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1) Can one trust “historical” and “archeological” dates? 2) If Germany doesn’t like certain research, they make other governments obay 3) Neanderthals

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Marty, my dearest and wonderful soulmate, 

I learned that in Northern Greece (Chalkidiki/Petralona), a cage was found in 1959. They found “pre-human species”, tools, more bones, and a skull. A Greek archaeologist determined the skull to be 700,000 years old and that it didn’t come from Africa. 

Only a few year later, German researchers claimed that the skull is only 50,000 years old and came from Africa. 

How is such a huge time difference in examinations even possible? Can we trust anything “experts” are saying in regards to history, archaeology, and dates?

Research in the USA, around 1971 said that the skull is 700,000 years old. They also found “pre-human” skeletons that were 800,000 years old and that these findings object the “out of Africa theory”.

Due to that Germany (hail ear-implants) didn’t like the conclusion of the Greek and international researchers, Greece forbade for many years anyone to access that site for more findings without providing any reasons. Access to the site was battled in court. The Greek researcher and his wife were physically attacked and suffered injuries.

This said, evidently, the Petralona skull isn’t one of a Homo sapiens but rather some sort of Neanderthal species (see picture above). You and I know that Neanderthal was its own species and that we didn’t evolve from these species.  

School knowledge is that Homo sapiens (us) “originated” in Africa 200,000 years ago. No good explanation of course how suddenly homo sapiens appeared except the ridiculous crap that they evolved from apes. Homo sapiens most certainly did not come from these “pre-humans” and apes, although, numerous people still behave like apes or cage men.  

The controversy around the Petralona man clearly indicates that one can’t trust dates provided by “scientists”. Not long ago, they revised the age of the universe. Now they say it is much older, approximately 13.8 billion years old, 100 million years older than previous published. 

My point is that if Germany for some reasons doesn’t like certain research, they make other governments obey. And can we trust “archaeological” and “historic” dates?

There are findings that indicated that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens lived side by side on this planet for a long time. They say Neanderthals died out 50,000 years ago. But what if it isn’t true? What if they were “disposed of” approx. 4500 years ago together with the old successful Homo sapiens Europeans by those monsters from space who landed in Europe, particularly in Germany? Maybe Europe/Germany was their usual landing-place to dispose their own  species/lab experiments there: the Neanderthals? Germany was definitely a Neanderthal stronghold. Is there a possibility that when the invaders spotted  Homo sapiens on Earth that they eradicated their former own people/experiments (Neanderthals) because the Homo sapiens bodies were more attractive and they rather wanted homo sapiens bodies?

These invaders were/are brutal. Huge defense structures all over the world were built to keep these monsters away and out. 

The Neanderthals are no longer except in some people’s DNA. However, thetans that inhabited the Neanderthal bodies and the invaders are still around, today either reincarnated in animal or human bodies and behaving accordingly. 

History Channel is convinced that aliens visited Earth, however, their producers/reporters have a tendency to think that these aliens were advanced, good, and came as sort of teachers to Earth:

What if they are wrong in this regard? What if the teachers (not the Neanderthals) were already a long time on Earth before an invasion from space came to destroy the teachers and their accomplishments but also the Neanderthals that could have been their own abandoned species/lab experiments and Earth functions as the place to dispose of such?

Yes, I am thinking loud here, Marty. I am convinced that monster aliens landed here thousands of years ago. That they landed in Europe/Germany to make it their base and from there, raped, tortured, and killed anyone they got their bloody claws on, tells me that the Neanderthals (who ALSO had their stronghold in Europe/Germany) have a lot to do with these invaders. In spirit (brutal, cannibals, primitive), the invaders and the Neanderthals were surely very close related. 

And these monsters became then barbers and butchers, doctors and psychiatrists who implant and hypnotizing people into becoming Manchurian candidates to commit terror and make ANYONE suffer on diseases they artificially and intentionally introduce to anyone. There are 7 Billion people. In average, they become 75 years old, then they die on some disease or “old age”. All of it can be prevented. Within 75 latest, they kill 7 Billion people. Massmurder means “a regular day in the office” to them. What a lack of conscience! They and us, we ARE DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME SPECIES.     

Yours always, be kissed.

I love you.



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  1. Mysterious Graves Discovered at Ancient European Cemetery
    Archaeologists in Germany have uncovered the bodies of children and of one adult man who was buried, strangely, standing upright.

    Grave is 8500 years old.

    Dora Hight

    February 11, 2016 at 10:17 am

    • As far as the date is concerned, can we trust it? In regards of the Petralona man, the research differed by 650,000 years. 650,000 years!

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 11, 2016 at 11:14 am

    • “They must have looked in each other’s eyes, but not exchanged anything–neither goods nor genes…” Gee, stiff and biased like so many Germans today: Multi culture failed completely. And who were the dupes that paired with the Neanderthals? Unless the Neanderthals were rapists, how did the DNA get in the blood of the Europeans?

      8400 years ago, those were the old Europeans, not the DNA that completely replaced them. Seriously, I can’t imagine that they didn’t interact with people coming their way. I feel that there is a lie somewhere about those hunters, gatherers and farmers.

      Imagine this: Gatherers come by your farm, and nobody, no man, woman, child ask: “Hey what do you got there? Where do you come from? Stay for dinner.” Makes no sense whatsoever.

      Also dates are important. In the case of the Petralona man, the researchers differed about a time period of whopping 650 000 years! What can you believe?

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 11, 2016 at 11:29 am

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