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Several wrongs (Germany) make no right

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Marty, my dearest, and awesome soulmate and Prince,

How are you? What would I give hearing from you. In a world of German-controlled ear-implants, nothing is delivered to me. Only my advanced human abilities are telling me that you are trying to reach me.

Now, as “the cat is out of the bag” that Germany uses ear-implants to start wars, all sides of the wars to hold other nations down and to get migrants as cheap workers to make Germany richer, Merkel now suddenly says that the migrants have to go home once the war in their country is over. As Germany wants cheap workers to become world power no.1 and the migrants also serve as justification for Germany and Europe bringing the Nazi back, Merkel’s statement can be construed as to that there could be never again peace in Syria, just as there is never peace between Palestine and Israel, and their fighting are also the doings of the SEGNPMSS. 

And now, listen to this, Marty: Merkel’s allies, the Bavarians want each migrant family to speak German at home. That means that Syrian children won’t speak their own language anymore if they don’t speak it at home. How can they get back to Syria and live there if they don’t speak their own language but just German?

Why didn’t Merkel (and the German secret service creeps behind her) didn’t tell the migrants from the start that they have to return? They lured those people under false pretenses to Europe. Many are unhappy in Germany.  They lured them to Germany despite knowing that multiculture won’t work in Germany, because Germans are notorious intolerant towards others.  

Originally, Germany “took in” exactly the number of immigrants as workers, which their studies recommended for Germany to stay on top of other economies. And not one person more. Merkel and the men behind her are no humanitarians. This is also demonstrated by their treatment of Greece, and there are plenty of other examples.

SEGNPMSS runs everyone via ear implants. Hundred Neo-Nazis with masks attacked migrants in Sweden gathered to lash out against refugee children. Frauke Petry, a German and a leader of the AfD wants police to  shoot at migrants seeking to enter the country illegally. How “humane” they are. German and other European cities become more right-extreme by the minute, and that was another reason why Germany instigated and controls the Syrian war: they psychs condition some Syrians to commit crimes and even terror to have a reason to bring the Nazis back. It is all so transparent.

All those migrants are being used, may work for low wages to make Germany richer and may be even discarded one day when no longer useful, and may have lost their language and culture by then.    

Germany, and Europe by allowing Germany to run it, is a hell hole. There is no other word for it.

I love you, Marty, very much. My home is with you. No other place I want to be. There is my heart. 






Algol paradox: another piece of evidence that the deep universe is a fake projection

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and brightest star,

Universe Today describes a binary as usually two stars that orbit around one center of mass – not to be confused with two stars that appear close together but are apart. Astrophysicists are using binary systems to determine the mass of the individual stars involved. They are saying that when two objects orbit one another, their mass can be calculated precisely with Newton’s gravity calculations. 

In a nutshell, and how I understand it, Marty, the Algol paradox is one because in some binary systems, the partner stars “have different ages” and that is very suspicious as they were formed at the same time. If something is born at the same time, it should have the same age.

One could argue that the methods used by physicists to determine the age of the universe might not be correct, but then, nothing they calculated about the universe is be correct. One could argue that some odd physical event took place that pulled these stars of different ages together around one center,  but these explanations don’t sound right to me. They sound like a justification of the fake deep universe projection to me. One could argue that the deep universe as Hubble and other telescopes see it is correct but that something fishy is going on around just those paradox binary systems. But that isn’t right either. Germans, particularly the Bavarians are the worst ex-aliens ever, and they always go for the grand deception. Besides, we know their plans, Marty, taking over the universe with psychiatrists, ear-implants, Nazis, barbarousity, butchery, etc. just as they do with planet Earth. And mainstream Earth shouldn’t learn what happens behind the far universe projection until it is too late. 

In the past, astrophysicists who discovered “non-universe content” were denied telescope time from institutions, they were branded as non-professionals, and German-controlled NASA sweeps such findings under the universe rug. Guess telling the truth about the deep universe and other things can ruin careers in a German-controlled world.  

