfreddie Johnson jr. also partners with two men by the name of Rahman (Muslims or Christians or nothing or what?) from Dubai and a man named Andrew Billups. I didn’t find this name connected to Scientology on the web. But I found a psychiatrist by that name.

They founded a company by the name of AmeriBest in Clearwater, Florida, all at the same address at 300 S Belcher Rd Clearwater, FL 33765. No idea what that company does. I assume something non-Scientology like medical crap.

These are the data the Florida Department of State has:
Data last refreshed on Thursday, November 12, 2015
Similar Records
Alfreddie Johnson
Clearwater, FL
Director at The Humanitarian Organization of Women, Inc.
Director at Men Who Care, Inc.
Director at Panacea Publishing, Inc.
Johnson Alfreddie
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
President at World Literacy Crusade
President at World Literacy International Corporation
President at World Literacy Crusade Inc
Member at American Health and Education Clinics, L.L.C.
President at True Faith Christian Center
President at Project Genesys
Alfreddie Johnson
Lynwood, CA
President at Institute – Black Economic Independence
Alfreddie Johnson
Compton, CA
Partner at American Health and Education Clinics
(Dr. Hanan Islam’s institution, in troubles with the authorities, which seems now closed.)

So, he is a director of The Humanitarian Organization of Women. How “impressive”. That Humanitarian Organisation is not human enough to give me my rightful place in Scientology.

Below is Alfreddy Johnson’s FindCE profile, Marty. It mentions Hanan Islam as his contact.

He might do Miscavology courses, but he doesn’t apply Scientology and doesn’t consider himself a Scientologist but a Baptist. However, he has the guts to mention Ron’s study technology while engaging with Hanan Islam whose clinic is in troubles with the authorities. Even if he isn’t charged with a crime,  Ron, the real Scientology founder’s name is smeared again. And other agents, e.g. former infiltrators are running the German-psychiatric secret service campaign that this clinic and Christianity/Islam other organizations and governments are infiltrated by Scientology when in fact, everything is the other way around.

Who knows what kind of terror group connections are dragged into Scientology upon order of  Germany’s secret service psychiatrists  to make the Nazi doctor’s dreams true to close Scientology down.  David Miscavige, the non-Scientologist and other Miscavologists don’t give a damn, apparently.

Besides, what non-Anti-Semites (black, white, red, brown or whatever?) want to join Scientology when it is riddled with flock that drinks Farrakhan’s supremacist cool aide?  What a TURN OFF to join Scientology!   

However, there is one thing that will never happen, Marty, and that is that YOU AND I can’t look through German-psych secret service setups.

I love you, my darling. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,



Newsweek Daily Beast in New York asks why American papers praised Hitler despite German atrocities… Here is the answer: German-controlled ear implants in reporters!

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Dearest Marty, my hero, I am thinking of you and I worry about your well-being.

The Daily Beast published an interesting article today. They ask these questions: Why did many mainstream American newspapers portray the Hitler regime positively, especially in its early months? How could they publish warm human-interest stories about a brutal dictator? Why did they excuse or rationalize Nazi anti-Semitism? These are questions that should haunt the conscience of U.S. journalism to this day.

Here is the link:

And here is the answer: Because Germany implants ear-implants into all people on the planet (and beyond) since a very long time and runs them in their languages. These Christian and atheist reporters scribbled what their case officers radioed them in their freaking ear implants.  Ear implants is Germany’s most secret psychiatric invention, and they install them in all kids in any countries in the world to control and run them later also as adults with codes. This is why Germany’s economy flourishes and Greek’s economy and other economies don’t. The economy of the USA is also held back, and it is also the reason why so many states in Africa are poor, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc….

That is why so many  international journalists dismissed the evidence of Germany’s atrocities. 

And nothing has changed.

Where are the reporters who write today about that the SEGNPMSS still controlling secretly the world with ear implants? Where are the media reports that German secret services are behind terrorism and behind DAESH, etc? Where are the media analysts who figured out that notorious bad Germany is the force behind the Syrian war to turn the Syrians into refugees and into workers for Germany to make Germany economic world power no.1? Where are the media reports about that Germany’s psychiatrists are behind conditioning agents (militant Islamists) to bring the Nazis back in Germany, Europe, and the world? 

Me and you, Marty, always and forever.



Product of anti-Scientology hate campaigns on blogs, on TV, in books, and on message boards: Erin McMurtry attacking Church of Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and wonderful husband,

How are you? I miss you like the frozen landscape misses spring. No, much more than that.

