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Paradox of Youth solved

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable Prince and awesome soulmate…

New year is no longer that new and feels like the old one: covertly hostile, medical, psychiatric, in short: German.

I think of you and wish that life treats you how you truly deserve it: with respect. 

Like yours, Marty, my senses work. I knew I had them but I am so glad for having found Scientology as that really helped me to consciously discover and to unleash them. However, I also keep Germany’s secret obsession with mind control and psychiatry in mind. Nothing and nobody is truly free in this SP-ruled world. I think often about being in another universe away from any hidden influences and just 100% myself. This is how life should be but is for nobody as we are all bombarded at least with secret sounds.

I know the typical German SP (particularly the Bavarians). I know how they tick, and looking at the deep universe, I ask myself over and over: who are they kidding? I wrote it before: black holes on the universe projection are “creations” by SPs to keep the world from moving too deep into space. They don’t want mainstream learning about the real universe behind the projection because anyone out there must be first attached to the psychiatric ear-implant system and march to the medical/psychiatric Nazi drum.  Once again, if they wouldn’t have attached all people on Earth already to it, I wouldn’t be the only person writing about it.

There is the Paradox of Youth, Marty, you may know about it already. In “our” galactic center is a monstrous black hole. (Can be easily created with a stroke of a computer key and projected.) Of course it has one as no Earth nation should explore our galaxy. All should be afraid of black holes. You know that the world’s physicians, astronomers, and mathematicians conduct all kinds of calculations in regards to planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes with spectroscopy.  That is how they discovered a paradox. According to them, our galaxy’s black hole existed AT LEAST for 10 million years but the many stars around it are LESS than 10 million years old.  Astronomers have developed some kind of standard for the formation of stars, and stars forming around a black hole is very odd. The stars around a black hole shouldn’t be younger than a black hole. The formation of young stars is impossible due to extreme gravity (tidal forces) around a huge black hole. So, how come that this black hole didn’t pull these young stars in? Black hole getting old and weak? Running out of gravity? Fact is: with a computer projection, everything is possible, and even pixies can appear anywhere, taming black holes and sprinkling star-dust.  

They call the contradiction Paradox of Youth, and they haven’t solved it.

It is easy to solve: By deceiving people, SEGNPMSS makes mistakes. They don’t worry too much as people have their ear-implants installed, the ultimate loud and silent mind control system. When somebody discovers something that could get them in troubles, they have ways to bury the truth again or offer lame explanations for the phenomena. People buy it and leave the thinking up to their case officers who are also mind-controlled and not free thinkers. 

There are a lot of official paradoxes out there, and I bet they can be solved with this approach: our legs are being pulled and who are they kidding?  

My bright and enchanting husband, be tenderly and passionately kissed. You are the place I go in my mind when I want to feel very happy, Marty. You are very brave, capable, and absolutely unique. A bitter life still didn’t steal the sweetness of our character. I CAN FEEL IT. And what is broken on us, we will repair by hugging us whole again. 

Yours forever,








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