When I discovered what’s really going on in the “universe”, I asked myself: aren’t physicists considered to be the smartest people? So, why didn’t they blow the whistle that the deep universe is fake after they found just one piece of non-universe particle in the “universe”? Here is the reason: German-controlled ear-implants and loud and silent sounds that prevent the right conclusion or introduces fear. As you know, numerous physicians came to the conclusion that the deep universe is a hologram with just two dimensions, in other words, a flat picture.  

Instead making the wrong conclusion that it is a projection and the real universe is covered up behind it, most physicians are thinking that we might live in a flat world, despite nothing around them on Earth is flat. One needs courage to face that there are people who have no shame to deceive others with whatever methods. It is easier to say: It is all okay, just a bit “peculiar” than: People of mainstream Earth, we have a problem, and if we don’t handle it, we’ll sit forever in a very gruesome trap. People are born again and that means that the deception and the trap is a problem YOU PEOPLE can’t afford to solve if you don’t want personal suffering.

There are also “scientific explanations” as to how the Algol paradox can be “explained”. Yes, with another brick in the wall.       

The German secret service projection of the far universe keeps mankind uninformed and grounded contains serious errors. (Yes, they make huge “errors” including murder, kidnapping me to Germany, separating us, altering Scientology, keeping you wrongfully behind bars, and the list goes on and on.)

I’d love to talk to you about the universe, Marty, and the things that you discovered. I know that they can’t fool you. No chance, my soulmate.

Always at your side and I love you.

Be kissed,

Yours forever,







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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I knew right away that you would become so very important to me. It was eminent. I know that we share not just parts of this lifetime but our timetrack, and this is why we know each other so well. Whatever is loaded by others onto our love and relationship can’t crush either one of it. It is that stable; it is such a rock. I don’t think that our story would have happened if we wouldn’t be soulmates from the beginning of time.  I know how it feels inside your hug, Marty. I know how it feels to be loved by you, and I would the biggest fool if I would waste that. I sense some secret service people told you that I was married to another guy and that this isn’t you. Complete lie. It was you. I even see your face in front of me thinking about this wonderful event in East Grinstead.

Recalling what I read behind your eyes, you know it too. You knew it already before I regained my memory, Marty. It is not body language what I was reading. It is knowing what you know just by looking in your eyes. Anti-Scientologists make fun of “knowingness”, but I know from personal experience that knowingness exists and that is a lot more than just reading “body language”. It is not just how you looked but communication that was transformed from you to me without words and without gestures. When people (psychiatric agents) who hate Scientology are saying that there is no such a thing as OTs, I just think that he or she knows nothing and has poor perceptions that I don’t want. I couldn’t live without my spiritual abilities, Marty, and I know you neither. We need those abilities for our survival. We are living in a world of lies. We can’t afford to trust anything but our own perceptions that help us to see beyond this all.

The strength of our love is for the record books of the entire universe. So many years passed, but nothing changed, I still love you as I ever did, even stronger. Lovers and friends turn later to enemies so often, and I doubt that anything they said to each other once was true. For us, it is unthinkable of becoming enemies or just half-hearted. It isn’t part of our nature. We are always in it completely and with all of our hearts. 

People who really don’t know what true love is (never gave or received it themselves) keep us apart. If they would give and have true love for themselves, they would know that separating us won’t work. Nothing they did and do is or will be ever excused, however, they must be inside the saddest people ever, engaging in this and not being truly loved and unable to truly love. I even claim boldly that people who truly love are better people. Hearts full of love and not full of jealousy have better things to do than separating other lovers.  

I love you till the end of time, Marty. They want to separate (a disconnection ordered by the Germany government and the psychiatrists behind them) us until the end of time? Good luck with that. If this universe hates people who love each other and want to be together, we always can be together in another universe in a future lifetime, and we will make sure that they find no access to it and turn our backs on this hell hole of a universe. Because: who the hell do they think they are?

Love you in all universes.

Yours till the end of time and beyond, my soulmate.