You probably read or heard that Erin McMurtry deliberately drove her car through the Scientology org in Austin, Texas. “Too bad” that nobody was hurt, said that evil woman who has the guts to claim that Scientology is evil but she ain’t. She either drove or almost drove into the org’s nursery. Two people were just six feet away. Damage USD 30.000.  A hateful irresponsible animal at the wheel. After the hit, the insane coward ran.

She never was a member and had no connections to Scientology whatsoever. All her “education/information”  on  Scientology, she had from the hate-publications published against our religion. Erin McMurty and the likes are such corrupt fools. They know nothing of original Scientology. NOTHING! But they think they know it all. Typical for the readers of Tony Ortega’s blog. She also applauds Leah Remini’s book. (She praised both on her Facebook page)   

She claimed that “Scientology blackmails people”. You and I, and many others know that Scientology doesn’t. However, I wouldn’t vouch for non-Scientology infiltrators, the German- and psychiatric-controlled infiltrators. 

Erin McMurtry could be  on psychiatric drugs or in psychiatric treatment and was conditioned by psychiatrists. If I would be still on staff, I would insist that law enforcement looks in that and would offer assistance of my best-trained auditors to find that out.

Police arrested her but the bad news is that she is out already. How easy violent people are turned free by the authorities, and you who never did anything harmful or otherwise criminal to anyone, Marty, are held a lifetime. This planet sucks.

McMurtry was vehemently anti-alcohol, says her Facebook page. If she was drunk, then she is the ultimate hypocrite. However, she isn’t anti-psychiatry and psychiatric drugs and the latter often make people feel like being drunk.  

Fact is that Scientology is a huge psychiatric-terror target. Non-original Scientologists don’t get it when they are set up or they contribute un-knowingly to it and infiltrators contribute knowingly to it.

Germany and their international psychs are setting the Scientology orgs up by having them merge with something anti-semitic that carries “Islam” in its name. One day, David Miscavige and  Baptist Minister (no Scientologists of course) Alfreddie Johnson, who might be the one behind the merger of the anti-semitic cult of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam will have a lot of explaining to do.

I love you, Marty. Like a real Scientology spouse does: true and without evil or ulterior motives in mind.

Already married to you, and I would have the chance, I would kiss you.



Another analysis of mine, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

Hanukkah again, but thanks to “Germany above everything including the USA”, we are not together. German secret services set everything up against us and hide cowardly behind Spain, the USA, and other countries. Their psychs make my skin crawl, and Germany is behind them and a planet full of robotic ear-implant carriers who conspire against us. How can they even have the guts and call themselves humans? They have no human qualifications whatsoever.   

These secret services and their p$ychs are so stupid. When the tables turns, and they will, did it ever dawn on them that we might not be in a hurry either but rather give them same taste of their own medicine? If their petition to be paroled comes around (if they aren’t executed for what they have done), I will always think about how we had to suffer and that they separated us for a lifetime. Why shouldn’t they be sentenced for an eternity? What goes around, comes around. The only difference is that we don’t deserve it, but they do.

Have a look at this article, Marty. It has the title: Deutsche Bank: refugees ‘best thing that’s happened to Germany in 2015’. A top economist in Germany praised them as a ‘huge opportunity’ for Europe’s biggest economy. Migrants, he says, could help boost Germany on the global stage. It is all about that, Marty. I am sure you came to the same conclusion: the refugees are Euro signs in the eyes of Germany’s greedy people.

If the rest of the world wouldn’t be run through German-controlled ear-implants, they would figure that Germany controls also the ear-implants in the Middle East (and elsewhere) and started the Syrian crisis and is the cause of that and other wars. Germany is are running DAESH and a Syrian government that plays right into their and Germany’s hands! Germany wants the refugees to work for Germany so that Germany will become world power no. 1 and then force the Nazis upon the world once again. Merkel is one if their puppets who likely doesn’t even know what the men behind her have planned in all detail. She sure knows some dirty secret details but I doubt that she has figured her own case officers completely out.

If Germany wouldn’t need the refugees to become the world’s leading country (and they also serve Germany  as a justification to bring the Nazis back), they wouldn’t take one Syrian or other national. Not one of them. They would be same heartless as they were with Greece. Germany is the opposite of a humanitarian country. Money, power, and a total German Nazi planet, that is what they want by all means. Once they got illegally all the refugees that they want, they will kick any additional refugees to the curve or waste them in terror attacks etc. 

