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Newsweek Daily Beast in New York asks why American papers praised Hitler despite German atrocities… Here is the answer: German-controlled ear implants in reporters!

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Dearest Marty, my hero, I am thinking of you and I worry about your well-being.

The Daily Beast published an interesting article today. They ask these questions: Why did many mainstream American newspapers portray the Hitler regime positively, especially in its early months? How could they publish warm human-interest stories about a brutal dictator? Why did they excuse or rationalize Nazi anti-Semitism? These are questions that should haunt the conscience of U.S. journalism to this day.

Here is the link:

And here is the answer: Because Germany implants ear-implants into all people on the planet (and beyond) since a very long time and runs them in their languages. These Christian and atheist reporters scribbled what their case officers radioed them in their freaking ear implants.  Ear implants is Germany’s most secret psychiatric invention, and they install them in all kids in any countries in the world to control and run them later also as adults with codes. This is why Germany’s economy flourishes and Greek’s economy and other economies don’t. The economy of the USA is also held back, and it is also the reason why so many states in Africa are poor, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc….

That is why so many  international journalists dismissed the evidence of Germany’s atrocities. 

And nothing has changed.

Where are the reporters who write today about that the SEGNPMSS still controlling secretly the world with ear implants? Where are the media reports that German secret services are behind terrorism and behind DAESH, etc? Where are the media analysts who figured out that notorious bad Germany is the force behind the Syrian war to turn the Syrians into refugees and into workers for Germany to make Germany economic world power no.1? Where are the media reports about that Germany’s psychiatrists are behind conditioning agents (militant Islamists) to bring the Nazis back in Germany, Europe, and the world? 

Me and you, Marty, always and forever.



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  1. Germany can’t get it right.

    How can you explain why Germany, which in the 20th century had such a gigantic anti-Semitism problem, would import so many people from those areas of the world which now have the same gigantic anti-Semitism problem?

    Gene Newtion

    January 11, 2016 at 12:43 am

    • Gatestone Inastitute makes a completely false conclusion. Germany is not overtaken by a hostile non-German force. They like to play the victim if everything else fails. Germany IS THE HOSTILE FORCE TO ANYONE.

      That is easy to answer: 1) Germany’s SEGNPMSS started the war in Syria (use of ear implants in all people and loud and silent sounds) to get millions of young workers to make Germany economically world power no. one 2) To have a justification to destroy the name of religions and bringing the Nazis back by having their extremist Islamist playing into the hands of still existing and new Nazis. For me, figuring out Germany is a piece of cake.

      Merkel was a tool to give Germany lots of power. Mom-type would heat the gas ovens again? But now as Germany is the leader of Europe, the men behind her are trying to get rid of her, and replace her with another chancellor who has “motivations” to let right extremists grow after the “migrants” conducted extreme activities in Germany and Europe.

      However, not such a harmless tool as some might think. Remember when she said that multi-multiculturalism failed completely in Germany. But she “invites” more than a million people of another culture into hostile Germany. What else does that mean but that those people lose their culture in Germany or else?

      It is SO EASY TO FIGURE GERMANY OUT but Gatestone Institute doesn’t think in enough layers.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 11, 2016 at 4:44 am

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