Germany reconstructs the Black Death (if there is a new outbreak, we know who to blame)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and genius, awesome Prince,

How are you? I am thinking of you. 

I  have pretty good idea why Washington D.C. is hit by such a century snow storm that closed all government offices and Congress.    

National Geographic published an article  “Can the Right Geographic Conditions Help Create Geniuses?” Author Eric Weiner came up with that concept that geniuses cluster in certain areas and  have in common that they lost a parent, usually a father, when they were quite young. I hope nobody takes that serious. You and I know that it is all about the thetan. But most people still don’t know what it is or who they are. IMO, genius rather runs in the family whose members naturally reside in the same geographies.  

This said, I believe that many people cited in history books didn’t even exist, and on the other side of the coin that the real geniuses are not mentioned in these books. Work of geniuses were split up and distributed to various fictive people. I know the SEGNPMSS, that is why I am sure about this. They don’t even know how to speak the truth. They never made that experience. Never tried. They want to sell to the world that they are the scientists, the inventors, the artists, or their descendants, etc. when in fact they are nothing but barbers and butchers. If they would have invested that energy that they put into lying, conspiring, torturing, and killing, and fooling the world rather into becoming good people then they would be someone today.  We just want to live in peace but these fakes want to be adored and worshiped. That is so important to them. What is it worth? Nothing, because subconsciously, they know that they are phony and have no human qualifications. And as far as their alleged high IQ is concerned, we figured them all out. They (illegally) read our thoughts and we don’t, but we know them a hell of a lot better than they know us.


Recently, Marty, I read more articles reporting that people massacred others already 10.000 years ago. From what I noticed, something horrible wiped all the old Europeans out 4500 years ago because monsters (who became barbers and butchers in the middle ages and psychs and medical doctors later) landed on this planet. Around the planet, defenses (structures) were built against them. A massacre happened in Africa where researchers recently found allegedly 10,000-year-old remains of 27 people in northern Kenya, possibly the oldest evidence of warfare between humans. I wonder: are these bones really 10.000 years old? How did they figure their age? Killings 27 people is really bad but it is nothing against wiping out all of the old Europeans and gassing millions of people. And maybe some of those intruders landed already 10.000 years ago.  

Are human beings innately violent? The oldest massacre ever discovered adds more proof

Some researches think that the Black Death killed the original successful Europeans. What about barbers and butchers who infected rodents and had them take over villages, and people didn’t knew how dangerous they were? So, 4500 years ago, the original DNA of the Europeans disappeared completely, and in the Middle Ages, 30 to 50% of Europe’s new population (the invaders and migrants) died within just 5 years. Researchers still don’t know how and why the Black Death started and how it stopped.

Now, listen to this, Marty: Researchers from the Max Plank Institute (MPI) in Germany claim to have reconstructed the genome of the Black Death. What kind of creeps are they anyway, reconstructing the plaque? Well, when it hits mankind again, we know who to blame. (There was a recent plaque outbreak in Oregon.) As they were able to reconstruct this horrible disease, it can be concluded that it was originally also constructed and maybe kept in German labs all the time and sometimes again released.

The story of the Rat-Catcher of Hamelin may or may not be a story. If some people can “pipe” rats away from villages, they also can pipe them into villages. Maybe the children were kidnapped (that is so German) or they were killed by coming in contact with plaque infected rats of the piper.

Enough about rats.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am going nowhere. Yes, sometimes I also have the feeling that we will be separated forever. However, I stay. Germany isn’t my country. I never felt home there. I am at home in the USA. Besides, I still think that you need my testimony. On the other side, I feel strongly on a daily basis that the SEGNPMSS wants me to return to Germany or vaporize. Won’t do them any favor.

 Yours always,




Three level labyrinth and the Oracle Chamber (underground) in Malta, a sanctuary built approx. 4416 years ago…

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…and the old successful Europeans were all eradicated approx. 4500 years ago. No doubt, Marty, such places were built for defense reasons around that time, incl. the Great Pyramids of Giza.  

