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A good new year, Marty… My love is steady as a rock and will find you, and nothing will ever change this

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and remarkable husband,

A new year has begun and despite all alienation attempts, my hope of finding that bridge over troubled water for save passage to each other, still remains and is strong. Nothing can kill this love and nothing can steal my hope. These feelings are divine. They are coming from above. After all we have been through (together and/or alone) but still haven’t changed a bit during these many years, didn’t settle for somebody else as most others would have done or even turned against each other like many others do, is the clear answer that our love is godly. Love itself wants us to win. Nothing feels more natural to me than a life with you or alternatively living alone but with the hope of finding you. The conspirators against us don’t know what they are up against. Turning the entire world against us will never end our love.

One should think that after all we have been through that we should be angry at God. But that is not what is happening. My relationship with God is so much more personal since I discovered that you, me, and some good others are the target of this vast German-controlled psychiatric conspiracy and set up. And in order to understand him, and why he doesn’t just appear on the horizon to tell people to be decent and show some of his abilities, I put myself in his shoes. That was the best idea that I ever had to explain God. There are reasons why he avoids the spotlight and appears inactive to so many.

Interestingly, however, on a private level, he is anything but inactive. I can feel him and I know you can too, Marty. There were enough situations all throughout my life, where I could tell beyond any doubts that we are not alone. And this beautiful and caring personality who wants us to survive and win  is purely spiritual. Some may say that due to the traumas we have been through that we mock-up such a being  like an invisible friend in order to have somebody when the world is yet again gruesome to us. But this is not the case.

Also in the few moments when life was/is not just pain, harassment, and stress, I felt this loving spiritual personality around me. Most of the time, I can’t really differentiate between him and I as we seem to merge or are one, and it is so since I can remember.

When I grew up, there was no Internet, we had no TV, we had no money for newspapers and magazines. German psychs had erased my memory to Ron and Scientology COMPLETELY, yet, as little girl, I suddenly painted the Dianetics book cover. I still have this drawing. How did I know of it? Another day, I painted a picture of a bird in a net in a tree but seen from above. I never saw a bird in a net in a tree above before that, never climbed a tree before that, never saw a photo of a tree with a bird in the net from a sky perspective. How could I have possibly gotten the perspective of a bird in a net in a tree SEEN FROM ABOVE?

How was I able to recall that I am Ron’s daughter, and that you and I are married, Marty? How is it possible that I can see the difference between impostors and the originals when others don’t? How do I know that you are wrongfully locked up and so much more?

Miracles piled high, that is what it is.

I love you, my precious soulmate. Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Our love will not die. People can load onto it what they want. They can all rip at it and trying to destroy it. It is meant to stay for all eternity. Our marriage was indeed a match made in heaven.

Yours forever,








Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 1, 2016 at 6:08 am

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