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The creepy medical (German-controlled world): children of three biological parents

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and love of my life, how are you?

That picture above is an “embryo transfer”.

How easy it is to impregnate a woman with an embryo of several biological parents that was made in a tube by German-controlled med students or doctors. I bet the content of the world bank (if it would be mine of course) that the SEGNPMSS produces secretly children of three or more biological parents SINCE CENTURIES.

It is not a complicated technology, it is just a creepy technology. And they are hiding cowardly behind other nations making such “ok” announcements, like the USA or the UK,as they want to get away with these crimes.

As a sum, here my thoughts. Marty:

A) It is done frequently since centuries, and most parents and children have no idea. A lot can happen when a woman visits a gynecologist that she can’t see or control.

B) It is not just done on boys.

C) It is done because these medical people are suppressive and full of themselves. They love those medical experiments and that they can say that it was them who did it to somebody. It is not done to keep diseases at bay as mitochondrial diseases, etc. International medical students and secret service doctors (all are hanging on SEGNPMSS ear implant strings) use lasers to mess with the health (physical and mental) of all kinds of people, including the unborn. Why do they do it? You and I know it: no ethics and wanting to be superior to others (typical German, particularly Bavarian).

D) Subjecting people and the unborn to remote-controlled germs, sneaky secret laser applications, and not allowing mainstream to live in really healthy protected environments etc. results in diseases and aging.

E) FDA and the medical agencies of other countries do the dirty work for still existing German Nazi doctors (ear implants make it possible) by approving their “work” instead of finally telling the people of this world that they needs a new way of life (and busting the SEGNPMSS) to be and stay healthy and young. It is so easy to figure that all out for somebody who doesn’t hang on that freaking string that sucks intelligence right out of people like a sponge.

F) Some are saying that making children of three biological parents would be playing God. No, it is not playing God. God wouldn’t do anything like that. People involved in that are from hell.

                                       I love you, Marty. Glad that we both are two parent people.

                                              Yours always and forever. Sarah/Barbara 2


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