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Germany reconstructs the Black Death (if there is a new outbreak, we know who to blame)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and genius, awesome Prince,

How are you? I am thinking of you. 

I  have pretty good idea why Washington D.C. is hit by such a century snow storm that closed all government offices and Congress.    

National Geographic published an article  “Can the Right Geographic Conditions Help Create Geniuses?” Author Eric Weiner came up with that concept that geniuses cluster in certain areas and  have in common that they lost a parent, usually a father, when they were quite young. I hope nobody takes that serious. You and I know that it is all about the thetan. But most people still don’t know what it is or who they are. IMO, genius rather runs in the family whose members naturally reside in the same geographies.  

This said, I believe that many people cited in history books didn’t even exist, and on the other side of the coin that the real geniuses are not mentioned in these books. Work of geniuses were split up and distributed to various fictive people. I know the SEGNPMSS, that is why I am sure about this. They don’t even know how to speak the truth. They never made that experience. Never tried. They want to sell to the world that they are the scientists, the inventors, the artists, or their descendants, etc. when in fact they are nothing but barbers and butchers. If they would have invested that energy that they put into lying, conspiring, torturing, and killing, and fooling the world rather into becoming good people then they would be someone today.  We just want to live in peace but these fakes want to be adored and worshiped. That is so important to them. What is it worth? Nothing, because subconsciously, they know that they are phony and have no human qualifications. And as far as their alleged high IQ is concerned, we figured them all out. They (illegally) read our thoughts and we don’t, but we know them a hell of a lot better than they know us.


Recently, Marty, I read more articles reporting that people massacred others already 10.000 years ago. From what I noticed, something horrible wiped all the old Europeans out 4500 years ago because monsters (who became barbers and butchers in the middle ages and psychs and medical doctors later) landed on this planet. Around the planet, defenses (structures) were built against them. A massacre happened in Africa where researchers recently found allegedly 10,000-year-old remains of 27 people in northern Kenya, possibly the oldest evidence of warfare between humans. I wonder: are these bones really 10.000 years old? How did they figure their age? Killings 27 people is really bad but it is nothing against wiping out all of the old Europeans and gassing millions of people. And maybe some of those intruders landed already 10.000 years ago.  

Are human beings innately violent? The oldest massacre ever discovered adds more proof

Some researches think that the Black Death killed the original successful Europeans. What about barbers and butchers who infected rodents and had them take over villages, and people didn’t knew how dangerous they were? So, 4500 years ago, the original DNA of the Europeans disappeared completely, and in the Middle Ages, 30 to 50% of Europe’s new population (the invaders and migrants) died within just 5 years. Researchers still don’t know how and why the Black Death started and how it stopped.

Now, listen to this, Marty: Researchers from the Max Plank Institute (MPI) in Germany claim to have reconstructed the genome of the Black Death. What kind of creeps are they anyway, reconstructing the plaque? Well, when it hits mankind again, we know who to blame. (There was a recent plaque outbreak in Oregon.) As they were able to reconstruct this horrible disease, it can be concluded that it was originally also constructed and maybe kept in German labs all the time and sometimes again released.

The story of the Rat-Catcher of Hamelin may or may not be a story. If some people can “pipe” rats away from villages, they also can pipe them into villages. Maybe the children were kidnapped (that is so German) or they were killed by coming in contact with plaque infected rats of the piper.

Enough about rats.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am going nowhere. Yes, sometimes I also have the feeling that we will be separated forever. However, I stay. Germany isn’t my country. I never felt home there. I am at home in the USA. Besides, I still think that you need my testimony. On the other side, I feel strongly on a daily basis that the SEGNPMSS wants me to return to Germany or vaporize. Won’t do them any favor.

 Yours always,





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