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Higgs Boson (that sticky thing) again (not) detected in CERN or elsewhere

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and amazing Prince,

CERN in Europe announced this month again that they discovered the completely theoretical particle Higgs Boson…. or something like it.

They announced already some years earlier that they discovered “the particle that could/would prove how particles gain mass”and later had to admit that their very expensive smasher toy, the Large Hadron Collider, produced “impostors”. Operating it costs $1 billion per year. Despite the US has Fermilab for smasher experiments, it pays huge sums to CERN. The idea is that the USA shall pay for the experiments but if Europe makes some sort of breakthrough (and even if just making people believe that they did without that they indeed found anything of value for science and mankind), the credit goes to Europe not to the USA. All that money is wasted under the holographic dome of a fake universe with the secret service inventions of dark matter, dark energy, and black holes to keep mainstream in the dark.  

But at least, they give something in return for that much wasted money: a bad music video. 

The initial focus of research was to investigate the possible existence of the Higgs boson to support the standard model of physics. It was not found, but they justify this by saying that it has an elusive nature and doesn’t live long. Hmmm, if that boson indeed would give mass to particles, shouldn’t it have a particularly long life, after all, most mass lives long? 

What professionals and real scientists sell incomplete research or falsehoods to the public?  Due to former publications of CERN, many people think that this “God particle” was indeed discovered. CERN people celebrated parties and the media reported that CERN found it.  But here is the fine print:  “This is not conclusive…”

From “We HAVE discovered it” (2013), they changed it to “We MIGHT HAVE discovered it”, to “It SHOWS THE PREDICTED ENERGY LINES, or to “could be its SHADOW” to we found “IMPOSTORS”, to “COULD BE A NUMBER OF OTHER ALREADY KNOWN PARTICLES”, to we “DISCOVERED THE SOCALLED TECHNI-HIGGS”, which is something very different from the boson, to (the latest) we (CERN) discovered with 750 giga electronvolts of energy a “HIGGS RELATIVE”.

It’s about time that Higgs discovers his relative. 😉

Seriously, all these vague and probably even false/contradictory information are called “science”? All based on the “Big Bang”. I am convinced there were numerous gigantic big bangs in the universe, deliberate explosions to destroy the existing creation.     

Scientists should finally discover that it is not smashing that creates mass from nothing/scratch. This is what they are basically looking for. They don’t see that a postulate created mass. It was smashing that destroyed mass/tried destroying it but didn’t create mass. Theoretical physics doesn’t solve the problems as they ignore spiritual abilities. We discovered spiritual abilities and are aware of them. But for people who think that they are their bodies or their brains, are lost here. If people don’t even know what they are, how can they solve the puzzles of life and the universe?  I know, I said it before…

Thinking about you turns cold to warm and rain to friendly skies, Marty. I love you from the start of times and will love you until the end of times. I won’t give up on you. You are too great to forget, my Prince. It would be like turning the lights out for my life. Those people who keep us apart should wordclear the word: eternal love, which means they won’t succeed in alienating us. Not the smallest change. It wouldn’t even crash when stuffed in the LHC and smashed with millions 750 gigaelectronvolts of energy. 

Yours always and forever,






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