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Closer look at “gimme beer” Angela Merkel….

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?  

Some say that she is a STASI agent but others say that can’t be correct as she doesn’t implement communism.

However, what I see is that she sets the switches for anti-antisemitism in Germany and Europe, even is she says that she is not anti-Semitic. Merkel is the most powerful woman in Europe, and Brussels Chief Rabbi says these days that  ‘There is no future for Jews in Europe’, and many are not visiting Synagogues because there is a ‘sense of fear on the streets’. 

No future for Jews in Europe and a German in the lead. Doesn’t that sound exactly like the 1930s?

Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg. Her father was Host Kasner and her mother Herlin Jentzsch (Heber’s Mormon family might have added her to their family tree).

I remember that nobody in West Germany had the desire to immigrate to the much poorer communistic East Germany but Host Kasner and his family did, and some German websites suspect him and his  daughter, the current chancellor of Germany, of being STASI agents.


I haven’t read much about her father and never any personal contact with him but Friedrich Wilhelm Haack was a Lutheran priest. He was a non-religious man and an agent. He was the one who manipulated RB into hiring kidnappers to “deprogram” me, despite I wasn’t programmed in the first place. I have one word for the man: monster.

Whatever secret service people work for, the SEGNPMSS, also called the Bavarian Illuminati (they are much older than the front group that their agent Weishaupt founded) control anyone’s ear implants. And that is not tinfoil. Tinfoil before the eyes is not seeing it.

Anyway, Merkel studied quantum chemistry and wrote her doctor title. But she did not discover or reveal that experiments are sabotaged to stop the mainstream Earth population to discover real science and the real deep universe behind the holographic screen that the SEGNPMSS put up,because the SEGNPMSS wants to attach anyone out there first to their trap called ear implants so that all march to the German/Bavarian barber, butcher, medical doctor, chemist, psychiatry drum. 


Suspicious is that she was able to enter West Berlin and West Germany many years before the average East Berliner or Eastern German could.

She married physics student Ulrich Merkel in 1977. Germany always brags about its physicists but what is there to brag about if they don’t get or reveal when/that their experiments are sabotaged to stop real science? There is also a lot of plagiarism going on in the highest circles of the German government. Germany makes education particularly difficult and has agents to attack and defame Ron’s study tech, which could avoid plagiarism as people learn  how to study and do it in their own paste, which is not what I experienced in Germany’s schools.  

Well, her doctoral thesis is on the rate constant calculations of simple hydrocarbons reactions. Could be complete quantum nonsense if it is based on experiments that were sabotaged with lasers like the double-slit experiments and other experiments. Sabotage to stop true scientific progress is the reason why the “universe” is NOT quite logical or scientific. It is not the electron that knows that is being watched. The secret service dudes with their laser beams who watch the scientists and apply the wave laser when the electrons are not watched and rest the wave laser when the electrons are being watched. SEGNPMSS agents are big cowards and don’t want to be caught.

Some websites say that Merkel’s STASI file disappeared and that she herself made it disappear. Some say that she had close contact to leading Communists.

Die CDU-Vorsitzende Angela Merkel prostet am Montag, 19. Januar 2004 bei ihrem Rundgang auf der Gruenen Woche in Berlin den Fotografen mit einem Glas Bier zu. (AP Photo/Herbert Knosowski)

Undisputed fact is that in just a few years  after the “fall” of the Berlin wall, Angela Merkel is very high up in the West German government of Helmut Kohl.

Whatever these websites are saying about Merkel, they don’t make the right conclusions as to who is behind her.

Merkel became the German chancellor for following reasons:

1) She is a woman. The men behind her know that many people consider women better people and don’t think she will gas people like Hitler, although the 3rd Reich had horrible monster women. Merkel, the Mom-type is used to make Germany world power no. 1, which is the same old same old Nazi plan if she knows it or not. All other countries are sabotaged and their economies are held down by the SEGNPMSS so that Germany can win the top spot.

2) As she lived so many years in the communistic part of Germany, it should encourage states like Ukraine and others to join Germany/Europe to make Germany even bigger. Like “Let’s join Germany, she is one of us…”

DACHAU, GERMANY - AUGUST 20:  German Chancellor and Chairwoman of the German Christian Democrats (CDU) Angela Merkel drinks a beer after speaking at an election campaign stop in a fest tent on August 20, 2013 in Dachau, Germany. Merkel has a strong lead over her political rivals and the CDU is expected to win federal elections scheduled for September 22, though what kind of governing coalition the CDU will be able to form remains uncertain.  (Photo by Joerg Koch/Getty Images)

3) They want Russians to think and act the same like the Ukraine.

