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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you?

Alienation between us will never work. Real soulmates are immune against any and all attempts to alienate them. I know you billions of years, Marty. We ALWAYS helped each other. We ALWAYS were there for each other. We ALWAYS loved each other. Only people who are clueless about past lives and soulmates come up with idiotic ideas of separating us or bringing impostors into play. These people have a completely different timetrack, personality, charisma, activities, and this all emanates in form of their tonelevel to the outside. I can feel it, I can see it, and I know you can too, Marty. In an ocean full of doppelgangers, you would pick me because YOU KNOW ME.

Our story has not failed because we know each other so very well. You are anything but a stranger to me, Marty. I know you as I know myself.

Former infiltrators and Scientology-haters claim that the tonescale doesn’t work. People low on the tonescale like to defame the tonescale instead of working their way up. It works, when we apply the tonescale. It is that knowledge that doesn’t make us chose the wrong person. And if the C of S wouldn’t be infiltrated by non-Scientologists, they would apply it too and would not promote low-tone people into highest positions who then smear Scientology and the founder.

I know one thing for sure, Marty, the day we see each other again, it will between us as if we never were separated. No alienation at all because all these German and psychiatric alienation plans failed like the Third Reich.

Another psychiatric lie that former infiltrators of Scientology and the Scientology-haters constantly repeat is that Scientology treats children like adults. This is not original Scientology. Ron always treated children age-appropriate, and so do I and you. Yes, a child is a thetan who lived many different lifetimes before as adult but right now, when in the body of a kid, it is a kid without having the memory, knowledge and experiences of an grown-up anymore. A real Scientologist knows this and makes sure the child is safe, provides it with love, safety, security, and also puts up rules so that the child doesn’t hurt itself or others, not rules for the sake of rules but for the protection of the kid and others. And within these safe rules, a child should not be suppressed. 

In addition to all of that, the real Scientologist LOVES WITH RESPECT. For example, let’s say, a child doesn’t like a certain hairdo or certain clothes. If the hairdo and the clothes that the child picks are as functional, warm, safe, and the hairdo doesn’t restrict its sight and safety (for example), a real Scientologist wouldn’t force the other hairdo and clothes upon a child, just because he/she is the “boss”. RB did it with me. She cut me bangs like a monk from the middle ages. Instead of the requested ponytail by me, she braided my hair so tight and Bavarian that they hurt and I hated to look in the mirror and  see me. The clothes that she chose for me were like sacks in colors she loved and I hated. During carnival days, she put me into men clothes. I hated it. She was twisted and forced it on me.

I ask kids for their opinions, and give them age-appropriate choices. I play age-appropriate games, tell them age-appropriate stories, and pay attentions to them. And they appreciate being treated that way. 

And nothing I ever said as child would make RB respect my wishes. And this went on and on, so I became a rebel. She didn’t knew were the “mother” ends and the child begins and I could not stand it. She was so foolish to think that without her, I would not be alive and that she (a Lutheran who sometimes doubted the existence of God) “made my soul” or something like that and that I am her possession. Not granting a child beingness is child abuse.  

Marty, I can’t tell you how often I heard how much I would be loved. “I just do that because I love you, etc…”  I heard that so often from her. But love without respect just hurts. Her sister, a wife of a Lutheran justified everything her sister did with the word: “This is because she loves you.” Duh! I didn’t suppress RB. It it is easy to love a person who doesn’t suppress others. The people who are suppressive are not loved. If I would have done to her what she did to me, she wouldn’t have loved me neither. She didn’t even know how to behave like a mother. In short: if I can’t be loved with respect, I prefer not to be loved at all.  

As we were separated by Germany with the rest of the world helping them, Marty, I have no children, but I know how to be a mother. The witnesses: ask any kid that ever came in contact with me. I treat kids with love AND respect. I treat them like I wanted to be treated.

For me it is a piece of cake to get along with kids. For RB it was rocket science. After I was grown up, she told me that I would have a “talent” in regards to children. Huh? Talent had nothing to do with it. I did what she never did: loving kids WITH RESPECT. That is all the “talent” that is needed to make kids also respect one and love one in return. She always wanted to be loved but never game me reason. I am not about being loved, Marty, it just happens that I am, and the “secret” is that I am not being suppressive. This is the door to be loved in return. That is the “rocket science” or the “talent”  that RB never figured.    

Sometimes I read something by former infiltrators and Scientology-haters and them lying that Scientology is about not treating children right, I wish them a day as a child with RB, so that they can feel how it feels when their own personality is smothered (have a look at this word: mother for mother and s for snake = smother) because some weird creature thinks she made the “soul of the child” and possesses it (“body and soul”) and can force her personality on them to become her mini-her or else!  

Not with me, so I became one heck of a rebel. But the sad thing is that not all have it in them to fight back before the own personality is gone.

I regret deeply that I couldn’t completely grow-up with Ron and in Scientology. I have a HUGE loss about that, Marty. I have no intentions of letting those people of the hook who used RB to kidnap me. They stole me from paradise living with Ron and they stuffed me into hell to Germany, and I want them prosecuted.    

As a sum: the statement that Scientology as by the real founder Ron treats children like adults is a deliberate false statement to misinform people. Original Scientology treats children according to their age and loves and helps them as much as possible, BUT WITH RESPECT for crying out loud. 

And so do I, Marty, I love you, truly and the respect that you deserve.

Yours my hero.

Always at your side, and be kissed a million of times.


Keep holding on, Marty… Freedom is waiting for you.






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  1. “When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    “Try to find out what a child’s problem really is and, without crushing their own solutions, try to help solve them.”

    L. Ron Hubbard


    December 6, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    • Exactly, this and a lot more of what Ron said and wrote about how to treat children not as property but with love and respect. It does not mean that children don’t have to learn and stick to any rules for their own and others good. But it means that they are not crushed by people who think that just they matter and kids don’t matter and that children are not their own spiritual beings who need no respect.

      After I was kidnapped to Germany and handed to suppressive RB, I made right away the postulate never to become like her. And accordingly, I raised myself.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 7, 2015 at 5:18 am

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