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Germany now says indirectly that it knew of terrorist funding and looked the other way (What Germany doesn’t say is that they are the leading force behind international psychiatry and psychs condition people into becoming terrorists and other criminals)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing hero and prince,

If the world wouldn’t run through secret German-controlled psychiatric ear implants, Germany wouldn’t get away with what they are doing.

Here is the latest:  German vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said: “But we must at the same time make clear that the time to look away is past. Wahhabi mosques are financed all over the world by Saudi Arabia. In Germany, many dangerous Islamists come from these communities.”

What kind of monsters look the other way when seeing funding of terrorism? He admitted that Germany did that. The results were numerous terror attacks. Alibi talk or maybe he is afraid that his own German behind could be scratched by a not “very well-coordinated” terror attack in Europe. 

Germany does a lot more than looking the other way since the term terror was formed. They are behind their psychiatrists who condition people into becoming Manchurian candidates.

Alone the word “Chancellor” that they picked for the head of Germany tells a story. Making people believe that there is the “chance” for them. Yep, I took my chance with Germany, Marty, which was LEAVING!  

We Scientologists know that our religion was altered in just a few decades by non-religious people put up my psychs who hate people living ethical lives. Any other religion was altered too by these people. Religions and philosophies that had as purpose to bring out the best in people were  perverted by the SEGNPMSS (also called by some Illuminati) or pre-Illuminati already ages ago. German psychs are also behind the non-equal status of women with many in the Islamic world or brutal passages in alleged religious writings (Bible included). German psychiatric-controlled ear-implants and machine-translators make it possible for them to control the world.

There are bad apples in any country, and psychs prefer to use and dispose of them (turning them into “suicide” terrorists.)  There might be very well funding of terrorists in Saudi Arabia and other countries, but the anti-religious men/women behind Germany run them, and they try to pin terrorism on religions. I know you figured it a long time ago, Marty: The Islamic Radicalism and any other form of terrorism is German psychiatric. This world will get a lot more peaceful once the world pulls strings and goes after the German secret service psychiatrists who are using any other low nationals for their dirty work to pervert the world.

Sigmar Gabriel wasting his brain cells:


SEGNPMSS wants the Islamic world to be brutal. If the German Nazis (right extremists, foreigner hating people [222 German attacks against foreigners and typically German, just a handful convictions]) won’t be able to bring the Nazis back in Germany, in Europe, in the entire world, they want to use their radicalization of Islam to bring the Nazis back.  The SEGNPMSS thinks it is a win-win situation for Germany and the Nazis. Both of their secret movements will do exactly what the doctor orders.

19 of the 15 people who executed the September 11 attacks were citizens of Saudi Arabia. So, definitely, this raises concern and something is awfully wrong there. However, the ring leader Atta and his cell were conditioned by German psychiatrists in Germany to become terrorists. “Fine friend” of the USA! Germany’s psychs have the overall control over each freaking ear implant and order also the funding of the terrorists. 

Truth is that Germany targets Saudia Arabia to take the terror blame. The best that Saudia Arabia and any other country can do is to investigate what Germany and its secret service psychiatrists and mind-controllers do to their countries, people, religions and inform their people and put protections in place.


Some of Germany’s OFFICIAL government filling up with booze:


If  ISIS is being destroyed because other countries can’t take it anymore, Germany wants the credit for it, despite that they conditioned these people and put these radicals up to their atrocities so that they get the Syrians as workers for economic reasons and also to help their plans to get the Nazis officially back in power in Germany and Europe. For somebody like me who does not have ear implants, it is EASY to figure Germany out.

ISIS tactics are similar to Nazi tactics because still existing German Nazis are running ISIS (Daesh). 

The German government first distanced itself from the BND report that Saudi Arabia supports terror, but now they agree with the BND.  All for alibi reasons.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (accused of plagiarism) says that only four to six of the planes will be enough to fight ISIS. Huh? The USA dropped 5000 bombs already on ISIS (Daesh) and due to the German-controlled ear-implants, they still have not surrendered. (Just like the Nazis who kept on wasting lives.)       

Germany wants to fool France and the rest of the world into believing that Germany wants to stop ISIS but in fact don’t supply enough planes. If asked to provide better assistance, they will use their justification: our planes are not in flying condition. That is deliberately too so that they don’t have to do anything effective to clean the mess up that they created by having formed DAESH (ISIS) through German-controlled ear implants and psychiatric conditioning.

Another explanation for von der Leyen’s statement is that she knows that when Germany’s secret service psychiatrists snap with the fingers through their ear implants, ISIS (Daesh) will put their weapons down and surrender. 


It is NOT the German family who just wants to provide for their kids and live in peace like many other nationals, which is a red flag for me, Marty. After all, numerous of the Jews and other races who were killed by the Nazis reincarnated after WW II again in Germany, thinking that Germany has changed. Also, Germany plants its bad apple thetans in other countries so that they become other countries nationals (including and very much so in the USA) to shame the USA and other countries and bring them down, and they kidnap thetans who lived famous or extra-ordinary lives in the USA or in other countries to Germany so that they grow up as “Germans”. I don’t want them to become the victim of terror or war in Germany either.

What I can’t tolerate are the suppressive men/women behind the mind control, the barbers, butchers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, chemists, medical doctors, the Nazis, the terrorists, the extremists, the murderers, in short: the suppressive who alter people into becoming rotten so that they (barbers, butchers, psychiatrists, pharmacists, chemists, medical doctors, the Nazis, the extremists, the terrorists, the murderers, in short: the suppressive) don’t have to feel so bad about being bad. A person who still has an ounce good in herself comes to grips rather sooner than later and turns her life around and fights that system with non-violent measures as two wrongs make no right. But not they.  They are too cowardly to change their bad characters (because that means that they have to admit to themselves that they are bad and have to make an u-turn from it, which is not that comfortable).

