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Dearest Marty, my one and only, 

how are your days and nights? I worry about you. This world is so hostile to those who are decent like you are.

There was still no message, letter or a legal paper for me but I feel strongly that you are trying to reach me but nothing is forwarded to me as people are run with ear implants and Germany’s secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors are the ultimate force behind it.

Remember how the Nazis always said that they would be no Unmenschen (non-humans). This picture was taken inside a gas chamber. The scratches are made by fingernails of those who were gassed. This kind of panic and pain shows how inhumane the medical extermination of Jews and other minorities really was.

stretch marks inside Auschwitz gas chamber

Something else about Germany: in 2010, Merkel, the current chancellor of Germany said that multiculturalism failed completely. It doesn’t work in intolerant, fanatical and also boring Germany but it usually works in the USA, except in people who are cherry-picked by the SEGNPMSS to make the USA more like Germany.) In 2015, she called multiculturalism a sham. Huh? What a rubbish is that?

If people live peaceful among themselves and others, there is no need to dissolve their own culture. It is typically German to press their (intolerant) German lifestyle on anyone else. Let get this straight: “Good mother” Merkel “invites” more than a million Syrians (after the SEGNPMSS started the Syrian war in the first place by running all side through freaking ear implants and let them fight each other) to come to Germany so that they work for Germany and make it richer, and Merkel has already decided to dissolve their culture in 2010 before they arrived in 2015. How creepy is that? (Sex attacks are very much a part of the GERMAN culture, as what happened to me.) While it is unlikely that Merkel herself will sign orders to gas people, she prepares the ground for the next German stage: right extremism. 

SEGNPMSS transmits in the ear implants of other nationals to play into the hands of right-extremism. If some of the Syrians or other nationals carry out what German secret services whisper in their ears (loud and silent sounds), Germany thinks it has a justification to bring the Nazis back in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.  

Have a look at angry Björn Höcke, the leader of “Alternative für Deutschland” . He was a member of “Junge Union,” the youth organization of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats. He wants a 1000-year-Germany, and that is also what Hitler wanted. Psychiatric ear-implants very much in action!  

A TV report compared the speeches of Goebbles and Höcke. They came to the conclusion that the similarities are uncanny.

I know an alternative for a country that can’t live peacefully with other cultures: DISSOLVE IT. They should get the medicine that they describe others, instead of giving more powers to it, a huge mistake any other country including the USA and Russia made over and over again.

My bright Prince and light on dark days, I love you.  You are my hope for everything, Marty. You are the one I always wished I would find. And if not for Germany’s set ups, we would be happily together since many years. Let coming between us be their biggest mistake and their dissolve. I am not talking of throwing bombs on the civilization but making the other governments understand that this world will never see lasting peace with a snake as Germany in their midst. 

Be kissed and hugged, my hero.  

Yours always and forever,








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  1. Barbara I am very interested in your story and am working on a documentary. I would love to have a chat with you. Please email me

    gabrielle zieden

    January 13, 2016 at 9:26 am

    • Hi Gabriella,

      Thanks for your comment/message on my blog.

      If you are looking for people who claim that they had to “Survive Scientology”, I am the wrong address. I am very glad that I found Scientology. My problem is with the non-Scientologists who infiltrated Scientology to change it from the great place of wisdom and kindness that it once was.



      Barbara Schwarz

      January 14, 2016 at 4:28 am

      • I am sorry if you got the wrong impression. We are looking for people to share their experiences both good and bad.

        We are looking for people who are interested in sharing their stories in an open and honest way, allowing our audience to draw their own conclusions from these experiences

        This is an incredibly difficult show to put together that has the potential to have an incredible impact on all the people involved as well as our audience. I would also love the opportunity to chat with you on the phone and ask you a few questions.

        I promise not to take up too much of your time. I hope you are having a happy and healthy new year.

        Gabby Zieden

        gabrielle zieden

        January 14, 2016 at 5:00 am

      • Hi again, Gabby,

        I am afraid that I missed the information for which media outlet you are researching.

        What I know about Scientology and those who infiltrate, alter, and destroy it, does not fit into a program of “I had good and bad experiences”. I didn’t disconnect from anyone and nobody disconnected from me. I am in constant contact with my family.

        What I have to say is a lot and turns everything on its head about what people (all sides) claim about Scientology. David Miscavige is just one problem. Many of the people who split away from Scientology are secret service agents and never were Scientologists despite that some hung out in the Scientology orgs for years or even decades.

        Your viewers might be in tears about some “fates”, yet, it might be just a secret service program and both side of the “controversy” working hand in hand. While these agents were “inside”, they lied being Scientologists, behaved in questionable conduct and blame now their own non-Scientology conduct on Scientology. Today, some of them who left claim that they are ex-Scientologists. But they never applied Scientology. They are not Exes. They just did what their secret service ordered them to do: infiltrating and altering of Scientology. Religions including religious philosophies are secret service targets.

        I don’t want to appear with these secret service agents in the same TV or radio program nor with people who still claim being Scientologists but rather follow the changed writing of the man who was the impostor of the founder of Scientology. That’s right. Impostor.

        I named the impostor of the founder “Jack Vistaril” as it was him not the founder who died in 1986 with Vistaril in his behind. If you google “Jack Vistaril”, you’ll find plenty of information on him.

        That’s what reporters should write about. So many TV and radio stations, magazines or newspapers reported already on the topics that you named in your message to me. But no TV stations or magazine or newspaper reported about the secret services that infiltrated Scientology and even “replaced” (other word for murder) the founder.

        Look at the photos and see yourself. This is not the same man.

        The founder of Scientology is not the only person who disappeared and was replaced by a doppelganger.

        Have another look at my blog. The first picture shows the original Marty, a very decent person, and the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. He disappeared by the end of 1988 and never surfaced again.

        The second photo shows his impostor “Monique’s husband” or “Mosey’s husband” who is currently married (his 3rd marriage as far as I know) to a woman named Monique in Texas. (He married her using a wrong birth date, and Mike Rinder who married them is no minister of any church.)

        In below picture he poses in the Sea Org jacket of the original Marty. Take notice how he turns his upper body (shoulder) towards the camera so that the (same) ribbons are visible. He is an impostor and reporters should investigate how did he got the position and why. Most importantly, an investigative reporter should investigate what happened to the original Marty.

        Here are the photos. See for yourself:

        I am not fitting in that program of yours, Gabby; however, I welcome you to research the subjects that I approached.

        Happy New Year also to you.

        Kind regards,


        Barbara Schwarz

        January 14, 2016 at 5:22 pm

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