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Germany instigates and organizes wars to get immigrants to work for Germany, and the USA deports immigrants. Go figure!

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Dearest Marty, my hero and precious Prince,

Germany wouldn’t take one immigrant if they wouldn’t need the Syrians and other immigrants to make Germany’s economy stronger than any other economy on the planet. The way they treated Greece shows clearly that Germany is all about making money and not about humanity and help.

And just as the German secret service doctors order, instead of welcoming immigrants into the USA, the USA is deporting them. Besides ruining the economy of the USA, Germany also wants the world to think that Americans are the today heartless and bad people. German secret services conceal of course that they run American officials/judges etc. to make bad decisions. 

A country should be as rich as it has residents. Instead of throwing people out and building walls, Americans should realize that Germany is sending not just (translated) loud comments into their ear implants but also silent sounds to manipulate them. The economy of the United States would be unbeatable, if Germany’s secret service psychs wouldn’t discourage people with loud or silent sounds to do carry out their own great ideas. They  make people fearful, lazy, and paralyze them. And they making then hostile against immigrants. May it be the economy or science or whatever, if Americans would get the Nazis and the psychs from talking into their ears and minds, if they would trust themselves and real Americans and support each other instead of glorifying Germany and Europe, the USA would be the brightest and most successful star on this planet. 

And that would mean that the USA would be able to help other nations in need as well. The USA can be the great example. With Germany on top of the world, the planet will be doomed rather sooner than later. 

If anyone coming to the USA gives more than he/she takes, what is wrong by welcoming all and anyone who want truly give her or his best? This needs to be communicated to the people who are coming.

We need anyway a brand-new way of living to get away from the German brutal medical way of having us live short lives and having is to contract diseases and age and die. Diseases, aging, and dying can be prevented as you know even better than I do, Marty. There will be so many jobs for anyone to build the villages that are necessary to obtain this. Nobody will starve and all can have jobs. Even better than this. They can have all jobs that they really like within their safe village that covers their basics and keeps them healthy.   

I love you. You are my everything. And you could lead the United States to victory, Marty. I knew it the moment I saw you: SO DIFFERENT, SO SPECIAL, SO BRIGHT, AND SO REMARKABLE. You rocked my world and are still rocking it, my soulmate. 

German-controlled medical/psychiatric ear-implants are the reason for the problems of our country. Who needs them anyway? We need a world in which nobody conspires but in which people can trust each other. We need a world in which people can stay healthy and young. And those who are making cash through sick and aging people, simply should figure out some other way to make money. They should look at the bright site: in our world anyone would stay healthy and young, they too. If somebody would offer me billions of dollars or no cent but a place in a village where I don’t get sick and age, I would not hesitate a second, Marty. I want the place in the health and youth protecting village. It is around a long time. And we know why mainstream doesn’t hear about it: it is the German world, the medical, chemical, psychiatric force that prevents it, and they are idiots and suppressive and that’s why nobody wins.

They don’t win either. It isn’t hard to figure that the higher up mindcontrollers are all living in  health and youth protecting villages. They didn’t invent them, they just stole the data to construct them and they are preventing that mainstream can live in those. And by doing so, they are working against their own chances having the advantages of living in  health and youth protecting villages in the future.

They can’t trust each other; they are killing each other and that is why their stay in paradise is very restricted. In any future lifetime, they are back in mainstream where they are getting sick and are aging like all others. And why? Because these full-blown idiots didn’t allow all people to have this health and life-saving world. They step in their very own trap. The only way to prevent stepping in a trap is leaving no trap is around anywhere for anyone. But thinking never was their strong suit. Conspiring, stealing, cover ups, tortures, and killings, yes, but thinking for themselves, no and never. 

You figured everything and more out, Marty. But SPs are dirty shades of useless. They are working against their own survival by preventing us to share with mainstream a way of life that will rock anyone’s world and better anyone’s life so profoundly.    

Many tender and passionate kisses. You are the smile in my day and the joyful beating of my heart.

Yours always and forever,











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  1. Do you believe it? Turkey’s Erdogan cites Hitler’s Germany as example of presidential system.

    John Doe and Jane Smith

    January 1, 2016 at 7:36 am

    • I read that the Turkish government issued that this statement was misconstrued.

      However, German secret services brought the worse out already in the Ottoman Turks under Enver Pasha. German-controlled ear implants made it possible and brought out the worst in the Young Turks.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 1, 2016 at 12:39 pm

  2. John Doe and Jane Smith

    January 1, 2016 at 7:40 am

    • I would let the Nazi buildings crumble with a big sign: dirt to dirt.

      But still existing Nazis want the Nazis to come back. The plan is to have their other agents Islamic extremists behave violently so that Nazis can come back with the justification of fighting these violent people back.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 1, 2016 at 12:42 pm

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