Crimes make blind and stupid. They close their eyes all the time because the remnants of their atrocities are everywhere  and are restimulating them and they key in. So, they stick their heads into the sand and continue their monster activities. Our cognitions are the size of universes, Marty, as we decided to be ethical. They don’t and their cognition are as good as non-existent.  They row towards the Niagara falls and don’t even get it. They restricted their own views of how all of that ends for them.  They think: My case officers will safe me. Hell they will. They will not and can’t even save themselves. The only salvation from the trap is to salvage one self from becoming a constantly worse being with less abilities: the wish to become clean, stay clean, and to become truly oneself instead of a freaking robot who serves perverted cowards to suppress good.      

So, they are too dumb to see that at the end, also they are losing because bad doesn’t just attack good but also bad as the SP loves to cause pain and destroys. Those guys who think that their ear implant systems and their conspiracies protect them are extremely dumb dudes. They are the dumbest people ever born. Everything  material is taken from a person sooner or later and at the end, all a person has remaining is her character. And that is what they are wasting. It is like throwing the diamond in the trash and accepting a glass pebble instead.   

Right now, the secret German/Bavarian psych strategy is this: “religious” terror attacks in Europe and rest of the world to have a reason to bring the Nazis back to “battle” the Islamic terrorists (again, which are run by the same monsters who still run the Nazis). The other Syrians and other immigrants who are not killed in the Nazi/Radical Islamic war or cannot be utilized as radicals may serve Germany as workforce to become economically even more powerful by keeping all other economies (also that of the USA) down. Germany owes the Syrians big time for what it has done to them.

If Germany can prevent that German-psychiatric conditioned Daesh (ISIS) is effectively stopped by those nations bombing it (Germany was urged by France to participate in stopping ISIS and Germany does as little as possible to stop ISIS), Daesh (ISIS) will take over as many Middle Eastern countries as possible. Once the Nazis are firmly back in the saddle in Europe and after tons of people were massacred, Daesh (ISIS) will suddenly strike some kind of “peace” deal with Germany and surrenders all Arabic countries to Germany/Europe to Germany  and its Nazi to get even mightier and richer. They also try to devour the Soviet Union and the far East and any other country. Germany wants to go into history as the country that got rid of “evil religions” and wants to be adored and worshiped and wants to manipulate people into thinking that Germany, psychiatry/medicine and then greatest and the Nazi were/are not so bad after all as they got rid of religions. And people’s minds anywhere on the planet will be manipulated to accept their insane ideals. And no word of course that THE MEN/WOMEN BEHIND THE NAZIS ALSO ARE THE MEN/WOMEN BEHIND ISIS (Daesh) and “religious extremism”.

I am also convinced that Germany/Bavaria deliberately provided a case to a German court in 2003 so that this (secretly Nazi) court had a justification not to outlaw the NPD (German Nazi party) and gave the Nazis another chance to grow bigger for 15 years! Bavaria/Germany is a slimy snake that moves most of the time under cover in various levels, and they always try to have an alibi in place, like “We tried to stop them but we can’t because the law or …blah, blah… ” Yeah right. They can tell these stories only to people who don’t know them as we know them, Marty.    

Bavarians/Germans enjoying that Obama is wasting his brain cells. He fits a lot better into Bavaria/Germany than I ever did. I had to grow up there, Marty, but to me, they were like aliens who once invaded and turned everything sour and bad on this planet. Particularly, the typical Bavarian mentality is the one most foreign to my own. Never could get used to it. They say that Munich would be a world city with heart and the motto: live and let live. It is a TOTAL LIE. They want to live, yes, but they don’t grant this right to others, and particularly not to us. 

And these idiots have me kidnapped to Germany/Bavaria and grow up there. Subconsciously, but only subconsciously, they must have the wish to get busted. When I figured that I was so different, they had RB tell me that my father is a Muslim from  Iran. (Another lie and he was lying to.) 

Some may say that the picture below is just a friendly celebration in Bavaria. I see a lot more than this, and I know you too.   


KRUEN, GERMANY - JUNE 07: U.S. President Barack Obama shares a Bavarian breakfast with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer prior the summit of G7 nations on June 7, 2015 in Kruen, Germany. In the course of the two-day summit G7 leaders are scheduled to discuss global economic and security issues, as well as pressing global health-related issues, including antibiotics-resistant bacteria and Ebola. Several thousand protesters have announced they will seek to march towards Schloss Elmau and at least 17,000 police are on hand to provide security. (Photo by Steffen Kugler - Pool/Getty Images)

Like you, Marty, I want monsters prosecuted and sentenced to make the damage good to all and any victim of them in all eternity to come. That will teach them a lesson, Marty. Hard work, no fun, and having to hand over their earnings to their victims and their families. They will “love” that. Instead of watching TV and plotting their next crime and conspiracy, they have to study how to become a human being. One day, they will get the cognition that they have to behave like humans and not like monsters if they want to live among humans.

As Ron said: the truth will come out anyway. And it will. Keeping us separated and torturing us just adds to their very own rap sheets for which they will be held responsible down the road. As longer they prevent decent lives to us, as longer their own sentences will be. Even stupid people should at least know that. Yep, monsters have a very low IQ, otherwise they wouldn’t be any, as any monster activity takes also a toll on the monster. Going down, down, down…. And it is all their own doing as the SP screams (subconsciously) to be stopped and handled. 

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever and always,











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