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A fascist (Trump) as American president is a secret German/Bavarian dream (and so is the radicalization of Scientology through anti-Semitic group Nation of Islam)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

Donald Trump’s red neck solutions are none and he is Un-American.

I hope the Republicans come to their senses and don’t make him the Republican candidate. Glad to read that Paul Ryan denounced Trump’s plan already. 

Germany’s secret service psychiatrists control also the ear-implants of Americans, in other words, they influence votes and can decide who becomes U.S. President.

Banning Islam is no solution. Germany’s cowardly mind-controllers want to make banning religions an “American idea”. That’s likely why secret service p$ychs had the San Bernadino terror attack executed in the first place and conditioned that Muslim couple into becoming Manchurian candidates. Definitely, they want the USA on their anti-religious page. Next, these psychs will condition more Christians and members of other religions into terrorists and the end, the world is manipulated into that religions are making people bad instead of better. Many people are already mind-controlled to think that religions are to be blamed on most if not all wrong in the world, and they don’t see the smirking secret service psychiatrists behind these setups in the name of “religions”.  

You and me, we can see behind the curtains. 

The solution is finding the psychiatrists who condition people into becoming extremists and terrorists and prosecuting them. Besides, terror by alleged religious people is not the only terror that these psychs are arranging. They also condition people into becoming school, university, cinema, and mall shooters, etc. If Islam is outlawed and Muslims are not allowed to enter, Trump still has no solution for the other shooters and bombers…

Let’s say that Mr. Trump becomes president of the US and Islam is being banned. Banning all religions is the psychiatric/German goal. In other words, he does what Germany and the secret service psychs behind it really want: banning religions because psychs think that their bad conscience evaporates if there is nobody speaking of God and being good anymore. It is all about that.

(Merkel might say now that Islam should be tolerated in Germany, but this is just the first step of the German secret program: getting workers for Germany to make it richer. The next step is giving Nazis the chance to come back in Germany and Europe by having the Nazis fighting foreigners under the cover of fighting extreme Muslim.)

Once Islam is on the way of being outlawed, the psychiatrists behind the radicalization of Islam will target the other religions (incl. Christianity). They have already numerous “fundamental Christians” involved in actions that mainstream rejects. Americans must understand that these are people are not religious but agents and psychiatric-conditioned to destroy religions, playing into the hands of people who wants to outlaw all religions. In other words SET UPS!     

And they absolutely target Scientology by mixing it with many people who listen to anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan and belong to his Nation of Islam. Some Muslim websites say that Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam, however, if Islam is outlawed in the USA, the “Nation of Islam” will be added quickly to the outlaw page as well.

You came to the conclusion, Marty, but I  repeat it again for the records: They are calling themselves Nation of Islam (even if they are not traditional Islam), but if Islam is outlawed in the USA and a NOI member should be psychiatric-conditioned to conduct a terror act, NOI will be on the outlaw list in a snap. NOI itself suggests that it is Islam and that their members are Muslims not Christians and not  Scientologists.

Despite we have a black President, I agree with black people who there is still racism against them on this planet.  After all, it is a secret German planet. However, joining an anti-Semitic movement (controlled by Germany, which is the inventor of racism) is not the way to get justice. I also don’t understand why they adopted the German term “Black” for the color of their skin. Black stands most of the time for bad things, like Black Magic, Blackmail, Blackhearts, Blacklist, Blackballed, etc.  They come in all shades of  brown/beige and “Whites” come in all shades of beige. Brown and Beige, means not so much difference as between Black and White. And in summer, the skin of the beige might look even the same: shades of beige/brown.

However, the entire NOI Black supremacy thing, isn’t it just like Germany just in another color? 

Outlawing Scientology is a big reason why Germany and its secret service psychs merged Scientology under David Miscavige with the Nation of Islam. Germany failed to outlaw Scientology in Germany and other countries, (despite that they are still trying as for example in Russia) merged NOI into Scientology since approx. 15 years. Same time, Germany conditions Islamists to conduct terror acts. You and know, we can see right away what Germany is up to.  In other words, when somebody from NOI conducts a fanatical act (didn’t three of them kill one of their own in the 60s?) Scientology hangs with NOI and might be outlawed too. I see the warning signs since quite a while, and I bet you too, Marty. David Miscavige and the Miscavologists don’t see anything and walk right into the trap. After all, they are no Scientologists but secret service infiltrators.  

Some people might ask why Germany and its secret service psychiatrists want to set up and outlaw Scientology? Here is the answer: Because real Scientologists are able to figure Germany and its secret service psychs out. And that is what they try to avoid by all means. More people who can look right through them. They fear that we pull strings and might stop their crime sprees. That is the only thing that they got right.

You should become US President, Marty, because you are good, educated, fair, and extremely bright and wise. Germany and its secret international psychiatric world and their agents and activities can’t fool you. You have advanced human abilities, you look through them, and you know how to pull strings and open the eyes of the world. You would transform the USA into the best place ever and also help other nations along the way to be safe and happy.

I vote for you. The wisest vote one can make. 

Be kissed and most tenderly embraced, my eternal love.

Future First Lady and yours. 🙂




5 Responses

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    • Stampedes? Germany’s secret service psychiatrists control all individuals (in other words: the masses) with ear implants. They condition a few to panic and many falls like domino stones.


      Barbara Schwarz

      December 10, 2015 at 7:50 am

    • Nation of Islam people are taking over Scientology institutions. Hanan Islam is one example, although she never mentions Scientology. California charged her “American Health and Education Clinics”, Hanan Islam. She pleaded not guilty to four felony counts, which include grand theft larceny, insurance fraud, Medi-Cal fraud, and failure to file a tax return. Tony Ortega blames Scientology.

      Alfreddie Johnson Jr., a Baptist minister introduced the NOI people to Scientology. He is not charged/arrested.

      Johnny Goodboy

      December 17, 2015 at 4:46 am

      • Miscavologists and NOIs are no Scientologists. Tony Ortega’s German secret service job is to blame Scientology for anything under the sun. That is why he doesn’t blog the truth that Scientology is set up by having “Islam” infiltrate. Nothing that NOI and does is Scientology. I can see right away that Hanan Islam is not a Scientologist.

        Barbara Schwarz

        December 17, 2015 at 5:30 am

  1. Exactly as I predicted: Nazis on the raise in Germany

    Was Der Spiegel doesn’t say is that Germany’s secret services organized the Syrian war to 1) getting the Syrians as work force to make Germany richer and mightier 2) condition some Islamists into becoming terrorists so that the come back of the Nazis as protector of Germany and other countries is “justified”. 3) putting away with religion as the men behind Germany don’t want to be reminded of God and living ethical lives.

    Hey, no surprise there, with their kinds of rap sheets. I find them very predictable, gruel, insane, and stupid.

    Barbara Schwarz

    December 11, 2015 at 1:18 pm

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