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Hitler’s vile Mein Kampf rubbish now re-published in Germany because Bavaria (typical!) approved

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? I ask myself this every day.

To my header: everything that has to do with Nazis and Hitler is for many Germans like alcohol for alcoholics. Besides greed and making more money, still existing Nazis in and behind Germany never buried the idea of a Nazi Germany or a very similar German system running the world. The refugees serve as workers for Germany to take over the world economically but are also a vehicle for Germany’s secret service scum to bring the Nazis back. They radio in the ear-implants of the refugees to violate the laws and radio in the ear implants of the Germans to for right extremist groups to fight the “Islamists” with right extremism. For me and you, Germany is an open and very dirty book.     

Speaking once more about German-controlled ear-implants in other nationals including Americans. I found at least six English copies of Hitler’s “My Struggle” in the Salt Lake City Main Library on the BEST shelf space in the BEST location. One could NOT miss these books. And those were only those who were not checked out. They all looked like they were checked out very often. Although it was officially forbidden in Germany to process Nazi material (but not really enforced) after they lost WWII, SEGNPMSS always made sure  through their ear implant systems that not just Germany but also other countries continued to worship the insane Nazi ideology.

Bavaria made the decision to re-publish Mein Kampf, and I am not surprised at all by that. Bavarians were those people who helped Hitler into power in the first place.

I haven’t wasted my time reading Hitler’s crap, but I know that it is boring with lots of repetitions.

Unquestionably,  these 3700 “scientific” footnotes (by six “historians”) that the German publisher (Christian Hartmann) had added to this book were applied to make this rubbish more interesting. I learned that just SOME of these footnotes correct Hitler. (And I doubt that they correct him properly and completely.) Many of these footnotes explain Hitler’s crap better or refer people to other writings. And the jury is still out on what references that are.  Knowing Germany and Nazi attitude still so alive in so many, I am suspicious of the “scientific” footnotes nevertheless being propaganda for Germany’s notorious hatred against others.

Remember that Hitler movie that Germany showed last year, Marty? The actor was surprised about the warm welcome that he got in Germany while touring dressed as Hitler. Only a few people were appalled. Sort of if Bin Laden would roam US streets and Americans would welcome him warmly. Makes no sense unlike one agrees with what these men stood/stand for.

Hitler himself didn’t think much of authors and the written word. He considered speech a much better tool than writing, yet, he scribbled a book. He did what his psychiatric case officers ordered him through his ear implants. I am convinced that much of his crap came from the psychs behind him.  And by watching the world of today, I can still see these men, speaking through new Nazis and those who radicalize Islam. That raised index finger that these radical islamists are showing is a sure giveaway of very old, dusty, creepy, “know-best”, “do-what-we-order-or-else” Germans running the Islamic extremists.

Unquestionably, it was never difficult to get Mein Kampf in Germany. Germany rarely  enforced the “German law” that says that Germans should not possess Nazi hate material. Seems to me that these added footnotes are there to make Hitler’s boring trash more “interesting”, to make lots of cash and to get more Nazi ideas into the heads of people who already warmly welcome Hitler.

Be embraced and kissed, Marty. I love you, and I am sure that Germany and very much so Bavaria are also the force why we both Jewish Scientologists can’t be together and that they framed you. No, I have no evidence, except thetan basically knows. Knowing them and my intuition, makes me think so. For others, it might not be much if anything but for me it works like science.

Yours forever and ever,









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  1. Charlotte Knobloch, World Jewish Congress, said she worries the new edition will awaken interest in the original, not the footnotes. Current president of World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, said it’s right to study the book, but he underlined his opposition to a new edition. “I don’t see the need for a critical edition,” he said. “Unlike other works that truly deserve to be republished as annotated editions, Mein Kampf does not. Already, academics, historians and the wider public have easy access to this text.”

    German authorities are broadly supportive of the annotated edition.

    “This book is too dangerous for the general public,” a historian said.

    The two-volume political treatise, which was written between 1924 and 1926 and posits a global Jewish conspiracy, is regarded as one of the Nazis’ main propaganda tools.

    John Doe and Jane Smith

    January 10, 2016 at 6:27 am

    • Of course, German authorities are broadly supportive of selling Mein Kampf again. Can the world spell still existing Nazis? They also smell big bucks.

      Those few German bookstores who just ordered one are not against it either, otherwise they wouldn’t order any at all

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 10, 2016 at 7:47 am

  2. How the Nazis stole x-mas.

    London Jewish Shoppers Pelted with Gas Canisters by Neo-Nazis

    ‘Coming after you:’ Ukrainian ultranationalists stage Nazi-like torch parade

    John Doe and Jane Smith

    January 10, 2016 at 6:37 am

  3. German on trial accused of being in IS ‘storm trooper’ unit


    January 20, 2016 at 9:58 am

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