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Town Yaphank in the USA, once home to the insane Nazi Camp Siegfried still demonstrates German superiority

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Marty, my sweet Prince, I am thinking of you. And I worry about you.

In the American town Yaphank in New York (approx. 6000 residents), one  still has to provide German origin or lineage in order to settle there. No place I would want to settle. They had an Adolf Hitler Street and a Goebbels Street and were home to the idiotic (Nazi) Camp Siegfried. (Such camps who promoted German Nazi insanity were also in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey as you may know.) That Yaphank was a  safehold of the German American (Nazi) Bund. The Bund allegedly doesn’t exist anymore but the German superiority insanity still does. And what’s superior on them anyway? Their sneaky and brutal ways make them inferior to those who don’t work with such methods. 

The the “German American Settlement League” (doesn’t sound much better to me than German American Bund) in Yaphank still accepts just white people and denies settlement rights to those not from non-German roots. Stuck in the rotten past.

Wikipiggy scribbled that the  German American Bund was an American organization. I beg to differ. Why was it named German American Bund and not American German Bund? And why is that “Leage” called German American Settlement League and not American German Settlement League? Why does it mention “German” at all? I rather want no roots at all but German ones.   

Somebody finally sued these creeps. Hope they are getting sued for their last cent.  

The existence of German-controlled ear implants in Americans and other nationals made and makes it possible. No Nazi had to give them up. And that is why Nazis didn’t die out and are making a come-back, not just in Germany but all over the planet.

Wish I could cuddle with you, Marty. I love you so much.

Yours always and forever,


That is one of my favorite songs, Marty, the train song.

Traveling north, traveling north to find you
Train wheels beating, the wind in my eyes
Don’t even know what I’ll say when I find you
Call out your name love don’t be surprised

It’s so many miles and so long since I’ve left you
Don’t even know what I’ll find when I get to you
But suddenly now I know where I belong
It’s many hundred miles and it won’t be long

Be long is misspelled in the lyrics in that video.




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  1. Pediga movement in Germany demonstrates with banners saying “stop multiculture”. Chancellor Angela Merkel concedes that German multiculturalism has “failed utterly.”

    On the other hand, 95-year-old Hubert Zafke who has dementia, former SS member and medic will go on trial in Germany next month accused of assisting in the mass murder of Auschwitz death camp inmates. He was around when lovely Anne Frank died.


    January 18, 2016 at 5:05 am

    • Yeah, think about it: Merkel said that multiculturalism has “failed utterly” but she “invites” millions of people of other cultures to work for Germany to make it richer. SHE KNEW THAT WHEN THEY COME, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP THEIR CULTURE! What does this say about Merkel?

      Also, German secret services knows exactly where everyone is. They allowed Nazis to live in freedom for 70 years and just have them go to trial when they are old and have dementia and can’t spill the beans anymore who was truly behind the Nazis and ear implants: German psychiatrists and medical doctors!

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 19, 2016 at 4:18 am

  2. Refugees weep as German protesters shout ‘go home’

    A video has emerged showing a hundreds of men blocking a bus full of visibly shaken refugees in Germany, chanting “we are the people” and demanding that those on-board go home

    Edna Holuiday

    February 20, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    • The photos of that refugee family at the Greek Macedonia border is heartbreaking. And all that because Germany is the force behind the Syrian war (secretly running all sides to it) to get Syrian workers to make Germany richer and at the same having a justification to bring the Nazis back why ordering some refugees executing provocations.

      As far as the alleged American student is concerned who ‘confesses’ to ‘severe’ crimes against North Korea, he might be born on American soil but he looks German, has a very German first and last name, his parents are German and I can see German-controlled ear implants trying to provoke a war between the USA and North Korea.

      He is an “Economic Major” and steals a sign to help the very severe financial difficulties of his family? Give me a break. Did he win his Economic Major in the lottery?

      Behind all this is a German secret service set up to provoke a nuclear war.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 29, 2016 at 7:34 am

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