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The “ghostly” Ehrenberg–Siday–Aharonov–Bohm effect

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Dearest Marty, my Prince, and my hero,

Sometimes, when my time allows it, I read about physical phenomena, after all, we are living in a physical universe. Here is something that I read on New Scientist: Take a doughnut-shaped magnet and wrap a metal shield round its inside edge so that no magnetic field can leak into the hole. Then fire an electron through the hole. There is no field in the hole, so the electron will act as if there is no field, right? Wrong. The wave associated with the electron’s movement suffers a jolt as if there were something there.

There is indeed something there. What I am (and most certainly you too, Marty) are seeing is sabotage of physical experiments with interference, invisible laser barriers or influence, etc. And the message is clear: mainstream Earth, stay away from exploring space until the SEGNPMSS has everyone out there hangs on a string (ear implants) and is pro Nazis/Germany and accepts our medical and psychiatric world.

Who wants to explore deep space while not understanding what’s going on with “quantum mechanics”?  

We would know a lot more, if physicists would stop thinking that their experiments aren’t sabotaged. They control each mind, even those of animals… They sure have time to sabotage physical experiments. As they read anyone’s mind with their supercomputers, they know in advance when such an experiment is scheduled and have lots of time to sabotage it.  

Richard Feynman said: “Nobody understands quantum mechanics.” That’s not correct. We know what it is: sabotage to keep science in the dark.

Be kissed my darling. They are able to sabotage the entire world, but not our love.

Yours forever more.







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