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Algol paradox: another piece of evidence that the deep universe is a fake projection

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and brightest star,

Universe Today describes a binary as usually two stars that orbit around one center of mass – not to be confused with two stars that appear close together but are apart. Astrophysicists are using binary systems to determine the mass of the individual stars involved. They are saying that when two objects orbit one another, their mass can be calculated precisely with Newton’s gravity calculations. 

In a nutshell, and how I understand it, Marty, the Algol paradox is one because in some binary systems, the partner stars “have different ages” and that is very suspicious as they were formed at the same time. If something is born at the same time, it should have the same age.

One could argue that the methods used by physicists to determine the age of the universe might not be correct, but then, nothing they calculated about the universe is be correct. One could argue that some odd physical event took place that pulled these stars of different ages together around one center,  but these explanations don’t sound right to me. They sound like a justification of the fake deep universe projection to me. One could argue that the deep universe as Hubble and other telescopes see it is correct but that something fishy is going on around just those paradox binary systems. But that isn’t right either. Germans, particularly the Bavarians are the worst ex-aliens ever, and they always go for the grand deception. Besides, we know their plans, Marty, taking over the universe with psychiatrists, ear-implants, Nazis, barbarousity, butchery, etc. just as they do with planet Earth. And mainstream Earth shouldn’t learn what happens behind the far universe projection until it is too late. 

In the past, astrophysicists who discovered “non-universe content” were denied telescope time from institutions, they were branded as non-professionals, and German-controlled NASA sweeps such findings under the universe rug. Guess telling the truth about the deep universe and other things can ruin careers in a German-controlled world.  

When I discovered what’s really going on in the “universe”, I asked myself: aren’t physicists considered to be the smartest people? So, why didn’t they blow the whistle that the deep universe is fake after they found just one piece of non-universe particle in the “universe”? Here is the reason: German-controlled ear-implants and loud and silent sounds that prevent the right conclusion or introduces fear. As you know, numerous physicians came to the conclusion that the deep universe is a hologram with just two dimensions, in other words, a flat picture.  

Instead making the wrong conclusion that it is a projection and the real universe is covered up behind it, most physicians are thinking that we might live in a flat world, despite nothing around them on Earth is flat. One needs courage to face that there are people who have no shame to deceive others with whatever methods. It is easier to say: It is all okay, just a bit “peculiar” than: People of mainstream Earth, we have a problem, and if we don’t handle it, we’ll sit forever in a very gruesome trap. People are born again and that means that the deception and the trap is a problem YOU PEOPLE can’t afford to solve if you don’t want personal suffering.

There are also “scientific explanations” as to how the Algol paradox can be “explained”. Yes, with another brick in the wall.       

The German secret service projection of the far universe keeps mankind uninformed and grounded contains serious errors. (Yes, they make huge “errors” including murder, kidnapping me to Germany, separating us, altering Scientology, keeping you wrongfully behind bars, and the list goes on and on.)

I’d love to talk to you about the universe, Marty, and the things that you discovered. I know that they can’t fool you. No chance, my soulmate.

Always at your side and I love you.

Be kissed,

Yours forever,






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