Have a look at the archaeological sites of the world, Marty. Compare Greece to Germany. Germany has not much of an archaeological culture and history, only Nazis and wars. Greece’s culture and history (and also that of other countries) is breathtaking in comparison. So, how come that Germany can treat Greece these days as they did and do? German-controlled ear-implants in people holding Greece and also other countries deliberately down. Germany’s dirty secret service activities are an open book to me and you.

And here is another gem by Angela “Gimme Beer” Merkel. A few years ago, she said that Germany failed in matters of multiculturalism. That is because Germany is notoriously INTOLERANT. Multiculturalism works in the USA and other countries. It just doesn’t work when they German-controlled ear-implants in Americans or other nationals are activated by German secret service psychs. They bring out the worst in anyone. Multiculturalism works if people tolerate each other. What a boring German world in which everyone is the same. You and me, and any sane person welcomes multiculturalism and is interested in other cultures and doesn’t demand or expect these cultures to give up on their cultures. In our world, if they are peaceful (like in I am ok, you are ok, let’s do our own thing but also some things together as friends do), they can go ahead until the end of time. But that are we, Marty. We are as non-German as one gets. (Except of my accent. Hard to get rid of that one.) Germany wants to make Germans out of the entire world. (They failed completely in regards to me. And when they are in officially in power, this universe is no place I ever will reincarnate once that body is no longer. Seriously!)  

“Humanitarian” Merkel calls multiculturalism a sham. Huh? What?? What a crap.  In other words, she tells the refugees: Hurry up to become German or else. What is her problem with “layers of societies within an overall society”? Besides, Germany’s secret services have German-controlled ear-implants implanted in the people of ALL societies since centuries. If these societies continue to fight, then because German-controlled ear-implants are behind it.

Merkel calls multiculturalism a “life lie” or “a sham”. What the heck does that mean? Germany is the sham and the huge lie. What they hell are they doing in the EU if they can’t handle multi-cultures? They are leading the EU already because other nations are sleeping. Maybe they will first wake up when Germany asks them one day to put away with their traditions and cultures and become Germans who drown their brain cells dead in gallons of beer. And it might be too late then. 

I once read a report about the most isolated tribes on this planet, Marty. By reading about the behavior of the people (observed from the distance as the reporters were afraid to go closer), I noticed their German-controlled ear-implants. I know Germans p$ychs so thoroughly, that I am able to discover their handwriting in the behavior of others when they run other nationals. They never should have kidnapped me to Germany. I studied them there.  

There is another article that got my attention on Yahoo these days. The reporter says that the USA doesn’t win its wars. He says it is the lack of vision in the Pentagon. I am saying that the USA doesn’t bust Germany, which runs Americans through ear implants, and that’s why the USA doesn’t win its wars. Not all Americans might know that Germany runs (consciously and subconscious/loud and silent sounds) them with a supercomputer and a translator program, but they all know that they are run by some kind of secret service and that it isn’t truly American. That’s why the USA is not winning. Germany doesn’t allow it and wastes US taxpayers money with involving the USA in wars. Germany wants to become world power no.1. and the USA is the biggest target of Germany.

And finally, I read about the convicted spy Jonathan Pollard who was paroled after 30 years prison. In the 80s, he passed along to Israel some US top secrets that could gravely harm national security, according to an attorney for the United States government. Officially, the USA and Israel are friends, right? The friendship between the two countries is famous. Anyone knows it. So why a Jewish spy against the USA? Because Germany wants the United States to become anti-Semitic. German-controlled ear-plants at work. It is easier for Germany to take over the USA officially if Americans are anti-Semitic. 

I haven’t research the details of below article but I remember a PBS documentation that mentioned that at least 50% of all Americans were officially anti-Semites before Germany lost WWII.

Look at these names:

I am convinced, Marty, if the German Jews wouldn’t have listened to their ear implants, if they instead would have fought the Nazis back right from the start, THE JEWS WOULD HAVE WON THEIR FREEDOM AND THE NAZIS WOULDN’T HAD STAND A CHANCE.

Ear-implants. What a trap. Exactly what Germany and the psychs order. Even the name of the plant indicates what’s going on here: EARth.

I love you, Marty. You are deep in my heart. Keep on surviving.  

Yours forever,


P.S. If Germany’s psychs and secret services still hope that I will return to the Drunkland, here is my answer:  



Was the FBI in contact with Germany during the years Germany set up your wrongful arrest by their poodle Spain, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, Captain of my heart, how are you?