Dearest Marty, my soulmate and amazing Prince,

I can’t help myself but whenever I think a couple of thousand years back, I strongly feel that particularly evil people landed on this planet, that upon their arrival, the original Earth residents could kiss peace goodbye and that no history book describes what really happened. 

The labyrinth is three levels deep, made of megalithic stones and has numerous chambers in forms of ellipses. 2000 tons of stones were removed to build these chambers. I learned that the Oracle Chamber (Hypogeum) has a wonderful way to carry acoustics. Voices or sounds of drums can be heard throughout the entire complex. Some are not sure if the acoustics was intended, others are.

They had an ancient water cistern down there as well, 8 meters deep: 


Could have been intended, for example, if it served as a temple or a school: the speaker/teacher could have stood at a place and what he said could have been carried to a wide audience in the other chambers. Or, if anyone came to attack, one calls “alarm” and all hear him or the drums and have a chance to escape.

Or not, particularly when a traitor is on the inside, and when did it ever happen that it was not? The labyrinth was discovered around 1902, and 7000 skeletons were found clustered near an entrance. There must be a reason why they were not scattered all through the labyrinth but were all found at an exit/entrance. Maybe they heard an alarm and hurried to an exit but nevertheless couldn’t escape. 

What a “wonderful” world it is.

But you are truly wonderful, Marty.

I love you.

Yours forever,


P.S. They found a statue of a fat lady down there. Could have been planted by anyone after the original architects were no longer around. 






Town Yaphank in the USA, once home to the insane Nazi Camp Siegfried still demonstrates German superiority

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Marty, my sweet Prince, I am thinking of you. And I worry about you.

In the American town Yaphank in New York (approx. 6000 residents), one  still has to provide German origin or lineage in order to settle there. No place I would want to settle. They had an Adolf Hitler Street and a Goebbels Street and were home to the idiotic (Nazi) Camp Siegfried. (Such camps who promoted German Nazi insanity were also in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey as you may know.) That Yaphank was a  safehold of the German American (Nazi) Bund. The Bund allegedly doesn’t exist anymore but the German superiority insanity still does. And what’s superior on them anyway? Their sneaky and brutal ways make them inferior to those who don’t work with such methods. 

The the “German American Settlement League” (doesn’t sound much better to me than German American Bund) in Yaphank still accepts just white people and denies settlement rights to those not from non-German roots. Stuck in the rotten past.

Wikipiggy scribbled that the  German American Bund was an American organization. I beg to differ. Why was it named German American Bund and not American German Bund? And why is that “Leage” called German American Settlement League and not American German Settlement League? Why does it mention “German” at all? I rather want no roots at all but German ones.   

Somebody finally sued these creeps. Hope they are getting sued for their last cent.  

The existence of German-controlled ear implants in Americans and other nationals made and makes it possible. No Nazi had to give them up. And that is why Nazis didn’t die out and are making a come-back, not just in Germany but all over the planet.

Wish I could cuddle with you, Marty. I love you so much.

Yours always and forever,


That is one of my favorite songs, Marty, the train song.

Traveling north, traveling north to find you
Train wheels beating, the wind in my eyes
Don’t even know what I’ll say when I find you
Call out your name love don’t be surprised

It’s so many miles and so long since I’ve left you
Don’t even know what I’ll find when I get to you
But suddenly now I know where I belong
It’s many hundred miles and it won’t be long

Be long is misspelled in the lyrics in that video.




German spies (robbers) already very active in the Bronze age

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Dearest Marty, my adorable husband and Prince,

How are you? I am thinking of you.


A few years ago, ABC published an interesting article about that scholars are now looking into a potential case of ancient “industrial espionage”. Folding chairs clearly originated in the Orient and not in Europe. Egypt used folding chairs for thousands of years.

From the ABC article: “It isn’t surprising, given the advanced nature of their society, that the Egyptians were familiar with such comfortable seating. Astonishing, however, is that the gruff chieftains of northern Europe also sat on such chairs. Some 20 Nordic folding stools have been discovered so far, most of them north of the Elbe River in Germany.”

