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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I knew right away that you would become so very important to me. It was eminent. I know that we share not just parts of this lifetime but our timetrack, and this is why we know each other so well. Whatever is loaded by others onto our love and relationship can’t crush either one of it. It is that stable; it is such a rock. I don’t think that our story would have happened if we wouldn’t be soulmates from the beginning of time.  I know how it feels inside your hug, Marty. I know how it feels to be loved by you, and I would the biggest fool if I would waste that. I sense some secret service people told you that I was married to another guy and that this isn’t you. Complete lie. It was you. I even see your face in front of me thinking about this wonderful event in East Grinstead.

Recalling what I read behind your eyes, you know it too. You knew it already before I regained my memory, Marty. It is not body language what I was reading. It is knowing what you know just by looking in your eyes. Anti-Scientologists make fun of “knowingness”, but I know from personal experience that knowingness exists and that is a lot more than just reading “body language”. It is not just how you looked but communication that was transformed from you to me without words and without gestures. When people (psychiatric agents) who hate Scientology are saying that there is no such a thing as OTs, I just think that he or she knows nothing and has poor perceptions that I don’t want. I couldn’t live without my spiritual abilities, Marty, and I know you neither. We need those abilities for our survival. We are living in a world of lies. We can’t afford to trust anything but our own perceptions that help us to see beyond this all.

The strength of our love is for the record books of the entire universe. So many years passed, but nothing changed, I still love you as I ever did, even stronger. Lovers and friends turn later to enemies so often, and I doubt that anything they said to each other once was true. For us, it is unthinkable of becoming enemies or just half-hearted. It isn’t part of our nature. We are always in it completely and with all of our hearts. 

People who really don’t know what true love is (never gave or received it themselves) keep us apart. If they would give and have true love for themselves, they would know that separating us won’t work. Nothing they did and do is or will be ever excused, however, they must be inside the saddest people ever, engaging in this and not being truly loved and unable to truly love. I even claim boldly that people who truly love are better people. Hearts full of love and not full of jealousy have better things to do than separating other lovers.  

I love you till the end of time, Marty. They want to separate (a disconnection ordered by the Germany government and the psychiatrists behind them) us until the end of time? Good luck with that. If this universe hates people who love each other and want to be together, we always can be together in another universe in a future lifetime, and we will make sure that they find no access to it and turn our backs on this hell hole of a universe. Because: who the hell do they think they are?

Love you in all universes.

Yours till the end of time and beyond, my soulmate.






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