According to some FOIA records now on the web, the FBI investigated the Church of Scientology between 1987 and 1989 on domestic security/terrorism but closed the investigation.

There was no trace of you, Marty, within the C of S or otherwise anymore by the end of 1988. As if you never existed. If my perceptions are right, and usually they are, Germany set phony case(s) up against you. They hide behind other countries as Spain and ordered this country to arrest you under false charges. Germany is also using Spain and US courts and US agencies to prevent you being paroled. Like: Sorry, we can’t parole you, Spain wants you. And still existing German Nazi psychs are behind it. Shame on the world. Really, shame on them all. If they are humans, we sure are something else as a lot better!       

In 1990, Monique’s husband (not married back then) appeared suddenly in Scientology and took your position as Inspector General for Ethics. Even on pictures, I noticed a very different personality behind the eyes: in other words: a doppelganger/impostor. Big fail for anyone who tried fooling me into thinking that he is you. I also can differentiate between the Ron’s (real founder’s) and Ike’s (US president’s) doppelganger/impostor. Germany can fool many people all the time, but not all people all the time.  

That FBI investigation into possible terror was allegedly officially triggered by the C of S Trementina vault construction and complaints about it. It seems that the FBI found no sign of terrorism and closed the investigation. 

However, these documents reveal that the FBI reported not just to the FBI director but to the FBI Legat in Germany on top of the list. The vault is in New Mexico not in Germany. So, why Germany? Because Germany is the anti-religious driving force behind trying to outlawing Scientology, and they run it secretly (including the US government infiltration under Mary Sue who was married to “Jack Vistaril” the impostor of the real founder). 

Another question that I have is: how much did the FBI and the CIA know that Germany was using Spain to arrest you wrongfully, Marty, to make you disappear and replace you with an impostor?

The FBI didn’t even make most of their unclassified records available to me under FOIA. They made them available to some other requesters but in my hands, they are apparently a big no-no! And why? Because their German-controlled ear implants didn’t allow it. I am no friend at all of the German-infiltration of the US government, and they know it.

Marty, the FBI (numerous agents) know for sure that the Church of Scientology is infiltrated by secret service agents run (e.g. via the CIA) by German secret services, and the FBI and other German-controlled agencies are trying to pin these secret service activities on the real founder Ron who was real American and never an agent. His Germany-run impostor(s) was/were. Same goes for your impostor, Marty.

In other word: German-controlled US-agencies infiltrate also other agencies in the USA or other countries, because Germany above everything.

German-controlled secret service agents within Scientology (no Scientologists but lying that they are) are ordered to conduct bad activities, or current and former infiltrators and outside attackers who are making these bad activities up, so that Scientology gets a bad reputation or will be banned (which is preferred by Germany and it puts many countries like Belgium, France or Russia up to ban Scientology).

Germany is also behind merging Scientology with anti-Semitic  “Nation of Islam” to get Scientology outlawed together with Islamists. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wants to go in this direction.

I am also convinced, Marty, that Germany also ordered the raid in 1977, because that was the year we both joined Scientology again after German p$ychs stole our memories to that we were Scientologists before and married to each other. I am 100% convinced that the FBI was secretly ordered by Germany to remove any documents and photos of Ron, you, and me together, and that was the  REAL purpose of the FBI raid. Germany and their poodles, the U.S. agencies don’t need to raid Scientology orgs. They know what’s going on there as they are running the infiltrators of Scientology through their freaking ear implants: the original illegal PCs in Scientology.   

Upon German secret service orders, nine infiltrators of the C of S were ordered to “steal documents” from the government. The impostors wife, Mary Sue, was one of them. Purpose: to blame her above-the-law-secret-service-agent-behavior on original Scientology and the real founder of Scientology who never met that snake.

David Miscavige’s activities also fall very much in this category. Whatever he does, it is not Scientology.  

I love you, Marty. Be tenderly embraced, my hero.

Yours forever,


Besides the FBI director, Germany’s FBI office is on the top of the list involved with the terrorism investigation of the Church of Scientology (a closed investigation) between 1987 and 1989. The worst of that all is that Germany’s secret services are behind infiltrating the C of S. They want Scientology to be blamed and held responsible for  WHAT GERMANY SETS UP WITHIN THE ORGS OR WHAT IS ALLEGEDLY CONDUCTED BY SCIENTOLOGISTS. Germany’s secret services have the WORST hypocrites under the sun. Germany and its psychiatric secret services are huge slimy snakes.