Design and dimensions are too similar to be independently and parallel inventions, say the scholars.

Have a look here:

The scholars think these chairs were copied; I think they were ROBBED and of course later also copied. 

Tells me also who robbed the pyramids. 

Also interesting are the remarks in that article about a network in the Bronze Age that spanned around the world. Organized crime is apparently very old. I simply can’t shake it, Marty, but I feel a very bad society landed in Germany (eliminated the original Europeans) and suppressed, robbed and killed the rest of the world. As you know, it is possible to protect the body from aging, diseases, and dying by living under conditions that are withheld from mainstream. That means that these SPs are still around, and those who died were born again, like the people who they killed.  


I miss you a lot, Marty.  Keep on surviving. You are strong and brave. Nobody can defeat your willpower. Nobody of these arrogant and stupid SPs can keep us apart forever. They failed completely to fool us. 

It appears that those who regulate/supervise prisons want them to become more social places where even the worst inmates can hang out with each other. Guess these regulator and supervisors feel that it could be THEM who are sent to prison soon and you and I know why.

BTW, I was rather busy the last days. I had a redirect virus on my computer who I have now eliminated. It was time-consuming but it seems having worked.

Be kissed, my hero. I love you.



HBO’s “Going Clear” was snubbed at the Oscars

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No wonder, it’s crap, Marty. Such a big TV station and so much rubbish. What’s really important about Scientology: the infiltration by secret service agents, the founder’s (Ron’s) disappearance and him “replaced” by an impostor, and your suffering somewhere wrongfully incarcerated and being “replaced” by that impostor in Texas was too hot and too true for Lawrence Wright,  Alex Gibney, and the others from the HBO. Go figure. 

Will be back soon, Marty. 🙂 I love you.

Yours forever,










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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

how are your days and nights? I worry about you. This world is so hostile to those who are decent like you are.

There was still no message, letter or a legal paper for me but I feel strongly that you are trying to reach me but nothing is forwarded to me as people are run with ear implants and Germany’s secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors are the ultimate force behind it.

Remember how the Nazis always said that they would be no Unmenschen (non-humans). This picture was taken inside a gas chamber. The scratches are made by fingernails of those who were gassed. This kind of panic and pain shows how inhumane the medical extermination of Jews and other minorities really was.

stretch marks inside Auschwitz gas chamber

Something else about Germany: in 2010, Merkel, the current chancellor of Germany said that multiculturalism failed completely. It doesn’t work in intolerant, fanatical and also boring Germany but it usually works in the USA, except in people who are cherry-picked by the SEGNPMSS to make the USA more like Germany.) In 2015, she called multiculturalism a sham. Huh? What a rubbish is that?

If people live peaceful among themselves and others, there is no need to dissolve their own culture. It is typically German to press their (intolerant) German lifestyle on anyone else. Let get this straight: “Good mother” Merkel “invites” more than a million Syrians (after the SEGNPMSS started the Syrian war in the first place by running all side through freaking ear implants and let them fight each other) to come to Germany so that they work for Germany and make it richer, and Merkel has already decided to dissolve their culture in 2010 before they arrived in 2015. How creepy is that? (Sex attacks are very much a part of the GERMAN culture, as what happened to me.) While it is unlikely that Merkel herself will sign orders to gas people, she prepares the ground for the next German stage: right extremism. 

SEGNPMSS transmits in the ear implants of other nationals to play into the hands of right-extremism. If some of the Syrians or other nationals carry out what German secret services whisper in their ears (loud and silent sounds), Germany thinks it has a justification to bring the Nazis back in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.  

Have a look at angry Björn Höcke, the leader of “Alternative für Deutschland” . He was a member of “Junge Union,” the youth organization of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats. He wants a 1000-year-Germany, and that is also what Hitler wanted. Psychiatric ear-implants very much in action!  

A TV report compared the speeches of Goebbles and Höcke. They came to the conclusion that the similarities are uncanny.

