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Hate propaganda against Scientology by the anti-Scientology media, blogs, and forums creates violence

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful Prince,

How are you?

You probably heard or read it already, a man is charged for threats to murder the Church of Scientology leadership and “every single member”, that includes us too as we never stopped being Scientologists.

I can smell the German stench behind not just the woman who drove in a Scientology building but also behind  this man Andre Barkan or Barkanov who made the mass murder threats. Germany hides behind all ear implants and runs all people and cowardly hides behinds a  Russian and others. This piece of garbage was arrested and is behind bars since December 17. He’s being held in an L.A. County jail in lieu of $600,000 bail on 12 felony counts. 

I wondered if police would have gone after him if he didn’t impersonate two police men before.

Ammunition was found in his apartment. The media should think twice before beating up against Scientology. The man never had anything to do with Scientology and got his hatred from media reports against Scientology. This is how Germany, their and international psychs wants to “finish” Scientology.

Another sign that still existing Germans are behind the mass murder threats against Scientology is because that threat maker refers to himself or is referred to “Jewish business man”. Typical Germany to claim so or recruit somebody like this for such a despicable activity.  

Man charged for threats to murder Church of Scientology leadership & ‘every single’ member

I am kind of tired today, had a sleepless night. Slept one hour and dreamed that my house was flooded and a guy stopped me physically to turn off the water line  to my home. In my dream, my home was already two feet under water. Then I finally woke up. I know that these dreams are sent by medical terrorists, just as sleepless nights. I think of you, Marty, and I love you.

I leave you today with great swing music.

Yours forever,


0:00 – Tape Five – bad boy good man
3:36 – Alice Francis – st james ballroom
7:10 – Caravan Palace – Brotherswing
10:45 – Segment – Clap Your Hands, Do the Jive
14:25 – Grant Lazlo – It Hurts
17:50 – Parov Stelar – All Night
23:30 – Parov Stelar – The Sun
29:05 – Swingrowers – Senza Ciatu
34:25 – Swingrowers – This is Swing
40:15 – Parov Stelar – The Sun
45:40 – Swingrowers – Senza Ciatu
50:55 – Swingrowers – This is Swing
56:30 – Proleter – Faidherbe Square
1:00:00 – ? feat. The Benny Goodman Trio – Puttin’ on the Ritz
1:03:50 – Parov Stelar – All Night remix
1:06:22 – Jamie Berry – Sweet Rascal
1:10:10 – Jamie Berry – Delight
1:15:15 – Jamie Berry – Dirty Stop out
1:17:55 – Jamie Berry – Out of My Mind
1:21:48 – Tape Five – Gipsy VIP
1:24:30 – Jamie Berry – Magic
1:28:25 – Alice Francis – Get A Wiggle On
1:31:50 – Freshsteps – Yeah (Usher cover)
1:35:20 – Freshsteps – Poker Face (GaGa cover)




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