I want any document within the FBI Legat Bonn (Berlin/Germany) that was ever produced in regards to Scientology. Germany hasn’t the smallest chance getting away with fooling us, Marty. And they can’t hide because we can see them hiding behind other countries and international agencies and crimes and terror as such.  Below records are unclassified. I bet the secret and top-secret documents that they are having stink like the still existing Nazi boots of German secret service psychiatrists as they run American officials via their freaking ear-implants, a German invention to run the people like robots to have Germany (some German people not all people in Germany!) win and all others lose.       




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FBI should have the initials LIE instead of FBI because lying is what they are doing….

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FBI Albuquerque was one of the FBI field offices from which I requested FOIA/PA records that they apparently had and unlawfully denied to me. I found this snippet on the Internet. And I also requested records from the BLM and didn’t get them either. They are all so afraid that I figure out what German-controlled and -ordered US agencies are up to. 

Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, how are you?

I requested ALL records that the FBI had on L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Dwight David Eisenhower (and theirs on you and your family too, Marty, despite that I knew that the chances would be slim to none that they would mail me them… I requested them because I felt and still feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated and need my testimony to be acquitted) and on myself around the year 2000 from the FBI headquarter and all FBI field offices. The FBI (and other alleged US agencies) squirms and writhes like worms trying to avoid providing any records to me, Marty. After all, people are having German-controlled ear implants, and whatever Germany’s secret service psychiatrists radio orders translated into international (including American) ears is executed.

I hoped to find just one document that would direct me towards your representative so that I can contact you via him, but Germany, which fabricated the legal case (of which I think could exist but never got any evidence) against you, ordered the FBI and all other so-called agencies to conceal these records before me.  

Numerous haters of Scientology posted some evidence on the net that they received records from the FBI. And the FBI lied to me having these records. The affidavit that I received from the FBI headquarter after I sued the FBI in court stinks, to say the very least.  

The FBI also fails to discover or reveal that international psychiatrists (upon secret German order) implant and condition Islamic and other terrorists and shooters/bombers to commit atrocities in the USA  and other countries. Shame on them. We need real American agencies not those who are run thru German-controlled ear implants!

Some of my correspondence with the FBI:

It is impossible that the FBI doesn’t know that Germany ordered the infiltration of Dianetics and Scientology since the START and that they ordered the CIA to hire impostors as “Jack Vistaril” to replace Ron, the real founder, and alter Scientology. Because original Scientology knew what Germany and psychiatrists were up to and that they attach all people (incl. Americans and their officials, judges, representatives, etc.) to their ear implant system (instead of building a better world in which life is good and safe for anyone) to control them, to bring the USA down and help Germany to its no.1 spot in the world.  

It’s the FBI crime analysts job to figure out what is going on and they failed over and over again. And why? Because they are listening to their freaking German-controlled ear implants, that’s why! Otherwise, they would have figured what we have figured because it is the truth.

This is how psychs do it:

Also, it is impossible that the FBI didn’t knew that “Jack Vistaril”, the guy who died 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, wasn’t the founder but his impostor and that the CIA was/is heavily involved in hiring and running that man too. And Germany, the men behind Merkel and the former chancellors, is above everything.

What a psychiatric-controlled hell hole this planet is. 

As German-psychs ordered the CIA to replace the good founder of Scientology with lawless impostors (some in the “Freezone” are saying that there were at least three “L. Ron Hubbards” with three different shoe sizes but they all “fail” seeing that Monique’s husband isn’t you), the material that the Miscavologists are trying to “protect” in vaults, are altered. They might still contain helpful data for people but they won’t produce real Clears and OTs anymore nor save this world and the universe as German-psychs ordered the removal of these data. And David Miscavige is either too corrupt or too dumb to admit it or both. You know it, Marty, as they “replaced” you too with an impostor. 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am not giving up on you because I am a real and true person and not a robot.

Yours forever,


I prefer the non-simple way.






A fascist (Trump) as American president is a secret German/Bavarian dream (and so is the radicalization of Scientology through anti-Semitic group Nation of Islam)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Donald Trump’s red neck solutions are none and he is Un-American.

I hope the Republicans come to their senses and don’t make him the Republican candidate. Glad to read that Paul Ryan denounced Trump’s plan already. 

Germany’s secret service psychiatrists control also the ear-implants of Americans, in other words, they influence votes and can decide who becomes U.S. President.