I know an alternative for a country that can’t live peacefully with other cultures: DISSOLVE IT. They should get the medicine that they describe others, instead of giving more powers to it, a huge mistake any other country including the USA and Russia made over and over again.

My bright Prince and light on dark days, I love you.  You are my hope for everything, Marty. You are the one I always wished I would find. And if not for Germany’s set ups, we would be happily together since many years. Let coming between us be their biggest mistake and their dissolve. I am not talking of throwing bombs on the civilization but making the other governments understand that this world will never see lasting peace with a snake as Germany in their midst. 

Be kissed and hugged, my hero.  

Yours always and forever,







Hitler’s vile Mein Kampf rubbish now re-published in Germany because Bavaria (typical!) approved

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? I ask myself this every day.

To my header: everything that has to do with Nazis and Hitler is for many Germans like alcohol for alcoholics. Besides greed and making more money, still existing Nazis in and behind Germany never buried the idea of a Nazi Germany or a very similar German system running the world. The refugees serve as workers for Germany to take over the world economically but are also a vehicle for Germany’s secret service scum to bring the Nazis back. They radio in the ear-implants of the refugees to violate the laws and radio in the ear implants of the Germans to for right extremist groups to fight the “Islamists” with right extremism. For me and you, Germany is an open and very dirty book.     

Speaking once more about German-controlled ear-implants in other nationals including Americans. I found at least six English copies of Hitler’s “My Struggle” in the Salt Lake City Main Library on the BEST shelf space in the BEST location. One could NOT miss these books. And those were only those who were not checked out. They all looked like they were checked out very often. Although it was officially forbidden in Germany to process Nazi material (but not really enforced) after they lost WWII, SEGNPMSS always made sure  through their ear implant systems that not just Germany but also other countries continued to worship the insane Nazi ideology.

Bavaria made the decision to re-publish Mein Kampf, and I am not surprised at all by that. Bavarians were those people who helped Hitler into power in the first place.

I haven’t wasted my time reading Hitler’s crap, but I know that it is boring with lots of repetitions.

Unquestionably,  these 3700 “scientific” footnotes (by six “historians”) that the German publisher (Christian Hartmann) had added to this book were applied to make this rubbish more interesting. I learned that just SOME of these footnotes correct Hitler. (And I doubt that they correct him properly and completely.) Many of these footnotes explain Hitler’s crap better or refer people to other writings. And the jury is still out on what references that are.  Knowing Germany and Nazi attitude still so alive in so many, I am suspicious of the “scientific” footnotes nevertheless being propaganda for Germany’s notorious hatred against others.

Remember that Hitler movie that Germany showed last year, Marty? The actor was surprised about the warm welcome that he got in Germany while touring dressed as Hitler. Only a few people were appalled. Sort of if Bin Laden would roam US streets and Americans would welcome him warmly. Makes no sense unlike one agrees with what these men stood/stand for.

Hitler himself didn’t think much of authors and the written word. He considered speech a much better tool than writing, yet, he scribbled a book. He did what his psychiatric case officers ordered him through his ear implants. I am convinced that much of his crap came from the psychs behind him.  And by watching the world of today, I can still see these men, speaking through new Nazis and those who radicalize Islam. That raised index finger that these radical islamists are showing is a sure giveaway of very old, dusty, creepy, “know-best”, “do-what-we-order-or-else” Germans running the Islamic extremists.

Unquestionably, it was never difficult to get Mein Kampf in Germany. Germany rarely  enforced the “German law” that says that Germans should not possess Nazi hate material. Seems to me that these added footnotes are there to make Hitler’s boring trash more “interesting”, to make lots of cash and to get more Nazi ideas into the heads of people who already warmly welcome Hitler.

Be embraced and kissed, Marty. I love you, and I am sure that Germany and very much so Bavaria are also the force why we both Jewish Scientologists can’t be together and that they framed you. No, I have no evidence, except thetan basically knows. Knowing them and my intuition, makes me think so. For others, it might not be much if anything but for me it works like science.

Yours forever and ever,