4) If the “Merkel plan” to make Germany world leader no. 1 should fail against all odds, the SEGNPMSS, the German secret service above all other secret services will blame it on the “last ghosts of East Germany”. If records should reveal one day that Merkel has case officers who run her through ear implants like a puppet and if it should be revealed that Germany is behind terror, wars, crimes, and bad economies for other countries, SEGNPMSS will spread that Merkel did it as she was an East German spy and that West Germany, particularly Bavaria is innocent! (Yeah right. World’s leg is pulled.)

5) If Merkel fails or if her actions have horrible consequences, West Germany, particularly Bavaria will blame it on Russia behind East Germany and tell the world that she was the last East German spy but that the world has nothing to fear from West Germany. They will put a West German chancellor up, and Germany will continue to take over the world until the Nazis have no opposition anymore. With a snap of the finger, they will be back and march, it doesn’t matter who the chancellor is. The SEGNPMSS will make sure of it.


6) They are definitely going in this direction. Germany wants to bring the Nazis back either through anti-Semitic immigrants or German-born Nazis fighting immigrants. Both sides are known to be anti-Semitic. For the still existing German Nazis, the psychiatric mind-controllers behind the scene, it is a “win-win” situation as both sides are anti-Semitic and able to bring the Nazis back. I say it is a lose-lose situation for them as it will come back to bite them one way or the other as we figured them out.    

7) Merkel wants the Syrians to immigrate to Germany or Europe because Germany needs these people as workers to become World Power no. 1 (by having used ear-implants of ALL fighting SIDES in Syria to empty the country, to make them homeless, to make them come to Germany (and Europe that Germany leads) to profit from their work in Germany and Europe and to make Europe even more anti-Semitic or alternatively get German-born Nazis fight the Syrian immigrants to re-create Nazi-Germany that way).

Merkel allows only so much migrants as the studies that she ordered having done say that Germany/Europe needs to get on top of the world, economy-wise. Humanity is not what drives her actions to take these people put nothing but calculations (like her dissertation) but she sue wants the Nobel price for humanity for it.

(There are hundreds of pictures on the Internet showing her guzzling down beer. Here right after visiting the gas chamber in the concentration camp Dachau, she got herself some beer again.)



Marty, my love, I am sure that figured it and more all out by yourself.

I miss you so much. Our separation is German-ordered, even if Germany uses German-controlled Spain and German-controlled USA for this dirty and inhuman “job”.

Tough luck for Germany that they can’t fool us. Idiots they are, messing with us, Marty. They are idiots, idiots, idiots, and did I say idiots?

Yours forever and always,

You and me, Marty, we need clear minds to think, we are drinking tea and look how idyllic it is. 😉  We don’t waste our minds. We put them to use.




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    • Germany decided now to bomb ISIS in Syria after the Paris terror. USA bombs ISIS and Russia helps Assad with air strikes in Syria. All so complicated.

      Merkel: We will have to return people to Afghanistan
      This year alone, more than 140,000 Afghans have fled insecurity and the Taliban’s resurgence. The majority of them have ended up in Germany. In Berlin, Ashraf Ghani and Angela Merkel vowed to stem the flow of migrants.

      Wendelan O'Leary

      December 2, 2015 at 4:40 am

      • No, it is not complicated. Germany’s still existing Nazi secret service has the dirtiest fingers on Syria. They run ALL sides in Syria, pro Assad, against Assad, Assad, pro ISIS, etc. with the help of ear implants that they install all people in their ears when they are first graders and run them with it like robots. Why? Because they need the Syrian refugees as work force and also want to use them to get the Nazis officially back in Germany, Europe, and rest of the world.

        That the world is so blind as far as Germany (and its past) is concerned has German-controlled ear implants written all over it.

        Barbara Schwarz

        December 2, 2015 at 7:22 am

    • Yeah, he does, Dobrey. He also helps Germany by telling the world that Bin Laden was shot despite that only his doppelganger was shot. IMO, this is the reason why he never published the “dead Bin Laden” photos. He is another Berliner and not American in his heart.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 2, 2015 at 7:31 am


    f nietsche

    January 3, 2018 at 11:56 pm

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