Banning Islam is no solution. Germany’s cowardly mind-controllers want to make banning religions an “American idea”. That’s likely why secret service p$ychs had the San Bernadino terror attack executed in the first place and conditioned that Muslim couple into becoming Manchurian candidates. Definitely, they want the USA on their anti-religious page. Next, these psychs will condition more Christians and members of other religions into terrorists and the end, the world is manipulated into that religions are making people bad instead of better. Many people are already mind-controlled to think that religions are to be blamed on most if not all wrong in the world, and they don’t see the smirking secret service psychiatrists behind these setups in the name of “religions”.  

You and me, we can see behind the curtains. 

The solution is finding the psychiatrists who condition people into becoming extremists and terrorists and prosecuting them. Besides, terror by alleged religious people is not the only terror that these psychs are arranging. They also condition people into becoming school, university, cinema, and mall shooters, etc. If Islam is outlawed and Muslims are not allowed to enter, Trump still has no solution for the other shooters and bombers…

Let’s say that Mr. Trump becomes president of the US and Islam is being banned. Banning all religions is the psychiatric/German goal. In other words, he does what Germany and the secret service psychs behind it really want: banning religions because psychs think that their bad conscience evaporates if there is nobody speaking of God and being good anymore. It is all about that.

(Merkel might say now that Islam should be tolerated in Germany, but this is just the first step of the German secret program: getting workers for Germany to make it richer. The next step is giving Nazis the chance to come back in Germany and Europe by having the Nazis fighting foreigners under the cover of fighting extreme Muslim.)

Once Islam is on the way of being outlawed, the psychiatrists behind the radicalization of Islam will target the other religions (incl. Christianity). They have already numerous “fundamental Christians” involved in actions that mainstream rejects. Americans must understand that these are people are not religious but agents and psychiatric-conditioned to destroy religions, playing into the hands of people who wants to outlaw all religions. In other words SET UPS!     

And they absolutely target Scientology by mixing it with many people who listen to anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and belong to his Nation of Islam. Some Muslim websites say that Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam, however, if Islam is outlawed in the USA, the “Nation of Islam” will be added quickly to the outlaw page as well.

You came to the conclusion, Marty, but I  repeat it again for the records: They are calling themselves Nation of Islam (even if they are not traditional Islam), but if Islam is outlawed in the USA and a NOI member should be psychiatric-conditioned to conduct a terror act, NOI will be on the outlaw list in a snap. NOI itself suggests that it is Islam and that their members are Muslims not Christians and not  Scientologists.

Despite we have a black President, I agree with black people who there is still racism against them on this planet.  After all, it is a secret German planet. However, joining an anti-Semitic movement (controlled by Germany, which is the inventor of racism) is not the way to get justice. I also don’t understand why they adopted the German term “Black” for the color of their skin. Black stands most of the time for bad things, like Black Magic, Blackmail, Blackhearts, Blacklist, Blackballed, etc.  They come in all shades of  brown/beige and “Whites” come in all shades of beige. Brown and Beige, means not so much difference as between Black and White. And in summer, the skin of the beige might look even the same: shades of beige/brown.

However, the entire NOI Black supremacy thing, isn’t it just like Germany just in another color? 

Outlawing Scientology is a big reason why Germany and its secret service psychs merged Scientology under David Miscavige with the Nation of Islam. Germany failed to outlaw Scientology in Germany and other countries, (despite that they are still trying as for example in Russia) merged NOI into Scientology since approx. 15 years. Same time, Germany conditions Islamists to conduct terror acts. You and know, we can see right away what Germany is up to.  In other words, when somebody from NOI conducts a fanatical act (didn’t three of them kill one of their own in the 60s?) Scientology hangs with NOI and might be outlawed too. I see the warning signs since quite a while, and I bet you too, Marty. David Miscavige and the Miscavologists don’t see anything and walk right into the trap. After all, they are no Scientologists but secret service infiltrators.  

Some people might ask why Germany and its secret service psychiatrists want to set up and outlaw Scientology? Here is the answer: Because real Scientologists are able to figure Germany and its secret service psychs out. And that is what they try to avoid by all means. More people who can look right through them. They fear that we pull strings and might stop their crime sprees. That is the only thing that they got right.

You should become US President, Marty, because you are good, educated, fair, and extremely bright and wise. Germany and its secret international psychiatric world and their agents and activities can’t fool you. You have advanced human abilities, you look through them, and you know how to pull strings and open the eyes of the world. You would transform the USA into the best place ever and also help other nations along the way to be safe and happy.

I vote for you. The wisest vote one can make. 

Be kissed and most tenderly embraced, my eternal love.

Future First Lady and yours. 🙂